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What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping

Trying on wedding dresses is one of the most exciting parts of being a future bride. Going to bridal shops and looking at their gorgeous gowns only makes your special day feel even more real and timely. 

Whether you’re looking for a garment that follows in family tradition or breaks the tradition of wedding gowns altogether, you’ll definitely cherish the memories of this milestone in the wedding planning process. 

Deciding on which of your closest female friends and family members will come along to give their best advice might be an easy decision, but your work isn’t done there. Figuring out what to wear to a wedding dress fitting is your next step and might leave you with a lot of questions if you’ve never been to a bridal shop and don’t know what to expect. 

in the process of trying on dresses

What are the best kinds of wedding dress underwear if I want to try on a bunch of different styles? What else should I bring besides bridal undergarments to make sure that I pick out the best gown possible? Here’s everything you need to know and more!

shop for trying on dresses

Before heading over to the bridal shop, make sure that you’re wearing an outfit and wedding dress undergarments that are easy to slip on and off.

This part may seem like a no-brainer and maybe even unnecessary if you’re only considering a few options for your gown, but it’ll be one less stressor as you’re making this important decision among your close friends and family members.

Wedding Dress Undergarments 

Your best choice for bridal undergarments are a set that matches closely with your skin tone. Most wedding dresses already have multiple layers, but you might be picking one out that has been created on the thinner side and it could reveal your colored underwear on your special day if you decide to wear a pair instead. 

Some dresses are created for the sake of fitting women with smaller cup sizes so they don’t necessarily require a bra, but this design doesn’t apply to all brides.

Consider wearing a convertible or strapless bra as your part of wedding dress undergarments so you have the flexibility of trying on dresses of different types. You can always switch to a specialized bra later after making your final decision. 

wedding dress undergarments

Seamless underwear, in the style of boyshorts, thongs, bikinis, and others, are the best wedding undergarments for creating a smooth look and preventing embarrassing panty lines. The light and breathable material will work out in your favor, especially if you prefer more form-fitting styles like mermaid gowns. 

Not all brides are interested in wearing shapewear during their special day, but if you’re imaging the opposite, be sure to wear a pair while trying on wedding dresses. Look out for ones that go below the chest until the mid-calf since they provide the most versatility with different gown types.

Ponytails or Hair Clips

A ponytail holder and hair clips are an essential for what to wear to a wedding dress fitting especially if your hair is on the longer side. You’ll definitely want to see your neckline and back because it may potentially be the deciding factor between two different gowns.

Having this view in the bridal shop also allows you to decide on any potential alterations that need to be made. 

Hair Accessories

accessories as what to wear wedding dress shopping

If you’ve already picked out a flower crown, bridal comb, tiara, or any other kind of headpiece to wear on your special day, be sure to bring them when trying on dresses. It’ll be difficult to visualize if these accessories truly go with your gown unless you’re seeing them side by side. 

Other Accessories 

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other wedding accessories can truly make your outfit look marvelous on your special day. At the same time, they might do the opposite of flattering your wedding dress so stay on the safe side by bringing them along to the bridal shop as you’re trying on wedding dresses.

Take extra caution by making sure that none of these accessories snag on a dress so you’re not responsible for paying for the damages. 

Silk Scarf

When figuring out what to wear to a wedding dress fitting, be sure to exclude any heavy makeup from the equation. The last thing you want to do is ruin the precious memory of picking out your beloved wedding dress by paying for another gown that you aren’t wearing on your special day because you’ve smudged lipstick on the fabric.

Consider wearing a silk scarf to cover your face otherwise to protect the dresses from makeup. 

If you do want to wear makeup to make a good impression and feel confident when trying on dresses, take a more subtle approach with some mascara and light foundation instead.


bringing shoes along with trying on wedding dresses

Some brides already have their hearts set on the shoes that they want to wear while walking down the aisle. If you already have a pair in mind, don’t forget to bring them with you. Borrow a pair of heels from a friend or family member if you only have a vague idea instead. 

Flats are generally okay for taller brides as what to wear to a wedding dress fitting, but others on the shorter side might need to wear heels to see if dresses need to be altered based on their height.

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