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40 Wedding Guest Book Ideas & Alternatives

Looking for a unique guest book that will impress your wedding guests? Look no further, we have you covered on the most creative guest book ideas for your wedding! 

While the classic guest book is typically just a nice notebook for guests to sign in, many couples have come up with more creative ideas. Check out our favorite ideas below!

wedding guest book

A wedding guest book is typically a keepsake item that the newlywed couple can take home with them after their wedding. A traditional guest book is usually just an empty board or poster that guests sign on a designated table at the reception.

The options for guest book ideas are endless, they do not just have to be a boring book that guests are forced to sign. There are plenty of creative guest book ideas that can incorporate your wedding theme.


What Do You Write in Wedding Guest Books?

guest book writing

Usually guests just sign their name on the guest book and any well wishes that they have for the bride and groom. Fun wedding guests may write entertaining and witty quotes, or even share some marriage advice with the couple.

If you want your guest book to be specific, ask your guests to only sign their name, or if you want them to give you advice, put a sign with instructions that tells them that you want them to share some marital wisdom. 

Here are some creative guest book ideas for all wedding styles. Make sure you have a perfect wedding day by having your guests sign these alternative guest books at the end of the night!


A fun idea for your guest book is to have the guests take a polaroid photo of themselves, sign the photograph, and then leave it at the guest book table. Creative wedding guests will find this idea more entertaining and enjoyable than a traditional guest book!


A great idea for your guest book is to have each guest sign individual puzzle pieces and leave it in a jar. After your wedding, you and your new spouse can spend a rainy day putting back together this fun guest book!

Popsicle Sticks

If you want to have a simple, affordable guest book option, have your wedding day guests sign popsicle sticks and place them in a jar. 

Terra Cotta Pot

If you want a special piece that you can enjoy use of after your wedding, have your guests sign a terra cotta pot for a fun memento. 


Have your guests sign a story book that is personal to you for a special idea. A traditional book or a children’s book are both impressive alternatives.


If you have guests coming to your wedding from all over the world, it is a good creative idea to have your guests sign a globe for the married couple. This can serve as some travel wedding inspiration if you have your guests sign on their favorite world destination. 

Love Tree 

Similar to a family tree, have wedding attendees sign a love tree with sweet notes for a wonderful keepsake item. 


If you want more detailed and thoughtful notes from your guests, make your guests write you a letter in envelopes. Place a sign with instructions on the table so attendees know that you want special messages. 

Custom Guest Book

Order a custom guest book from a bridal store or Etsy for a custom piece. These wedding guest books can be made special for you and your future husband. You can add engagement photos of you and your future spouse in the book so that you can use it as a coffee table book in the future. 


If you know you do not want a standard guest book, buy a fresh game of Jenga and have your guests sign it for a memorable guest book. 

Tree Wood 

If you are having a rustic wedding, fit your wedding decor by designing a tree trunk for your guests to sign. This can be a free flowing piece of wood that is cut into slabs, or round wooden pieces. 

Wood Sign 

Get a plain piece of wood and have your guests sign it if you want an alternative guest book that requires minimal effort. 

Message in the Box 

If you want more personal notes, place a card box on your space for guests to fill out notes so that guests can place their notes in it once they are done. Make sure your guests have plenty of space on the table to fill out longer notes. 


If you want a special keepsake that you can cuddle up with later on, opt for a quilt guest book! Have your guests sign fabric squares that will later be turned into a real quilt! 


For a statement piece that will draw lots of attention, ask your guests to sign their name on a ukulele. This is a cute idea for a tropical destination wedding!


If you are having a vintage wedding theme, a great idea is to have your guests place their personal notes inside of a birdcage. 


If you are having a travel-themed wedding, have your guests sign a map on where they were born, where they are from, or their favorite vacation destination!


Music-themed guest books are a great idea for wedding guestbook alternatives. Have your guests sign old records for a unique keepsake. 


If you and your spouse are high school sweethearts, design a custom “yearbook” by using pieces of paper and decorating the white space like a real yearbook. Make your guests take a photo of themselves and caption it with “most likely to…” or other superlatives. 

Paper Airplane

If you are a creative couple, have your guests sign paper airplanes for a special memento. This could tie in for a cute wedding exit later in the night!


For the musical couple, have your guests sign a guitar. If you want to add an extra touch, have your guests add what their favorite song is! 

Wooden Hearts

Have your guests sign wooden hearts at your wedding reception, and then transform them into a framed piece of decor for your future home with your spouse! 


A great idea for a guest book if you are having a tropical or destination wedding is to use a surfboard and have guests sign it! This will also be a statement piece of decoration at your venue!


Symbolize your relationship with your partner by using an anchor as a guest book. A guest book that is an anchor is a symbol that your partner holds you down and keeps you grounded. 


If you want to go the old school route, leave a typewriter out and have your guests type out a message for you to read after the wedding! 

Photo Booth

If you want an extra special idea for your wedding guest book, set up a photo booth with a chalkboard. Have your guests write a message to you and your spouse and take a photo with the message so you know who left the message! 


Instead of a traditional book, have guests sign a dictionary. Have them find a word in the dictionary that goes along with marriage! 

Various Prompts

Leave specific prompts on your guest book table and have your guests write specific messages like “what advice would you give yourself going into your marriage,” or “what is your favorite memory with the bride and groom.” 

Hanging Tree

Decorate a small family tree as a guest book instead of a family keepsake. This cute guest book can serve as a decoration in your future home!


Another idea if you are having a nautical themed wedding is to have your guests sign a sailboat! This is a cute idea if you are having your wedding on a boat or on the waterfront. 

Serving Tray

If you want something that will serve as a useful item in your future home, have your guests sign a message on a custom serving tray. 

Picture Frame

Have your guests sign a picture frame of you and your partner for a great memory of your wedding day. After the special day, place one of your wedding photos in the frame and use the photo as a memory of your wedding, 


Symbolize your relationship by having your guests sign locks. This symbolizes that you are locked in with your partner. 


For nautical weddings, have your guests sign a pair of oars that are used to row a boat. This is a meaningful guestbook if you and your partner love boating. 

Wine Corks

Take out the corks from bottles so that your guests can sign them. The corks can then be made into a decorative item for your future home as a happy couple. This is a great idea if you are having a vineyard wedding. 

Wine Bottles

Use a bottle of wine and have your guests sign it on your wedding day. Depending on how many guests you have you may need multiple bottles of wine or a giant wine bottle. 

Coloring Book

If you have some creative wedding guests, or some younger children at your wedding, place coloring books out and have your guests color them in. These can then be signed and placed on a clothesline for a decorative item at your reception. 

Custom Monogram

Have your guests sign some sweet messages on a custom monogram of you and your partner’s name. as will leave you with a keepsake item that will remind you of your special day forever. 

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