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Beautiful Neutral Wedding Colors for Any Bride

When choosing what color palette you want for your wedding day, it is hard to decide between bright pops of color and a more neutral palette. If you have decided to go for neutral wedding colors for a chic style, here are some modern shades to incorporate in your wedding color scheme. 

Why Choose a Neutral Color Palette?

When deciding on a color theme for your wedding you must decide what kind of feel you want on your special day. Neutral colors often represent peace and tranquility, and they go well with many florals. The shades of neutral browns and nudes is one of the most popular wedding trends in the past few years. 

Many brides choose a neutral color scheme due to the fact that it goes well with other colors. Having a neutral color palette allows the bride to stand out from the muted wedding colors. A palette of neutrals can be a very elegant wedding theme, and you can achieve this through a variety of shades. 

If you want to have a neutral wedding but still want a pop of color, you can opt to use neutral shades of blues, pinks, and purples. Soft colors go with neutral color palettes, so you can incorporate light shades of any color. This wedding color theme trend is not going away anytime soon, so check out some of our favorite ideas below. 

If you are looking for neutral color scheme ideas that are perfect for any bride. Elegant shades of pastel colors can go great with a neutral color palette. Here are some of our favorite neutral wedding color scheme ideas. 

1. Shades of Grey

gray wedding dress

Using a light grey color palette can fit into a neutral color scheme. If you love a modern, minimalistic look, go for a grey. Grey tones are considered neutral, especially a shade of grey like steel grey.

These light grey tones go well with light blue shades for a coastal affair, or black and white if you want a simple, modern color scheme. 

2. Sage

Trending moody wedding colors like the light green shade of sage. This color goes well with a neutral palette, and stands out from traditional tones that are popular such as pink or white. A sage color palette with gorgeous metallic gold accents is the perfect color scheme for a garden-inspired wedding. 

3. Dusty Blue

If you love the color blue, use a light shade of blue that fits into a neutral color scheme. Dusty blue is a perfect shade for a oceanside wedding, or a rustic barn wedding. If you want “something blue” at your wedding, use this gorgeous neutral color.

Dusty blue is a great shade to incorporate if your husband loves blue, or if your groomsmen are rocking this shade of suits/tuxedos. 

4. Light Blush

If you love the color pink, but want a lighter shade that goes well with neutral shades, choose light blush. This tone of pink is barely pink, closer to a nude color or white. This makes for a gorgeous, feminine wedding palette. 

5. Mauve

If you love pink and you want a bold color that will stand out, choose the trendy mauve color. This is a darker shade of dusty rose that incorporates shades of grey to create a darker, more bold shade of pink.

Mauve is a very trendy color that many have started to refer to as “millennial pink.” This shade can range from a light shade to darker shades that would be suitable for any neutral color palette. This shade pairs well with gold accents!

6. Warm Shades

warm shades palette

Look for color palette inspiration from the florals at your wedding. If you are using warm shades like pink, peach, or yellow, let these inspire your wedding colors. Wedding flowers are the perfect decor item to match your color theme with. Use lighter, muted shades of these colors to go well with a neutral color scheme. 

7. Earthy Shades

neutral wedding bouquet

If you want a unique ideas for a stunning wedding theme, look at the ground. Earthy tones like brown, green, and sand can be the perfect color theme for a romantic wedding. Greenery wedding colors like sage or taupe will pair nicely. Choose an array of natural colors if you are having an outdoor, backyard affair. 

8. Dusty Blush

If you love pink shades, try this trendy shade of light pink that is perfect for any wedding color palette. This muted wedding color fits an array of different themes, and can work for a neutral palette or a shade in a more classic wedding color scheme.

Use this shade for wedding décor like tables, table chargers, dresses, or even on your wedding invitation. 

9. Shades of Whites

Use shades of white like ivory, for a gorgeous late-summer wedding that can feel very ethereal or traditional, depending on your preference. Mix a frequently-used shade of white with stunning gilded accents or soft greenery for a neutral palette with a twist. Shades of whites are perfect for a greenery garden celebration. 

10. Shades of Taupe 

If you love gray, but you want to find a unique way to incorporate darker shades into a neutral palette, use the shade taupe. This color is a mix of dark gray and brown that can range from dark brown to a light grayish purple shade.

Many brides love this shade because it goes well with many other traditional bridal tones like light purple and pink. This shade will also make your gorgeous white wedding dress stand out if you choose to have your bridesmaids wear taupe dresses. 

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