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The Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors

Besides the kiss that seals the union, the wedding cake serves as a happy and fun part of a wedding celebration. The cake does not even have to be an extraordinary wedding cake flavor to make it special.

Oftentimes, the simplest wedding cake flavors are the most enjoyed at a wedding because people feel happy and satisfied with flavors that they are already familiar with.

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While it is known that there are types of wedding cakes that are commonly used, what is it about those specific types of cake that makes it so? People generally want their weddings to evoke happy and celebratory memories.

In order to do that through the wedding cake, the cake’s flavor itself must be one that most people will enjoy. It should be flavors that most people are familiar with and have a liking for already.

That is not to say that one cannot experiment with flavors for their wedding cake. It just means that the main flavors of the cake should come from common flavors that can then be mixed and paired with other fun flavors.

Listen to everyone’s feedback during the wedding cake tasting

You aren’t the only one eating your wedding cake, so make sure that other people will like the flavor as well.

Perhaps in the wedding invitations, give guests to RSVP their favorite cake flavor based on the cakes that you like and your partner likes. Then choose the most popular vote. Or you could go about it the more traditional route and bring some of your guests and family members to your wedding cake tasting and pick the favorite wedding cake based off of that.

The point of listening to other peoples feedback is to make choosing that special wedding cake more fun and inclusive to the people attending your specific wedding.  

The best cakes are the tastiest

Choosing the right wedding cake really comes down to taste preference. The best cake could simply be traditional flavors. Maybe the right cake is a combination of traditional and different flavors that you want to experiment with. The decision is up to you and your tongue. Just go with what tastes right! 

Favorite Wedding Cake Flavors 

Choose from some of the most common cake flavors to ensure that your dessert is a hit for all of your guests!


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Plain, simple, sweet and a sure crowd pleaser! It will also match the traditional ‘bride dressed in white’ color scheme. Vanilla is also a great flavor because it is easy to pair with many types of filling and icing.


grooms cake

It lightly soothes the sweet tooth while also satisfying any chocolate addiction! You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Whether it is milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or even chocolate mousse, most people will enjoy a chocolate wedding cake.


This cake is sure to bring out the kid in all of us. It makes for a fun, festive and yummy wedding cake. 

Salted Caramel

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While all the other wedding cakes are just sweet, this cake is great for those who love to indulge in salt! 



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This cake is not just for the summer, it’s for anyone that loves a sweet lemon delight! 


Yellow Cake

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It’s vanilla cake that looks yellow because it is make with extra egg yolk! This cake is just a sweet, simple cake that can be easily dressed up for the wedding. 

Red Velvet Cake 

red velvet cake

This cake is simply sinful and rich. Red Velvet cake is a common wedding cake with uncommonly luxurious flavors that will please all the guests.

Tips for Picking Out Your Wedding Cake, Filling, and Icing

wedding cake tasting

It’s your wedding and your wedding cake. Choose a cake that is as memorable and delicious as you possibly can.  The possibilities are up to you and your tongue.

The most popular cake flavor is the one that is the tastiest to you, after all, so go with flavors, fillings and icings that you are familiar with already. You will know that the wedding cake will be delicious with the good flavors you already love 

Choose flavors you and your partner like

Yes, popular wedding cake flavors generally make it easier for people to decide on the cake flavor of their own special wedding cake. But make sure that you and your significant other’s cake flavor preferences are taken into account as well.

After all, a wedding is a very special occasion, and both partners should enjoy their celebratory slice of wedding cake.

If you and your partner have opposing tastes, use two cakes! 

naked wedding cake

Marriage is all about compromise. But do you have to compromise the flavor of your wedding cake at the very start of your marriage? I don’t think so, and neither should you!

Having two wedding cakes will give everyone  the ability to go for the wedding cake that he or she likes better. This is a great chance to show family and friends that, even though you and your partner have joined together in marriage, you have both kept your individuality as well. You can even get two smaller cakes to save on cost. Let them eat cake!

Stick to common cake flavors that most people like

Let’s take a look at what the most favored wedding cake flavors are in the United States:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Yellow Cake
  4. Red Velvet Cake

You can’t go wrong with any of these classic flavors, but it’s also okay to mix it up with a fruity flavor, spiced cake, or whatever you find most delicious!

Wedding Cake Flavor FAQ’s 

Putting together a great wedding takes a lot of planning and time. That certainly includes choosing the right wedding cake flavor. 

You can choose wedding cake flavors based on the season of the wedding

dried flower cake

Choosing the wedding cake flavor based on the month of the wedding is a cute and fun way to get creative and original with wedding cake flavor ideas. 

For summer weddings, people will turn to light flavors such as lemon or vanilla with light creams and fruits. Fall weddings may have red wine or pumpkin cakes. The winter wedding cake flavors are normally red velvet or dark chocolate cakes. The spring wedding cakes can have almond or champagne flavored cake!

There are plenty of seasonal wedding cake flavor ideas to choose from that will make the wedding day even more special. 

Mix and match cake flavors with different types of  fillings and frostings

layered wedding cake

Maybe it’s a chocolate mousse cake with raspberry filling. Who knows, your dream wedding cake could be a yellow cake with strawberry jam layers! You may want to have all the frosting buttercream! Or perhaps you only want chocolate fudge icing on the inside of your cake.

The point being made here is that there are plenty of jelly’s, creams, fruit, frostings and many other fillings that will help make your wedding cake a scrumptious success! 

Frosting is not always necessary 

naked wedding cake

I mean, who’s to say a wedding cake, or any cake for that matter, needs frosting? If you have a chocolate marble cake with raspberries sprinkled on top, you don’t really need frosting right?

Even if it is a plain lemon cake, there is no need to justify to anyone why you don’t have frosting on it. It’s your cake, and it can be made however you want!

Naked wedding cakes are a popular trend for those who only want a thin layer of icing, and they look gorgeous!

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