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25 Gorgeous Ideas for Fall Wedding Flowers

More couples are holding their wedding ceremonies in the Autumn months and making use of the natural beauty that comes with the changing seasons. With modern greenhouses and increased availability, fall wedding flowers are widely accessible and can help to make a special day even more memorable. 

Whether indoors or outdoors, fall comes with treasured scents, warm color palettes, and predictable weather changes, all supporting a wedding that can be anything: elegant, boho, traditional, or modern. 

When choosing the perfect fall wedding flowers, it’s important to consider the wedding colors and how the bouquet will compliment (or stand out!) with your existing decor. 

Some brides choose to use complementary colors instead of perfectly matching their bouquet to allow it to shine, and other brides want their bouquet to blend in a little more to not distract from them and their partner. 

When choosing your autumn wedding flowers, be sure to consider your existing plans, or finalize your flowers first and let the rest fall into place! 

Simple White with Greenery

greenery wedding bouquet

This beautiful and understated fall wedding bouquet has grown in popularity and I can see why! Green is such a fresh, natural color, and white/off-white helps everything else in your decor to pop. 

When paired with the natural fall colors and warm lighting, white and green help to enhance the natural beauty without being too harsh. 

Muted Pinks


Dusty rose isn’t just for Grandmas! Whether you pick “champagne,” “crepe,” “ballet slipper,” or “blush,” autumn blooms in pink shades are elegant, traditional, and are sure to complement many color palettes.

Popular pink fall flowers include hydrangeas, roses, or even pink baby’s breath. 

Golden Ranunculus & Dark Red


The spiraling, tight clusters of petals and the deep ochre of the golden ranunculus pair dramatically with a deep wine red, beautifully complementing the browns, reds, and greens of autumn

When you’re looking for fall flowers for weddings, this timeless and complementary classic is sure to leave your guests feeling warm, despite the chill in the air!

Marigolds & Orange Tones


When you’re trying to think of a color synonymous with autumn, often the first is orange. Pumpkins, leaves, and fall vegetables all bring natural oranges and yellows.

A vibrant marigold will help your day to stand out without a harsh neon orange. 

Jewel Tones


Colors based on precious gemstones bring out the natural beauty of the season – emerald, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst are elegant and deep colors that perfectly enhance the richness and luxury of a fall wedding bouquet. 

Bright & Bold

fall wedding flower bouquet

To stand out on your big day, consider an eye-catching bouquet of autumn flowers. If you’re one to thrive in the spotlight, be sure to draw attention with a beautiful bouquet of bright fall flowers.

Chrysanthemums, pansies, and asters are all vibrant and sure to please lovers of bright and bold!

Bohemian Autumn Shades

 “Beige” is no longer synonymous with boring. Shades of brown, off-white, and de-saturated jewel tones are the key to stylish and modern neutral nuptials.

Using boho shades is a great way to transform any ceremony into your dream wedding, and they’re appropriate from low-key to elevated and luxurious.

Sage Green & Rust


A non-traditional yet stunning combination, this light green and orange-red combination pairs beautifully to match nearly any color palette.

Using several shades of sage with a few accentuated rust blooms is a guaranteed way to bring natural colors into your fall wedding bouquet.

Reds & Burgundy


A classic take on the color most associated with romance: red roses, burgundy dahlias, and perhaps a maroon ribbon? A stunning color pair to please both traditional and modern tastes. 

Shades of Purple & Greenery

shades of purple bridal bouquet

By adding purple, a warm, jewel tone, your bouquet is sure to draw admiration but also complement your color palette. 

Purple tiger lilies and carnations are a stunning addition to any greenery bouquet. Purple may seem a bit off-the-wall, but there are many purple options for your arrangements!

Sunflower Bouquets

sunflower bridal bouquet

These unexpected blooms have taken the wedding world by storm! Often carried with minimal greenery, a simple sunflower bouquet is anything but simple.

Eye-catching, bold, and minimalist, sunflowers might be the perfect autumn fall flower for your bouquet. 


Fall weddings have so many natural colors; changing leaves, blooming florals, fresh vegetables abound this time of year. What better way to stand out than to use muted pastels?

Pastels will accentuate the natural hues while drawing attention to the bride with subtle tones.   

Golden Hues


Is there anything more glamorous, timeless, and chic than gold? By incorporating golden hues in your fall wedding bouquet, you’re sure to shine while also complementing the traditional fall colors.

Cascading Greenery


If you’re searching for an organically glamorous vibe, consider adding cascading greenery to your arrangements. This timeless look has made a resurgence recently, and these brides are stunning with their fall wedding bouquets trailing greenery.

Berry Tones


Don’t let the name fool you! These “berries” are not just for summer.

Maroon, deep purple, mauve, and even the brighter hues like strawberry and raspberry, are perfect counterparts to the deep oranges, browns, and greens of autumn.

Wildflower Bouquet


Timeless, whimsical, and simple, a wildflower bouquet is gorgeous at any wedding.

These look (and feel) so dainty and light, and help to balance the deep colors and scents of the changing season. Wildflower bouquets are perfect for an outdoor, autumn wedding.

Succulent Accents

wedding flowers with succulent

Not all succulents are plain green. Succulents come in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns. Succulents are a great way to use subtle color and a variety of textures to make a statement with your bouquet. 

Dahlias & Dried Leaves

dahlia bridal bouquet

Because dahlias range in color, shape, and texture, it’s possible to pair them beautifully with any wedding theme. The dahlia is symbolic of wealth and elegance, two things that these gorgeous fall flowers will bring to your big day!

Pampas Grass Bouquet


Pampas grass is a great way to incorporate greenery without traditional flowers. Pampas grass flowers look almost like feathers, perfect for a low-key wedding, or one with a ‘20s flapper theme!

Hydrangeas & Ferns


Hydrangeas are widely available and gorgeous in a bouquet. They naturally grow in clusters which help make your bouquet “pop” with contrast against the ferns.

Moody Fall Flower Palette


Dark and vibrant tones are a great way to make your venue stand out while blending in with the deep autumn colors, especially for an outdoor venue.

Saturated jewel tones will complement the natural oranges and greens of the season. 

Branch Accents


Branch accents are a great way to incorporate a deep, woody, brown into your bouquet without overdoing it. Branches are increasingly popular, especially for boho or whimsical weddings.

Red Lilies 


Lilies are symbolic of love, rebirth, and romance – pair that with red, the color most synonymous with romance, and your bouquet will be perfect for a dreamy, romantic wedding.  

Baby’s Breath & Eucalyptus 


Baby’s breath comes in many colors, but the stunning contrast of white baby’s breath and the sage of eucalyptus is perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues.

This look is both classic and contemporary. These autumn wedding flowers are becoming increasingly popular with modern brides.

Black Scabiosa & Pinks


Despite the name, the black scabiosa is a deep purple flower with little white accents. These pair perfectly with pink autumn flowers, like dahlias, chrysanthemums, and pansies. Pink roses are also a perfect match. 

How To Choose Fall Flowers

Choosing your flowers is always a big decision, but with these handy tips, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect autumn flowers for your wedding. When in doubt, your florist or wedding planner will be able to lend you personalized advice.

Consider Your Wedding Colors

fall table runner

Whether you want your fall wedding flowers to blend in or stand out, knowing the basics of color theory will help you pair your flowers perfectly with your decor.

What’s in Season?

In-season flowers depend heavily on your geographic location and climate.

Thankfully, if there’s a specific flower you need to make your day perfect, most planners and florists will be able to direct you to an appropriate greenhouse or distributor.  

Pick Main Blooms

bins of flowers

Unless you’re going for a whimsical/wildflower bouquet, it’s important to get the best blossoms possible for your bouquet.

Be sure that your florist only uses flowers at the peak of blossoming to ensure the most beautiful and eye-catching arrangement possible. 

Add Accents & Textures

We’ve explored different types of accent pieces – from succulents to pampas grass, baby’s breath to eucalyptus, there are many combinations of accents to add to avoid a monochrome bouquet.

Using a variety of flowers, shapes, and colors, you’ll be able to add texture to ensure visual interest in your bouquet.

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