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Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas for Any Bride

One of the most exciting parts of a wedding ceremony is seeing the bride walk down the aisle. Although we typically associate this with the bride in a long, flowing white gown, this isn’t the only option! Now, brides are looking for new twists to the classic white wedding dress

With a non-traditional wedding dress, you don’t have to store your dress away – it can be repurposed and reworn!

Alternative Wedding Dress Ideas

  1. Non-White Wedding Dresses
  2. Casual Wedding Dresses
  3. Short Wedding Dresses
  4. Wedding Jumpsuits, Pantsuits, and Two-Pieces
  5. Vintage Wedding Dresses
  6. Crochet Wedding Dresses


Non-White Wedding Dresses

A white wedding gown isn’t for everyone! If traditional white wedding dresses aren’t for you, one simple and elegant alternative to a white wedding dress is just to change the color of the dress. You’ll still have plenty of styles and materials to choose from, whether you’ve had your eye on an A-line dress or love bountiful tulle skirts.

With colorful wedding dresses, you can stick to soft pastels, solid yet bright colors, or even go with a multicolored or patterned dress. Check out some of our favorite colorful, non-traditional wedding dresses. If you want the classic, romantic formal gown and you’re having trouble finding it in your preferred color, visit bridal shops and ask about custom orders or dying dresses! You can pick from all the beautiful wedding gown styles and then change it to your favorite color later.

Red Wedding Dresses

red wedding dress

A red wedding dress is sure to be striking for the non-traditional bride. For a bold look, purchase a red wedding dress. With red wedding dresses, there’s still a wide variety of shades. Some brides might prefer a deep wine red while others like burgundy. Of course, there’s always a fierce, bright red. If roses are a major component of your centerpieces, then a red dress might just tie the whole thing together perfectly. 

Gold Wedding Dresses

gold wedding dresses

If you’re wearing a white dress, there’s a chance that there are some gold, silver, or other metallic embellishments. If the embellishments and gold stitching is what’s catching your eye when shopping for a wedding dress, why not choose a shining gold dress? Metallic colors are popular for decor at wedding receptions as well as for bridesmaids’ dresses, but they work just as well for the bride.

Although a gold dress may conjure up images of sequins, you can stick to a dress with less ornamentation. If a solid gold dress is too flashy for your tastes, try a more muted champagne color. This will also look elegant and gorgeous. 

Two-Toned Wedding Dresses


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A colorful wedding dress doesn’t mean just one color. In fact, two-toned wedding dresses are also becoming more trendy. This is also a fantastic option if you want to honor the tradition of wearing a white dress while bringing your own flair to your ensemble.

With two-toned wedding dresses, you have endless options when it comes to pairing colors. Red and white, white and gold, and white and black are all stunning pairings. Usually, two-toned dresses have one color at the bodice and another at the skirt. You can even go subtler with two shades of white or pastels for your wedding gown! 

Black Wedding Dresses

black wedding dress

Go for the total opposite of a white wedding gown by choosing a black wedding dress! Black wedding dresses are great for winter weddings, but they look fabulous no matter what time of year it is. A black wedding dress is an intense look that is sure to draw attention, so if black is your color then why not wear it on your wedding day? Black wedding gowns are striking and dramatic.

Pink Wedding Dresses

pink wedding dress

A common wedding dress alternative is a pink wedding gown! A soft pink can look almost white if you don’t want to stray too far from the traditional white gown, and it adds some color to your wedding! This feminine color is one of the most popular color wedding dress options. Pink is a great choice for spring, but looks great year-round!

Multicolored Wedding Dresses

multicolor wedding gown

If you want even more color than a two-toned wedding dress, consider finding a multicolored wedding dress. One option is to select an ombre dress. This is a happy medium between a multicolored dress and a solid colored dress.

While the ombre will highlight one or two colors, you’ll get beautiful tones throughout the wedding dress. For other choices with multicolored wedding dresses, find one with a bright pattern or splashes of your favorite colors of the rainbow.

Floral Wedding Dresses

floral wedding dress

With wedding decor, flowers are front and center. From the ceremony to the reception, flowers will be everywhere, so why not on the bride’s dress as well? A floral pattern on the bottom of a wedding gown can look lovely. Floral patterns lend a wedding dress a whimsical and fairy-like appearance.

Soft pink flowers will look gorgeous against the backdrop of a white dress, but there are also some wedding dresses with white flowers for those who prefer a white wedding gown. 


Casual Wedding Dresses

Brides can wear white while breaking away from the typical long ball gown. Although some brides will love to put on their elaborate wedding dresses, other brides would rather keep it simple yet stunning.

casual wedding dress

There are plenty of wedding dresses without an enormous skirt, lengthy train, or pearls and embellishments. White and casual wedding dresses are the perfect balance between traditional white and an unconventional wedding dress. 


Short Wedding Dresses

A short wedding dress doesn’t automatically mean that you sacrifice any of the elegance or beauty. In fact, short wedding dresses can be made with intricate lace details or embedded with pearls and crystals. However, short dresses can still be a casual option if your wedding is more informal.

short wedding dress

Short dresses are great for outdoor weddings in the summer, especially at locations like the beach. Besides a wedding ceremony, short white dresses are perfect for a civil marriage at a courthouse or to wear while renewing your vows. 


Wedding Jumpsuits, Pant Suits, and Two-Pieces

If you’d prefer an outfit more daring than just breaking traditional colors and lengths for a wedding dress, then we have your back with other wedding dress ideas. Actually, some of these unusual wedding outfits aren’t dresses at all. 


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Dresses aren’t your style? Then skip the dress rack and head over to find the perfect jumpsuit to wear on your wedding day. With jumpsuits, you have nearly as many options as wedding dresses when it comes to styles. You can go with a backless jumpsuit, one with a plunging neckline, or one with flowing bottoms. Jumpsuits instead of dresses is a growing wedding trend, and if you prefer this look, then get ready to rock the wedding aisle in it. 


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Another alternative to a wedding dress is a wedding pantsuit. Most pantsuits for weddings are white or off-white, so if you want to go for color and a pantsuit, you may need to shop outside of bridal stores. Some pantsuits for weddings have lace, off-the-shoulder tops, and shining ornamentation, so a pantsuit doesn’t mean a stiff look! For an extra dramatic touch, you can wear a pantsuit with a train or cape. 


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Love crop tops? Then look for a two-piece wedding dress! With these dresses, you can two separate pieces that work together for a wonderful wedding look. With two-piece wedding dresses, you can show a little bit more skin.

Like other non-traditional gowns, two-piece dresses still have a wide variety of styles. The tops can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, and plenty of top pieces have delicate lace designs. If you want to switch up your style, a two-piece wedding dress is an alluring choice.


Vintage Dresses

vintage wedding dress

If there’s a specific time or decade you adore the style of, then try to find a vintage dress that matches this look. Vintage dresses are a great way to showcase your love for the style of another era, and it brings a more unique look to your wedding day. If the theme of your wedding is vintage-inspired, your dress will fit with the decor and venue perfectly. 

You can find both vintage wedding dresses from weddings of yesterday, or you can simply find a vintage dress that you love to wear on your big day! Just like the examples above, a vintage wedding dress doesn’t have to be white, formal, or look any certain way as long as you are happy with it!


Crochet Wedding Dresses


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One newer trend in wedding gown fashion is a crochet wedding dress! These wedding gowns are often custom made, so they can be totally unique. Crochet wedding dresses can be a bit more casual or they can be just as formal as a traditional gown.


Where to Buy Alternative Wedding Dresses

For the perfect non-traditional wedding dress, you may need to look further than the bridal boutique. However, bridal shops may still be the right place to start your search. Some bridal stores, like David’s Bridal, do have short white dresses and jumpsuits. Their selection will be more limited than traditional white dresses, but you can still choose from some beautiful options.

At a bridal boutique, you can also ask the staff to help you find exactly what you love. If you can’t find anything that suits you in the store, ask the staff about other recommendations and places to look. You can also ask about custom dress colors and dying recommendations.

Shopping online is another resource when hunting for your wedding dress. For brides looking for a vintage dress, search online for vintage stores in your area. There are some stores that even specialize in vintage gowns. You may even be able to use a family gown. With your loved one’s permission, you can reuse their vintage gown and possibly even re-work it into a new style.

Websites like Etsy and Rent the Runway also provide numerous options. Etsy is a good place to buy a vintage dress, and with Rent the Runway, you can find a designer dress in bold colors. However, like the name implies, you’ll need to return your dress back to Rent the Runway after your wedding. Ultimately, you can wear any type of dress to your wedding, so if you see one that catches your eye from any store of website, you can purchase it for the big day.


Wedding dresses don’t just need to be white, and you don’t even need to wear a dress to impress as you walk down the aisle. Unconventional wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular among brides, and with so many gorgeous choices in color and styles, it’s no surprise. 

Once you’ve decided what type of dress to buy, learn more about the best time to buy a wedding dress and how much wedding dresses typically cost. With alternative wedding dresses, this might vary, but if you start looking for an outfit early, you’re sure to find the ideal dress for your special day!

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