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A Guide to Undergarments: What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

The key to the best fitting dress is the proper undergarments for that dress. Once you’ve bought the perfect gown, you may be wondering what to wear under a wedding dress.

With improper undergarments, your dress will not look its best. The right undergarments can take your dress from a good fit to the best fit.

What to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress Based on the Silhouette 

What you decide to wear under your wedding dress is greatly influenced by the style and silhouette of the dress you have chosen to wear. Your undergarments should be unique to and work well with the silhouette of your dress. From ball gowns to a-lines, here is your detailed guide to wedding dress undergarments.


Ball Gown

ball gown wedding dress

If you’re wearing a ball gown on your big day, you want it to be voluminous and poofy.

One way to achieve this look is to wear a ball gown slip beneath your dress. A ball gown slip adds volume everywhere you want and nowhere you don’t.

Another option is a hoop skirt, which adds the maximum amount of poof to your ball gown. Both of these options can take your dress from flat to fabulous in no time.

Additionally, ball gowns tend to accentuate the chest and waist area. A bustier or corset is a great option for beneath your dress. It will support and highlight your bust, while also cinching and controlling your waist.



mermaid wedding dress

With a classic fit and flare shape, the mermaid is extremely form fitting at the top and widens at the bottom. A mermaid or trumpet slip hugs the hips and accentuates your curves, while adding to the volume at the bottom of the dress.

Since mermaid dresses are tight to the skin, it is best to find undergarments that lift your bust while also controlling your stomach. Shapewear, particularly body suits, are a great choice for this style of dress. They smooth the stomach and accentuate your bust and curves. It is best to purchase a thong style in order to avoid lines and seams.



a-line wedding dress model

The angled skirt of an a-line dress is a classic and flattering shape for many. In order to keep that signature a-line shape, it is best to wear an a-line slip. This will sharpen the edges of your dress and emphasize the a-line shape.

In terms of underwear, you can wear practically anything under an a-line dress and nobody will be the wiser. A-line dresses, like ball gowns, flare out at the waist, which allows all underwear to remain hidden and all panty lines to be unseen. So if you sexy lingerie or thongs are not your thing, wear what makes you comfortable.



sheath wedding dress model

Sheath and column dresses are the slinkiest of all wedding dresses so finding undergarments to go beneath them can be a challenge. In order to keep things smooth, it is best to wear seamless undergarments. Shapewear is also an option if you want to ensure everything is controlled.

Bras tend to be visible beneath sheath and column dress. To avoid this, you can get cups sewn into your dress or you can try an adhesive option like those mentioned above. Invisibility is key with this wedding dress style so flat lace or simple cotton underwear work well.



wedding jumpsuit

If you are looking to break away from tradition, a jumpsuit is a great option to wear on your wedding day. Jumpsuits are generally pretty easy to work with in terms of undergarments.

Depending on the neckline, a classic push up bra will accentuate your bust. If your jumpsuit is more form fitting, shapewear can help with smoothing and stomach control.


What to Wear Under Your Dress Based on Neckline

The neckline of your gown greatly impacts the lingerie and shapewear you can wear beneath it. When shopping for undergarments, it is best to keep the style of your neckline in mind to ensure that anything you buy remains hidden and invisible beneath your dress.



backless wedding dress

Backless dresses are the go to if you are looking to wear something sexy and chic on your wedding day. If you are comfortable, it is always an option to go braless.

If that is not your style, you should wear a backless, adhesive bra that is sure to support your bust while being virtually invisible. Another option is a bra with a clear back strap. This style offers more structure while still remaining unseen.


Plunging Neckline

plunging neckline

The low cut of a plunging neckline is another sexy and alluring option for your wedding day. The only caveat is that regular bras do not work well with this type of neckline.

Low cut bras and bodysuits are options that are supportive, but will still remain invisible beneath your dress. If you opt for a bodysuit, they add additional stomach control and overall support that will have you looking and feeling your absolute best.

In the case that your dress is cut too low for any bras, ask your bridal shop to sew in some cups and consider using adhesive options to help lift your chest.



wedding dress bustle

A strapless dress is one of the most popular dress styles on the market currently.

Strapless dresses tend to have boning in their bodice for support. This can act as your only form of chest support if you are comfortable with that.

Otherwise, you should find a high quality strapless bra that will lift your chest while remaining hidden beneath the neckline of your gown.



woman in halter neck wedding dress

Dresses with a halter top are classy and flirty, but also reveal a bit of skin to please the eye. Since halter dresses tend to have open backs and a low neckline, it is important to choose a bra that is easy to hide.

The best choice of undergarment for a halter dress is a strapless bra. There are also bras with a clear plastic strap that goes around the neck and is hidden beneath the halter strap. This style is similar to a strapless bra, but it has the added support of a band around the neck so you can feel confident and supported.



Choice of undergarments boils down to personal preference. Remember to keep the silhouette and style of neckline in mind when shopping for undergarments.

Buy items that will be invisible or practically invisible beneath your gown. Nude undergarments will be virtually invisible, while other light colors might be more visible.

Remember that if you want to surprise your spouse with some sexy and intricate lingerie, you can always change into it after the wedding.

At the end of the day, what you decide to wear beneath your wedding dress is completely up to you. It is all about what makes you feel the most comfortable, the most beautiful, and the most sexy.

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