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25 Wedding Ring Alternatives For Creative Couples 

As more and more couples take a larger role in their own wedding planning process, customs that were once seen as essential to these special occasions are being replaced with other ideas. The exchanging of traditional diamond rings is no exception. There are plenty of wedding ring alternatives if you don’t want to wear rings, however. 

If these marriage accessories don’t scream love and devotion for you and your significant other, don’t hold back from seeking out wedding band alternatives. Rings aren’t necessary for making your nuptial feel memorable and extraordinary!

Some brides and grooms can’t wear a traditional wedding band so they can follow their work dress code. Others have to skip out on these ceremonial accessories due to health-related reasons. 

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Whether you’re in the same boat or just view the practice of exchanging rings as an outdated tradition that isn’t necessary as a symbol of commitment, just know that the sky’s the limit when it comes to wedding band alternatives.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite suggestions for anybody who is planning to forego wedding rings during their romantic celebration! 



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Necklaces are such a timeless choice among wedding ring replacement ideas. Feel free to go with a meaningful pendant or a circle holder! 



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Treat the most important person in your life to a stunning bracelet as your alternative to expensive rings. Think about matching these ornaments so you can feel truly connected to your loved one. 



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Anklets are a unique twist on the kinds of jewelry that are usually exchanged as alternatives to traditional rings. Keep in mind that anklets come in a wide range of materials such as copper, silver, gold, and leather in a myriad of styles. 



For couples who want to forego wedding rings during their nuptial without sacrificing any luxury, watches become an unforgettable pick. Both of you will adore the classic style of these accessories so much that you’ll never want to take them off.  



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Set the romantic tone of your special day by exchanging earrings as your wedding ring replacement ideas. While lasting a lifetime, these ornaments will symbolize the intimate bond that you share with your spouse in the exact same way!


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Some brides and grooms want to show their devotion by taking it a step further than unusual wedding rings. If you feel the same way, just know that ring tattoos are perfectly appropriate for your marriage festivity. 

Flower Crowns

flower crown

If you and your future husband or wife are walking down the aisle during a bohemian espousal, nothing feels more appropriate as wedding ring alternatives than flower crowns. Be sure to order an arrangement in a variety of colors that matches with your spring or summer theme

Vow Booklets


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Vow booklets were designed to be traded among couples as wedding band alternatives. Find pocket-sized versions so you can read them whenever you’re on the go!

Engraved Wallet Cards


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Brides and grooms who are seeking out alternatives to wedding rings for the sake of meeting their budget during an inexpensive wedding should consider engraved wallet cards. Buy metal ones so you won’t have to worry about them wearing or tearing. 



When it comes to wedding ring replacement ideas, beautiful options don’t have to be extravagant to be appreciated by your future spouse. Don’t shy away from trading gemstones especially if you’re planning your marriage festivity with a celestial theme. 



Brooches are such a unique possibility for brides who want to forego wedding rings during their special day. These accessories will elevate all of her semi-formal outfits while reminding her of your own ceremony. 



Horseshoes are never the wrong choice for wedding ring alternatives during a rustic country espousal. Make sure to decorate them with ribbons, feathers, and pebbles! 



If you and your future spouse both have a way with words, consider writing poems for each other and exchanging them as wedding band alternatives. Be prepared for the tears of joy after reading his or her romantic thoughts towards you! 



For couples who are more on the imaginative side, exchanging a piece of art as alternatives to wedding rings feels like a no-brainer. Hang them up as wall decor so both of you can feel proud about showing off your relationship to house guests!



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A less popular, but creative and appreciated possibility with wedding ring replacement ideas involves trading polaroids. Couples who love to travel together and document their sightseeing through the old-fashioned way will usually go with this option.



Set yourself apart from other espousals by exchanging ties instead of unusual wedding rings. Choose a pattern that reflects the aesthetics of your occasion.

Puzzle Piece Keychains


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If you want to forgo a traditional wedding band but still want something to carry around as a daily reminder of your spouse’s love, go with puzzle piece keychains. Don’t forget to personalize them with your names, wedding date, and a romantic quote! 



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Exchanging cake forks won’t feel out of place during your special day as alternatives to wedding rings. These keepsakes become the perfect ode to your cake or other ceremonial desserts



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The simplest wedding ring replacement ideas make the loudest statements about adoration and loyalty. If you and your spouse are coffee connoisseurs, trading mugs might be more meaningful than a piece of jewelry. 



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If you and your significant other are getting hitched in the background of a desert venue, exchanging bandanas as wedding band alternatives will certainly do the trick. This affordable option allows you to have the creative freedom of customizing the design from a myriad of styles. 



Play up the bohemian theme of your marriage festivity by giving dreamcatchers to each other as wedding ring alternatives. This possibility works for any brides and grooms who prefer to DIY instead of ordering their ideas from elsewhere.



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If you and your spouse share a love of cooking, chances are that you’ll be happy to exchange aprons as alternatives to wedding rings. Both of you will definitely appreciate these garments after it keeps your clothes clean. 


beachy centerpiece

Get creative with your wedding ring replacement ideas during a beach nuptial by exchanging seashells with each other instead. Go the extra mile by finding them yourself during your destination wedding instead of buying them from an online or local shop. 

Pillow Cases


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If you’re looking for the perfect alternative to a traditional wedding band that doubles as a practical household item, buy personalized pillow cases for each other. This suggestion becomes a nice reminder of your espousal that you’ll be able to see every morning. 

Tote Bags


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If you and your romantic partner are looking for useful wedding ring replacement ideas, don’t think twice about buying tote bags for each other. Brides and grooms who are planning an environmentally friendly celebration tend to gravitate towards this option. 

If you’re still feeling uncertain about which kind of wedding band alternatives that will make an appearance on your special day, just know that you don’t have to settle on a particular choice. You don’t need a certified diamond ring to make it official!

Seek out the opinions of your married friends and family members who ditched traditional and non traditional wedding rings during their own nuptials. They might have some recommendations that’ll fit better within your ceremonial theme. 

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If you’ve found inspiration after reading our list of alternatives to wedding rings, drop us a comment about the idea that sounds perfect for your espousal. Let us know about any other wedding band alternatives that we may have missed!

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