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Gorgeous Beach Wedding Colors & Palettes for a Seaside Wedding

One of the dream weddings that many prospective brides fantasize about is a romantic and breezy beach wedding. The best beach wedding colors will make your seaside ceremony even more beautiful! 

The beach is a destination that many people have a personal connection to, due to the beauty of the rolling waves and the fun experience of a summer day in the hot sun with friends, family, and your partner.

Planning a beach wedding is luckily an event with a ton of inspiration to draw from. Beach weddings grow more and more popular and there’s infinite ideas to base your own wedding off of. If you’re still looking for the perfect aesthetic, keep reading for 7 great beach wedding color schemes.

Beach Color Schemes

Though they may seem trivial, a wedding color scheme really makes or breaks the entire decoration of the day. Since so many items in your wedding revolve around an essential color scheme, this is actually one of the earliest choices you have to make in wedding planning. 

The color palette you choose can be inspired by several factors: for one, you want to go for a look that will work comfortably with the venue and overall vibe of the day.

You can also go off of the season or weather, using pastels in spring or warm reds and oranges in autumn, for example. Most importantly, the color scheme you pick should reflect your personal aesthetic inclinations and style.


Aqua and White

Aqua and white is perhaps the most essential color pairing for a beach wedding. These invitations really get the sandy vibes going, showing your guests that this is how the wedding will look way ahead of time.

This gorgeous bouquet really capitalizes on the beach vibes, even topped off with a rhinestone starfish! The brightness of the aqua will really stand out compared to the ocean’s more muted blues.

Similarly, this bright and bold wedding altar will have you speeding down the aisle just to look at it! The neon shades of aqua here will have all eyes on the happy couple!

To dress the bridesmaids, something like these swingy cocktail dresses are easy and breezy for a beach wedding, especially since the bride already provides the white! These dresses are low-maintenance and no-fuss.


Olive Green and Khaki

For beach colors that are a little bit more toned, you can try olive green and khaki. This palm frond-themed wedding invite is totally perfect for an affair with island vibes.

The casual and low-key vibes of this wedding color scheme really emanate off of this couple, who have an olive and white bouquet featuring tropical leaves, and the groom in a khaki suit! They are the perfect mix of relaxed and formal.

These tropical table stylings are the perfect mix of earthy and beachy. These gorgeous basket lights and fronds hanging from the ceiling will surely transport your guests to a tropical island.


Pink and Cream

If you would like your beach wedding colors to be a bit more feminine, pink and cream are soft and beautiful colors for your big day. This classy rose bouquet looks really nice with the pale, tan sand.

As you can see, this palette is muted in an incredible way. This couple’s beautiful post-ceremony walk taps into those lovely pink colors with a rosy background and a cream suit on the groom.

For table settings, these are both beachy and a bit preppy, with a warm cream tablecloth and napkins and bold bouquets. This brings a bit of class to a more casual setting.


Tropical Brights

If you’re feeling really tropical, all sorts of amazing brights are a great palette for a really distinctive beach wedding. These invitations are modern spin on your classic tropical designs.

This bouquet plays into leafy greens and the naturally-occurring bright pinks and oranges in tropical flora. It beautifully offsets the white of the bridal dress.

For more ideas, this tropical wedding mood board offers blues, purples, and oranges. The table setting on the top is fruity and chic, while the close-up of the plate setting offers a lot of greenery. There are also fake tropical birds on the setting!


Coral and Blue

Coral and blue are wonderfully oceanic colors for a beach wedding. These invitations are floral yet still fit the beach theme with their coloring and font.

This incredible wedding arch stands out on the white-sand beach and really puts the emphasis on your wedding and the beautiful, bold strokes of your love. This sign offers a really nice sentiment, as well.

This beautiful table setting offers a gorgeous burlap table runner that’s juxtaposed by the bright coral bouquets and blue napkins. The bouquets are also in blue glass vases, adding to the prevalence of the wedding palette.

These gorgeous beachy bridesmaid dresses are a good mix of casual and classy. They offer the blue aspect while being offset with the bright coral bouquet. This is a totally lovely look for your ladies!


Lemon and Seafoam

This unconventional palette plays directly on the colors of the beach themselves. The mood board above shows how those direct shades from the water and the sand can inform an aqua bridesmaid dress, some taste lemonade, and a gorgeous ombre cake.

In fact, instead of just using lemon yellow, you can use actual lemons as a motif! These table settings use the soft blues in painted china with bright, beautiful lemons directly on the table.

You can also use lemons as centerpieces instead of flowers! This gorgeous lemon and eucalyptus displays are really lovely and could be offset with a pale sea foam base for some extra beachy vibes.


Purple and Pink

To highlight the incredible beauty of a beach sunset, you can use deep pinks and purples to inform your beach wedding colors. This gorgeous wedding program offers an incredible tropical ombre.

This luxurious purple and pink aisle and altar is dramatic and lush. From the incredible flowers to the soft purple fabric on the altar itself, this is for a couple who don’t want to skimp on the glam factor at the beach.


All About Wedding Color Schemes

Here at Yeah Weddings, we want to be there every step of the way for your wedding. From winter wedding colors to summer wedding colors, keep reading for every potential palette for your dream day.

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