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Anchors Away! Here are Some Nautical Wedding Ideas

Having a wedding on the beach or close to one? Coastal weddings can be absolutely gorgeous and the ideas are endless. We have compiled a list of inspiring nautical wedding ideas for your coastal event!

What is a Nautical Wedding Theme?

front of boat with flowers

Most brides who want to have a nautical theme at their wedding want to do so because they are having a wedding at a coastal venue. This can be anything from a wedding on the beach, on a boat, or at another venue that is related to the beach or water. Although it does not have to be if you love this theme but have chosen a venue that is far from the coast. 

Confused on what actually its considered a nautical themed wedding? Nautical wedding style can range from beach themed wedding decorations to naval inspired details. Remember that there are no rules when it comes to wedding themes, whatever you want to do creatively will work because it is your special day. 

If you want to have an intimate wedding on the beach, or a large nautical themed occasion that is far from the water, the world is your oyster for wedding theme ideas! Follow some of our inspiration that we have complied from all kinds of nautical inspired weddings

champagne bottle on boat

Before embarking on your wedding planning journey, get inspired by some of these creative nautical wedding designs and ideas.

1. Nautical Wedding Favors

souvenirs from the beach

Add a little seaside charm to your wedding day by handing out destination beach wedding favors. If your guests are traveling from far away to your coastal venue, give them a souvenir token to take home with them. 

2. Coastal Escort Cards

anchor place cards

A great idea for nautical themed weddings is to use anchor place cards. Anchors are an essential piece of coastal wedding decor that can symbolize stability and “anchoring each other” in marriage. 

3. Beach Themed Decoration

beach wedding decoration

Go for that nautical vibe with your wedding decorations by using beach accessories. Things like sand, beachwear, or seashells are all great options for wedding decoration. 

4. Bottle Opener Favors

bottle opener on the beach

Hand out themed wedding favors like these super cool bottle opener favors that have nautical decorations on them. Themed wedding favors like this are incredibly handy if they serve a purpose, such as opening a beer. 

5. Raw Food Bar

raw oysters

Something that your guests will absolutely devour is a raw food bar. This is a bar of seafood that is served on ice, and typically consists of oysters, clams, mussels, or other raw seafood items. 

6. Wedding Lantern

wedding lanterns along aisle

The perfect ending to a seaside wedding is to set off illuminated wedding lanterns at the end of the night for a special, romantic touch. Let off the wedding lantern and watch them soar off into the moonlight at the end of the night. 

7. Beach Wedding Invitations

stationery suite at beach wedding

Go all out on the nautical theme for your wedding with your stationery suite. Choose from themed invitations that range from beach themed to navy and white with anchor details. Another idea for the invitations is to decorate with rope like you would find on a boat and tying it in a knot. 

8. Blue Wedding Dress

blue wedding dress

It’s rare for a bride to wear anything except white on her wedding day. Be unique and go for a different colored wedding dress for your seaside wedding. Blue is a bold option for a bride who dares to be different!

9. White + Navy 

navy suit at wedding

Going for a navy and white color scheme is very popular when it comes to nautical weddings. Make your wedding party dress in these colors if you like the classy appearance of these shades together. Navy blue suits or bridesmaid dresses is a great option. 

10. Boat Motifs

boat motif at wedding

Having a coastal chic wedding is perfect if you or your spouse is really into boating. Add boat motifs throughout your wedding to allude to the fact that your hobby was the inspiration for the nautical theme. 

11. Nautical Compass Decor

compass at wedding

Compasses are a great piece of nautical decor that will remind guests of boats and the water. Compasses are a great addition to centerpieces for wedding tables. 

12. Blue Details

blue garter at wedding

Nautical wedding decor is usually themed after the water. What better way to incorporate the colors of the sea in your wedding decor than using “something blue?” 

13. Flip Flops

flip flops at beach wedding

If you are having a beach wedding ceremony, it is expected for your guests to have issues with walking in their dress shoes in the sand. Make it a little easier on your guests by handing out flip flops!

14. Beachy Wedding Arch

beach wedding with arch

If your venue is on the beach, make sure that your ceremony space is decorated with a wedding arch. This piece of beach wedding decor will indicate to your guests where your ceremony will be held. 

15. Coastal Venue

dock on the water

If you want an intimate wedding, a coastal affair may be perfect for you. Coastal venues can range from renting a boat, having a beach wedding, or having your wedding near a coastal location. 

16. Seaside Table Numbers

table numbers with seashells

For nautical-themed weddings, a great idea for table numbers is to use shells. Shells can be found on the beach or in the craft store can pose as great table number decor options. 

17. Under the Sea Themed Wedding Cake

nautical themed wedding cake

If you want to blow your guests away with a themed wedding cake, ask your cake decorator to make your cake look like it just came out of the sea. Bakeries are able to create outstanding designs, so if you want a beach-themed cake, explain your ideas to the cake decorator and they will be happy to accommodate you. 

18. Coastal Food Menu 

seafood at wedding reception

For your coastal wedding, make sure your menu reflects the theme of your wedding. Seafood is a great option for a beachside wedding. Menu items like crab cakes or lobster rolls are great options that many guests will definitely enjoy. Make sure you include other non-seafood options for vegetarian guests or guests with allergies.

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