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15 Captivating Fall Wedding Invitation Ideas

Put away your pastels and bright yellows and bring out your comfort colors of deep reds and burgundies. Weddings that take place in the fall should have a soothing theme that makes every guest feel as if they are standing under the color-changing trees in the midst of a cool autumn day sipping on a cup of hot coffee. 

Of course, your choice of color scheme for the wedding that makes the fall wedding scenery that much more appealing will need to be present in your fall wedding invitations. If you are searching for inspiration for the perfect set of designed wedding invitations that best represent your fall wedding, you have come to the right place. 

You will be able to find your favorite style, from minimalist to artistic designs, that will inspire you to create your own unique wedding invitations. 

With your wedding taking place in the fall, you will want your invitations to match the autumn elements that decorate your ceremony and reception venue.

Whether you decorate your wedding to match the outside scenery of reds and oranges or choose a modern style with simple accents, your perfect wedding invitation can be found in this list of fifteen designs. 

Modern Pop

modern fall wedding invitation

Against a neutral shade of beige or natural white, add a pop of color with a vivid red and sunflower yellow floral design. The red plays into the somber autumn aura while the yellow projects a bright-spirited balance. Together, the pair adapts to the serene season without forfeiting the joyous display that a couple will want for their big wedding day. 

Boho Chic

boho wedding invitations

Keeping a similar floral design as the modern invitations, you can play around with the color scheme to represent a different perspective of what your fall wedding may display. With this pattern, colors like rose gold, soft orange, pale beige, olive green, and deep burgundy will come together to form a unique fall collection. 

To offset this neutral color palette, use geometrical gold accents for a boho-themed design. Now, your invitation cards will embrace the gentle autumn greenery with an eye-catching layout. 

Botanical Autumn

botanical wedding invitations

Think of botanical autumn as a minimalistic version of the boho-chic. Instead of keeping the layout busy, simply enlarge the floral decor with realistically painted leaves. You can even feature the boho elements with golden outlines and geometrical shapes.

The various shades of rose gold found in the leaves suit the black and white background to create a subtly modern take on the universally loved season. Now, your wedding invitation will incorporate all of the bridal and fall decor elements you wish to display at your wedding. 

Passionate Red

Red fall wedding invitations

Looking to spice up your wedding invitations with a vivid color scheme? Look no further than pinning bright and deep reds against a white background for a pop of color. With the autumn trees changing color, you may want to match the natural outside environment. 

Displays of red florals surrounded by light greenery will express the fall theme you have been wanting while drawing the eyes of every guest who sees the card. These invitations are quite simple yet breathtaking for an autumn wedding. 

Dark Luxury

luxury wedding invitations

Any luxury wedding requires luxury invitations to make the best first impressions with the guests. A great way to achieve this is to create a black card with touches of gold and deep purple accents that really stand out against the dark background. 

For a unique twist in the invitation decor, the autumn leaves can have a broken texture to make the art look as if someone had painted leaves and pressed them onto the background directly. This style is as tasteful as it is creative. 

Vintage Green

Vintage fall wedding invitations

With a similar approach as the dark luxury wedding invitations, you can play with different color coordinations to create a separate aura to match your wedding theme. Replacing the black background with olive green and painting the leaves an ombre orange-gold, you can create a style that exudes vintage tastes

Mandala Designs

mandala fall wedding invitations

Want to diverge from the typical floral layouts for your wedding invitations? Consider using intricate mandala designs to create an elegant display that best represents the theme of your wedding. With a navy background, these circular white patterns resemble a bridal lace that fits a delicate autumn theme. 

These invitations pair tremendously with high-class wedding themes with a modern take on vintage color choices. Your fall wedding invitations will be beautiful as well as trendy. 

Intricate Patterns

patterns on fall wedding invitations

Using the same color scheme as the mandala designs, these intricate patterns cast a busier scope on the antique layout. Replacing the mandala with abstract medieval designs, you can achieve a more formal representation of the feminine theme. 

Create a busy frontal design against the Seiran blue to really draw in the guests at first glance. For the informational page, a double border with sweet accents will allow the focus to be placed on the words without subtracting too much of the fine details.

At last, you will have a cool breeze color scheme with the right amount of elegance for your autumn wedding. 

Rustic Charm

rustic fall wedding invitations

If your wedding consists of a popular country, rustic theme, these wedding invitations are perfect for you. With the minimal, yet creative, design, your invitations will embody the homely autumn season while captivating every guest who receives the invite. 

Instead of a colorful layout, use black-outlined flowers along with a couple of graceful bees against a subtle pink-beige backdrop. For extra detail, decorate some of the empty space with small black splatters. Soon enough, your wedding invitations will embrace the rustic autumn theme that you and your guests will love. 

Starry Night

Night fall wedding invitations

Nighttime weddings are great for the fall season. Staring up at the starry sky on a cool night is a moment that calls for romantic events. What if you could put that moment on a wedding invitation? These invitations are a wonderful match for nighttime fall weddings. 

You could choose to take an artistic route with acrylic blue painted on opposite ends of the writing, a starry night backdrop with geometric gold shapes, navy florals with minimal gold outlines, or a navy blue cloud standing behind a gold geometric shape pinned against a white background. 

The options are endless with this deep blue and gold color scheme. For a romantic event, create the perfect romantic wedding invitations that best fit the autumn night theme of your dreams. 

Artistic Touch

artistic fall wedding invitations

Don’t be afraid to be a little unique with your wedding invitations. If you enjoy artistic themes, you probably would love to incorporate them into your wedding. Therefore, your invitations should be just as creative to really give the guests an idea of your artistic autumn wedding theme. 

For a modern look, abstract gold and grey leaves against a white background are the way to go. Accent these colors with black smudges to create a formal concept without minimizing the unique elements in your fall color scheme. With these artistic overlapping of abstract designs, your fall wedding will be complete with the perfect autumn invitations. 

Creative Chalkboard 

Chalkboard fall wedding invitations

Another creative theme for your wedding invitations is the use of a chalkboard-styled background to really make your color scheme pop. This style is perfect for castle-themed weddings that take place in the down-to-earth feel of the fall. 

Decorate the chalkboard background with bright pink and gold designs that border the cards and important information. An organized busy layout is best for a true depiction of how a chalkboard would be decorated. When the invitations are completed, every guest will view them with excitement for your high-class autumn wedding. 

Minimalist Greenery

minimalist fall wedding invitations

Taking a break from the busy invitation layouts, this design is created for a formal fall wedding theme. The simplicity of the invitations allows for a modern take on the typical seasonal colors with a cool color scheme. 

With a deep shade of Seiran blue as the backdrop, the straightforward lettering and delicate greenery can be outlined in white. Reverse the colors for your information page to create a matching set. Just like that, you have an elegant design for your wedding invitations without incorporating a busy format. 

Coffee Accents

accents in fall wedding invitation

Another take on the minimalist floral design, this layout takes the cake on simply decorated wedding invitations. For this style, set black-outlined florals against a white background to create an elegant display. For a pop of color, accent the empty space with an ombre coffee-colored ribbon splashes. 

The small amount of color is all it takes to remind the guests of the seasonal necessity of hot coffee on a cool autumn day. Although the design is simple, it is just enough to catch the eyes of every guest and display the perfect amount of bridal elements. 

Watercolor Burgundy

Watercolor fall wedding invitations

Burgundy is one of the most commonly known color schemes for fall weddings. Take it up a notch with a beautiful watercolor design for your wedding invitations. Against a white background, decorate the invitations with an abstract watercolor painting of burgundy flower pedals to really embrace the season

You can transition the colors into a lighter pink and cream color to create a gradient effect. To top it all off, accent the work of art with specs of gold. This artistic design matches well with any autumn wedding theme and will have your guests staring in awe at its beauty. 

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