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Blue and Yellow Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

When planning your wedding, one of the most exciting aspects to work on is decor and overall theme. Blue and yellow weddings are increasingly popular, whether it’s pale blue or sapphire, lemon yellow or marigold.

Picking wedding colors and decor is one of the aspects of wedding planning where you can really get creative and show your personality on the big day. Therefore, it should be of a high priority to figure out your wedding’s color scheme as early as possible!

Thankfully, whatever you settle on will surely have a lot of different online inspiration to look towards. Be it ideas for flower arrangements or a multitude of bridesmaid dress styles, there are so many resources to help you get the wedding planning juices flowing. If you’re still on the search for your perfect color palette, keep reading for ideas for blue and yellow wedding.

Choosing the Best Color Scheme for Your Wedding

blue bridesmaid dresses

When choosing your wedding color scheme, there are a lot of necessary factors to weigh. For example, the season and venue make a huge difference. You want to pick a color scheme that works for your venue’s interior style.

You also want to pick colors that complement the season you’re getting married in. For example, you might use a warmer blue in summer, but an icier blue in summer.

If you’re thinking about a blue and yellow color palette, you’re in the right place! Blue and yellow work great for all types of weddings, especially in the summer.

Whether you’re here because they’re the colors of your favorite sports team or just because you like the combination, keep reading for all sorts of ways to integrate blue and yellow into your big day!

Blue and Yellow Ceremony Decor

This couple really took their blue and yellow wedding ceremony to the max. From the themed outfits to the guests also wearing blue, you can definitely get a feeling of their color palette. Most notably, their flower arch is half blue/half yellow with a bit bleeding over into each other, which is a poetic way to show that they’re blending as a family.

If you’re looking to do a program for your ceremony, this one has a watercolor border of blue and yellow flowers, perfectly encapsulating the overall look of your ceremony itself. It also offers a really gorgeous indigo typeface, adding an extra layer to your wedding’s blues.

Beautiful Flower Arrangements

These absolutely adorable yellow and blue flowers are in softer, more pastel shades, perfect for spring or summer. It also offers a variety of yellows, from light creams to brighter, sunnier shades. A bouquet like this is a classy and easy way to bring some real color into your wedding.

This blue and yellow bouquet offers some slightly darker choices, like navy blue flowers and sunflowers, whose yellow petals are offset by the dark brown of their center. This is a great way to avoid too much color while still honoring your wedding’s theme.

Bridesmaids Dressed in Summer Colors

Dressing your bridesmaids in yellow and blue is another great way to work them in! These dresses are in similar cuts and similar light shades of their respective colors. This is a fun way to make your wedding ceremony and photos extra bright in a way that’s flattering for your girls.

If you don’t like the look of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, you could always stick to one color and do a bouquet in the opposite color. Here, these bridesmaids dresses are in a sort of chalky blue, but they’re offset by the buttercup yellow of the bouquets. This is a great way to incorporate both colors while making things cohesive.

The bride herself can also wear blue – check out blue wedding gowns in different shades and styles!

Table Arrangements in Royal Blue and Sunshine Yellow

For an unforgettable wedding table, a setting like this one uses a mix of blue and yellow patterns and textures to avoid looking flat. By mixing the blue floral table cloth with the blue and yellow checked napkins, this table setting makes use of both colors to their full potential without clashing.

If you want a more minimalist look, this table setting is blue, yellow, and totally classy. Using blue plates and menus with bright yellow roses as centerpieces, this table arrangement is totally manageable and incredibly beautiful.

Cute Blue and Yellow Decor Ideas

If your blue and yellow wedding also incorporates a country or rustic theme, look toward painted mason jars in your colors for the perfect statement decor pieces. By hand-painting these mason jars your wedding’s colors, the entire thing has an awesome DIY feel, making your decor choices all the more personal.

If you’re looking to alter your venue’s walls, using large, sweeping curtains like these is a gorgeous touch to any room. These are a soft blue, so the color scheme is subtle and palatable, but if you want to make a statement, you could look for similar fabric swatches in a bright, royal blue!

The Perfect Wedding Cake

Of course, one of the most exciting parts of your big day is designing your big cake! This cake is a stunning pale blue color with yellow flowers and golden pearls. Though it’s definitely a bit on the smaller side for a wedding cake, any size cake can draw inspiration on this beauty.

If you want something a bit more unique, you can draw on the nautical and geometric styles of this cake. The quirky blue and yellow lines really stand out, playing upon the classic navy stripe you see in your standard nautical theme. The gorgeous yellow roses throughout soften the cake up a bit.

Blue and Yellow Wedding Favors

To let guests know you appreciate their attendance on your big day, give them a sweet treat! These little gold-foiled chocolates will be delicious and super cute in a navy box. This is a great way to show your gratitude for their attendance while still using your colors!

You could also order custom-made labels in your colors. These cute blue and yellow chapsticks are a small favor that guests can actually use, so they will surely be appreciated by your guests and will always make them think of your awesome wedding when their lips are dry!

More about Wedding Ideas

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help with every step of your wedding planning process. From neutral wedding colors to wedding ring alternatives, keep reading for all the ideas you need for the perfect wedding day.

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