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Elegant Pink and Gold Wedding Ideas

Pink and gold are a popular color scheme for weddings for a good reason. Accenting the romantic soft hue of pink with the refined elegance of gold, who would not like this combination? 

The blush pattern is often incorporated in the floral and linen designs of the ceremony and reception spaces as well as the briƒde’s wedding dress. Touches of gold can be typically used throughout the accents of the pink, such as the outline of a pattern or even the dining utensils. 

There are endless opportunities for this paired color scheme for your wedding. From aisle decor to table centerpieces, pink and gold can be used for wedding decorations in a variety of ways. 

Do you need inspiration for your pink and gold wedding decor? These unique ornamentation ideas will provide your pink and gold wedding the romantic elegance for the special occasion. Find your perfect wedding decor with these twenty pink and gold color scheme ideas. 

Minimal Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations

The first impression of your wedding theme will come from the invitation cards. Keeping the design of the cards simple will ensure the elegant style to be viewed clearly by the guests before they even arrive at the ceremony. 

These wedding invitations are a perfect example of a minimal design. With a blush background, you can outline the cards with a floral-themed border that consists of golds and deep pinks and purples. To contrast the paled colors, use a darker grey for the lettering and envelopes. This will bring attention to the color palette of your wedding. 

Make a good impression by utilizing your color scheme in a simple, yet dignified manner. Not only will your guests be impressed, but it will also help guide your planning for how you will set up your ceremony and reception decor. 

Golden Dinner Plates 

gold dinner plates

Although gold is typically used to accent a pink color scheme, including this ravishing metallic color into your dinner plates will create a high-class look for your wedding reception. Gold silverware and wine/champagne glasses are also great items that will uphold your sophisticated theme without overpowering the pink designs of the room. 

Pairing this setup with blush florals and a lace table-liner will balance the color scheme at the dinner tables. Feel free to add in extra whites or greys to highlight the main colors in the reception hall. Overall, the golden dinner arrangement is pleasing to the eye and conforms with the elegance of the wedding theme. 

Grand Entrance

Wedding entrance structure

Everybody loves a grand entrance, especially at a magical wedding. Though, paying an outlandish price for an over-the-top backdrop could put a damper on the planning process. However, there are better ways to get that amazing grand entrance you have always wanted.

Just by using stained gold rods and a mixture of pink, white, and grey balloons, you will have the ultimate pink and gold wedding ceremony entrance. It is simple enough to not overwhelm your guests yet eye-catching for every guest that walks through the door.  

Make an outstanding impression at the front door of the wedding ceremony. With this grand entrance, all of your guests will feel compelled to stop and take pictures before they even make it through the door.  

Floral Centerpiece

Floral Centerpiece

When in doubt, just add more flowers to your wedding decor. Luckily, many types of flowers come in the prettiest hues of pink that match the pink and gold color scheme for your wedding. You can even use floral additions as reception table centerpieces by creating loose, tall-standing bouquets or short clusters of different types of flowers. 

Flowers like roses and peonies offer light shades of pink and can be paired with other colors with ease. By spray painting added leaves gold, you can frame the flowers beautifully, catching the eye of all of your guests. 

In addition, spray paint preserved flowers and greenery quite well, just in case you would like to keep a centerpiece as a memorable item from your special day. Surprise your guests with these gorgeous centerpieces without having to stress over the price of elaborate decor. 

Layered Wedding Cake

Wedding cake

The big moment everyone, including the bride and groom, excitedly waits for is the cutting of the cake. Most of the time, the cake is white with decorative designs in the icing. However, a pink and gold wedding deserves a pink and gold cake. 

You can design the cake as minimal or elaborate as you please. This specific wedding cake contains two layers, the top being a soft pink and the bottom covered in shiny gold icing with a ribbon separating the two. To create that simple, elegant look, you can style the cake with white lace-designed icing that wraps around the layers and candy-made flowers as a cake topper. 

Be creative with your cake design. You can even add dark-toned decor around it to highlight the pink and gold colors in the cake. Turquoise and grey are both great accents for a pink and gold cake. 

Enjoy the beauty of the cake while it lasts. Once your wedding reception comes, it will be time to enjoy the taste as much as you did the decor. 

Pink Guest Seating

seating decorations

Need an easy way to decorate the guests’ seats? What if we told you that decorating such a large area was as simple as tying a curtain to a chair? Using pink curtains is not only beautiful, but they can match almost any setting for your wedding. 

At the beach, on a mountain, or in a church, these curtain-draped chairs are gorgeous and fit in with your chosen color scheme. You can tie the ends to minimize the chances of someone slipping on the tail end of the curtain. That way, you will be able to pack in the color as it flows to the ground while keeping children and adults safe from falling. 

Make decorating easy for yourself by creating this graceful look with curtain-draped seating. 

Unique Chandelier


Nothing screams fancy like a hanging chandelier. Spice up the style of the chandelier with a unique twist. As the structure is golden, you can remove the lights and replace them with pink roses. Of course, this will only work well if your wedding ceremony or reception is being held in a well-lit location. 

Add extra details, such as hanging crystals, to further personalize your unique chandelier. This style definitely fits the color scheme while providing a sense of vintage decor for your wedding design. If you are looking to add a unique touch to your wedding layout, consider this chandelier as your next addition. 


Ceremony Backdrop

wedding backdrop

Wedding ceremony backdrops are the stars of the decorative show. Make your wedding backdrop fit in with your pink and gold color scheme with this fashionable setup. With this fence-like structure, you can border your backdrop with floral layouts and frame it with golden curtains. 

This simple and tasteful arrangement is easy to construct and incorporates the theme of your wedding in one place. Share your vows in front of this beautiful pink and gold showstopper. Not only will it make for great pictures, but it will also pull together the entire theme of your wedding ceremony. 

Sweet Treats

reception snacks

Did you know you can even include your pink and gold color scheme into your guest’s snacks at your wedding? These rice marshmallow treats are a fun and easy way to incorporate food into your wedding theme. By dipping the treats into a pink and gold-colored frosting, you and your guests can enjoy the tasty additions to your wedding decor. 

To help make this treat even more eye-catching, set it on a neutral color plate or bowl and surround it with lighter or darker tones. This will contrast with the pinks and golds of the treat to make the vibrant colors stand out. If you love sweets, these rice marshmallow treats are a great choice for your reception decor. 

Ring Holder

ring carrier

The swapping of the rings is one of the most important moments in a wedding ceremony. Typically, the best man holds both of the rings until it is time for this ritual. Although the rings usually rest on a pillow carried by the ring bearer, why not incorporate the wedding theme into the ring holder?

This geometric glass container bordered with gold metal provides a stylish vehicle for those important items. To shelter the rings from the harshness of the glass, use blush flowers and burlap to pad the inside. The pink and gold will be quite the eye-catcher when paired with the tanned burlap tone, thus tastefully displaying the couple’s wedding rings. 

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