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50 Stunning Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas

Looking for tattoo symbol inspiration in lieu of your wedding ring? Here are some commonly asked questions about wedding band tattoos and why you should get a wedding ring tattoo. 

Check out our favorite wedding ring tattoo ideas to find the perfect finger tattoo to sit in for your wedding band.

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Your wedding is a time in your life where you are making permanent decisions. Why not show your partner how much you are dedicated to them by getting your wedding ring tattooed on? Wedding band tattoos are the perfect way to show your endless devotion to your spouse by getting this symbol of permanency on your finger.

Some newlyweds opt for wedding ring tattoos because their job prohibits them from wearing their actual wedding rings. Nurses, doctors, construction workers, and other professions cannot keep a ring on all day, so a ring finger tattoo can fill in while on the job.

There are many different designs for newlyweds to choose from. In contrast to the traditional wedding ring, a wedding ring tattoo is completely customizable and unique to you and your partner. It is a commitment to your partner, so remember that obviously tattoos are not able to be taken off. 

Many couples wonder how a wedding ring tattoo will work during their marriage ceremony. Usually there is an exchange of rings at your wedding, as it is tradition. But you and your partner do not have to go along with this part of the wedding ceremony if it does not apply to you.

Don’t let traditional wedding ceremonies hold you back from getting an awesome and personal tattoo with your partner.

Commonly Asked Wedding Band Tattoo Questions

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Instead of just taking the pledge of marriage, make your commitment to your spouse permanent and get a wedding ring tattoo. There are wedding ring tattoo ideas for any style.

Here are some of the most commonly asked wedding band tattoo questions!

How Much Do Wedding Ring Tattoos Cost?

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On your wedding day, opt for something different than the usual exchanging of rings. Wedding ring tattoos are becoming increasingly popular over the past couple of years, but exactly how much do they cost? 

The average price of a small finger tattoo can range anywhere from $50 to $300. If you have a specific artist in mind, they may charge more or less depending on how popular they are. 

If you want an original wedding idea to show your marriage status, wedding tattoos are a cheaper alternative to the traditional wedding ring. The average price of an engagement ring is $6,000 in the United States, so opting for a tattoo is a good decision price wise! 

Do Finger Tattoos Hurt?

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Usually the wedding ring finger is a somewhat painful area to get a tattoo in. The skin of your fingers is very sensitive. It is very thin, so the nerves are more easily aggravated than in more fatty areas of your body such as your arm. 

The experience of getting a tattoo is not always pleasant, and depending on where the placement of the tattoo is, the level of pain will vary. It is important to know that there is not that much skin on the area above the knuckle, so getting a tattoo there may hurt. 

After you have the tattoo done, it is important to rest the area to prevent further agitation. One of the reasons to do so is because usually wedding rings tattoos are done on the hands which are a part of the body that are very useful. Remember this before you get the tattoo, as you may not be able to use your hands the day after. 

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last? 

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Usually tattoos begin to fade over time. In an area that is used often, such as the hands, the tattoo may get faded quicker than other areas. 

Getting a tattoo for your marriage, such as wedding bands tattooed on your hands is a cost effective and romantic idea. But if you notice that the tattoo is fading after a few years, you may have to get it refilled at various times throughout your marriage. 

Will I Be Able To Remove It?

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You may think that the person that you are getting married to is the love of your life, but if you later on decide to get divorced, a wedding ring tattoo may be a reminder of your past relationship. 

Also consider if you need to get the tattoo removed, it can cost you $50 to $200 per session. Laser tattoo removal sessions can also be extremely painful. A wedding ring tattoo is a very permanent decision so keep this in mind. 

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Wedding ring tattoos are a great idea for couples who want a permanent display of their bond with their partner. The possibilities for these tattoos are endless. Show these photos for inspiration to your tattoo artist. 

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos

Opt for a simple “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on you and your partners’ respective ring fingers to show that you are married. 

2. Words of Affirmation

Get a word that means a lot to you and your partner tattooed on your finger as a classic wedding ring tattoo idea. Something like “love,” “unity,” or another phrase that means a lot to you tattooed on your finger. 

3. Your Partner’s Initials


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Get your partner’s initials tattooed on your finger as a reminder of your vow to them. You can get your partner’s first letter of your name, or your full monogram tattooed.

Hailey Bieber used this wedding ring tattoo idea and got the “J” above for her husband Justin!

4. Your Anniversary Date

Get the month and date of your anniversary tattooed on your finger so that you will not ever forget ever again! Just look down on your finger and you will be reminded of the day you met your partner.

  1. Wedding Date Tattoos

Similar to the last listed idea, get your wedding date tattooed on your finger. If you get the date of the week that you got married on your finger, it will be a reminder of the day you vowed your love to your spouse. 

  1. Your Spouse’s Name

If you get the letters of your spouse’s name tattooed on your finger, it is a permanent mark of your love on your hand. You can get the name printed or written in a cursive script of your choosing. 

  1. The Word “Love” In Your Language

If you and your partner speak another language, you can get the word “love” tattooed on your finger in your native language. 

  1. Bible Verse Number

Instead of regular rings, get eternal wedding rings of a bible verse of your choice on your finger to remember your vows to your partner. 

  1. Lock and Key

The beauty of a lock and a key tattoo is undeniable. If you get the key, your partner gets the lock on their finger, or vice versa. 

  1. Jewel or Diamond

There are many different wedding band tattoo patterns. If you want an original tattoo, get a diamond tattooed on your finger instead of a real rock. 

  1. Heart Design

You can get a heart wedding ring tattoo to memorialize your love for your spouse. Depending on your choice of color, it can look however you want it to. 

  1. “Blessed” 

The word “blessed” tattooed is a perfect choice if you feel as though your life is way better being married to your soulmate. 

  1. Solid Black Line

A classy option for a single band wedding ring tattoo is a solid black line. This can be as thick or as thin as you want it to be. 

  1. Single Knot

You and your husband can get a single knot tattooed on your finger if you want a symbol that reminds you of your partner. This is a play on the common phrase “tying the knot.”

  1. Dr. Who Themed

Instead of traditional rings, get a science fiction symbol tattooed on your finger. If you and your partner love a show such as Dr. Who, get a tattoo of a symbol from that show on your finger. 

  1. Four Leaf Clover

If you think your partner is your good luck charm, get a four leaf clover to remind yourself of your amazing spouse. 

  1. Celtic Knots

If you and your spouse have Celtic heritage, use the beauty of a Celtic knot to inspire you. Celtic knots make great band pattern designs that look similar to a real ring. 

  1. Compass

A good idea for a ring tattoo is a compass. This symbolizes that your partner is what you are looking for. 

  1. Chain

You and your spouse can get matching chain tattoos to symbolize that you are stuck together forever. 

  1. Moon and Sun

Memorialize your relationship by getting a sun and a moon tattoo with your romantic partner.

  1. Star Wars Themed

If you love Star Wars, get a themed tattoo with your love. Whether it is the death star, a lightsaber, or a baby Yoda, all the ideas will be cute and fun!

  1. Mickey Mouse Ears

If you and your partner are huge Disney fans, get his and hers Mickey Mouse tattoos instead of wedding rings. 

  1. Crowns

Symbolize that you and your partner are a king and a queen by using a crown. Queen symbols and king symbols are very popular wedding band tattoos. 

  1. Bow 

Get a cute bow as a tattoo to symbolize your marriage with your spouse. 

  1. “’Til Death Do Us Part”

Write your actual vows on your finger by having “’til death do us part” tattooed on you!

  1. Skulls

Skulls and crossbones may seem grotesque, but for a unique couple it may symbolize your love for each other!

  1. Connecting Tattoos

Get a tattoo that only works if you connect it with your partner. Something like a bow and arrow that come together when you line your hand up with theirs would work great! 

  1. Infinity Signs

The infinity symbol is a popular tattoo design that shows that you are in this forever. 

  1. Crosses

Crosses are a cute and fun way to show your dedication to your partner and to god. 

  1. Heartbeat Wave

Get a heart with a heartbeat wave connected to it to show that your heart only beats for your spouse. This is one of our favorite wedding ring tattoo ideas!

  1. Flower

Instead of a heart, get a gorgeous flower tattooed on your finger instead of a real ring. You could base your tattoos on your wedding flowers!

  1. Chevron

Get a matching tattoo with your partner in a chevron pattern. 

  1. “Her One” and “His Only”

Get the phrases “Her one” and “His only” or something similar that is meaningful to you as a couple!

  1. “Forever” 

Write “forever” on the side of your finger to show that you will love and be married to your partner forever. 

  1. Roman Numerals

Instead of your anniversary date written in normal numbers, get it tattooed in roman numerals. 

  1. Minimalistic Dots

Simple designs like small minimalistic dots are a good idea for someone who doesn’t want a noticeable tattoo.

  1. Snowflakes

If you love the winter season, get matching snowflake tattoos with your love. This may symbolize something special to you and your partner. 

  1. Ocean Waves

Get a tattoo of a water wave on your finger. An ocean wave is a trendy and fun symbol that may mean something to you as a couple. 

  1. “I Do”

Get the words “I do” tattooed to remember the vow you gave to your spouse on your wedding day.

  1. Band With Initial Inside

With the wedding ring tattoo trend, one very popular design is getting your partner’s first initial of their name encompassed by a band that looks like a traditional ring. 

  1. “Always”

A symbol for eternity together is getting the word “always” tattooed on your ring finger. This symbolizes that you will always love your partner. 

  1. Tree Branch

If you and your spouse are nature lovers, get a design of a tree branch on your finger in lieu of a wedding ring.

  1. Bird Design

Get matching love bird tattoos with your spouse to show that you are married. Cute bird designs can be any type of bird that you like or is special to you and your partner. 

  1. “+”

If you and your partner love math, get a mathematical symbol tattooed on your finger. A symbol such as the plus sign is a way to show you have a plus one in your life.

  1. Music Note

If you and your spouse love music, get matching music note tattoos instead of rings. 

  1. Hearts and Spades

If you and your spouse are a fan of card games, get hearts and spades tattooed on your finger in red or black depending on what color you like better. 

  1. Anchor

Get an anchor symbol tattooed on your finger if you feel as though your spouse is what keeps you anchored down and grounded in life. This fits well with a nautical themed wedding!

  1. Full Finger Tattoo

There are many different choices for finger tattoos, and one of those is a full finger tattoo. Instead of a single symbol on your hand, get your whole ring finger tattooed with the design of your choice.

  1. “I Promise”

Get the phrase “I promise” tattooed on the side of your ring finger as a reminder of your love for your partner. 

  1. Wrist Quote

Instead of just getting a wedding ring tattoo on your finger, get your palm or wrist tattooed by a licensed tattoo artist. This may cost you more than a finger tattoo because it is larger than a small symbol, but it allows you to get a longer quote because there is more room. 

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