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Something Blue Wedding Dresses for a Unique Bridal Look

Many of us have dreamed about our weddings since we were small. What the venue would look like, what flowers would be in the bouquets, what songs we’d dance to, and of course, what we’d wear.

But not everyone dreams of the same wedding dress. If you have an eclectic style or like to think outside the box, a blue wedding dress might be right up your alley. Of course, there are far more options than you might think when it comes to blue wedding dresses.

Bride holding flowers

Even if you’ve never brainstormed blue wedding dress ideas before, don’t let the choice of color fool you. A traditional style gown in a beautiful blue color might surprise you and win your heart.

Regardless of whether you prefer a modern or more romantic dress, adding blue into the equation in a flattering silhouette might be just what you need to seal the deal.

Not convinced? Check out my list of the best blue wedding dresses below, and it may be easier than you thought to check off “something blue” from your wedding list!

Blue Bridal Gowns for Any Style 

blue bridal gowns for any style 

When it comes to your wedding day, you want your unique style and taste to shine through. Looking back on your memories later, what will matter is that you stayed true to what you like. If you’re looking for a non-traditional bridal gown, check out these blue wedding dress ideas!

Royal Blue Wedding Dresses

Contrary to what you might assume, royal blue wedding dresses impart an instantly classy and elegant vibe to your wedding day. Although it’s a bright and bold color, this hue’s richness and saturated nature still convey a timeless and almost vintage feel.

To keep your royal blue wedding dress from coming off as more of a prom-style dress, avoid mermaid cuts or dresses that have spaghetti straps. Instead, stick to a ballgown silhouette with tulle and try out a birdcage veil or other vintage-inspired, art deco accessories or an off-the-shoulder neckline and lace applique.

Up the class factor by adding thoughtful and tasteful details. Lace, pearls, and all things traditional and classic will complement royal blue on your wedding day. Pair the look with long, loose curls or a smooth updo to channel a royal blue look that’s truly royal.

Light Blue Wedding Dresses

bride in light blue wedding dress

Do you see yourself as more of a whimsical bride? If you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale or forest wedding, then a light blue wedding dress might be a perfect fit. 

Light blue can come across as a more youthful and playful color. If that’s not the look you want on your wedding day, but you still want to incorporate light blue into your gown, then consider choosing a dress with a tulle skirt that has a white top layer and blue bottom layers.

But if you love a whimsical look, then search for light blue dresses with lots of layers, an empire waist, or Victorian-inspired sleeves. A plunging neckline or open back can help balance out the sweetness of a whimsical dress.

bride in light blue lace wedding dress

Accessories with burnished gold, a long veil, or even a flower crown will round out a whimsical light blue wedding dress look and leave you feeling like a beautiful woodland fairy for your big day.

Blue and White Wedding Gowns 

bride in blue and white wedding dress

Don’t want to ditch white altogether when it comes to your wedding gown? Why not go for both! Try a blue and white patterned dress that will make you stand out, just like you should on your special day.

One of the most popular and tasteful ways to incorporate both colors into your wedding dress is to find one that features applique, embroidery, or hand-beading. In many cases, these dresses are white with blue detailing that often has a floral leaning.

Choose a dress that incorporates the beading or embroidery in a gradient, with the color either at its boldest at the top of the bodice or around the hem of the dress, with the detail lessening near the middle of the dress.

This not only lends a sophisticated and grown-up look, but it also flatters body types that are wide at the hips by drawing the eye either upward or downward with the color saturation. 

Appliques, embroidery, and beading are details that can also have a vintage vibe, so lean into that classic and elegant feel by adding vintage accessories: a short fur jacket for winter weddings or beautiful vintage hair clips.

Dark Blue and Navy Wedding Dresses

Dark blue and navy are beautiful, classic colors popular in trendy styles for the monochrome and modern look they impart. Use them on your wedding day to give a modern vibe to your wedding without feeling too edgy.

This is the perfect color to incorporate into a wintertime wedding theme, so lean into the season and look for a velvet navy wedding dress or one with long sleeves. This is another blue hue that looks beautiful in a ballgown shape, as it helps to ground the romantic cut of the dress.

In the same vein, dresses with full, layered tulle skirts look stunning in a dark blue color that’s close to black. Black is becoming a trendy wedding dress color, but if you’re not ready to commit to such an edgy look, dark blue or navy is the perfect alternative.

This gorgeous, backless navy wedding dress is available here on Etsy!

Pair this kind of wedding dress with jewel-toned and texture-rich accessories for a luxe, elevated wedding. Fur, velvet, lace, tulle, and, if you’re feeling bold, even a bit of leather, pull together a unique and beautiful look for your big day.

Blue Lace Wedding Gowns 

Lace gowns come in all shapes and styles, and the same goes for blue lace. Form-fitting lace dresses are a style that’s been favored by many celebrities and royal figures over the years, so why not try your own version with a blue variation?

Or instead, go for a fuller skirt with an open back or a corset-style bodice to add even more personality to a classic gown style. 

If all-over lace isn’t your style, a blue gown with lace applique or overlay is a great way to balance soft femininity with a bold and more memorable style.

eclectic wedding dress and accessories

Go eclectic by adding complementing accessories: try out more modern jewelry and edgier heels, give your cowboy boots a spin, or even wear a dramatic veil, capelet, or bolero.

Icy Blue Wedding Dresses

Even if you’re not a fan of Frozen, a winter wonderland theme will never grow old. Likewise, icy blue wedding dresses can create a stunning and dramatic wedding look without going over the top. You can find the stunning ice blue wedding dress pictured above from Mywony Bridal on Etsy!

Icy blue often shows up on wedding dresses in a grey-tinged hue, making this a very wearable iteration of a blue wedding dress. Tulle and lace are also popular fabrics for gowns in this color.

It’s also a great color to take in a vintage direction with a sheath shape, flapper fringe, or beaded details. Layered skirts with scalloped edging also look great in an icy blue color.

Incorporate feathers into your accessories through a jacket or hair accessories like clips for a more bohemian look.

Wedding Dresses with Blue Accents 

If you love a modern look, try out a white dress with asymmetrical blue detailing along the hem or random blue layers within the skirt. This blue underskirted dress above is available on Etsy from LovableVictoria!

Keeping the details random and asymmetrical will lend an effortlessly chic look that will have you feeling like a piece of modern art.

This dramatically detailed gown is also available on Etsy from Inga Ezergale Design!

If you like things a little more traditional, add a blue sash or belt to your white dress, or go for blue jewelry, incorporating sapphire or turquoise into your look to suit your fancy.

You don’t have to go overboard with the blue to still be able to enjoy it on your special day.

Blue Ombre Wedding Dresses

For bold brides who love to defy expectations, try out a blue ombre dress. This wedding gown style lends a fun, playful, bright look to your wedding and will leave you with incredible photos!

This is a super customizable look: you can keep it romantic with a full-skirted dress and billowy sleeves, or you can opt for a sleeveless mermaid ombre dress to show off your favorite colors.

This gorgeous ombre dress with blue and sunset colors is available on Etsy from Chrissy Wai Ching!

Any shade of blue can make a statement in whatever varying saturation strikes your fancy! One thing’s for sure; bold accessories will complement your fun look. Choose a bright color palette and use flowers in the same shade of blue to pack a colorful punch.

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