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The Perfect Timeline for Getting Your Suit Tailored

Wedding planning is an intricate process. Depending on your timeline, you have to take so many lengths, schedules, and deadlines into account. As frustrating as it can be, it’s important to make sure you know when each detail of your special day needs to be done.

While most people think of planning the wedding as being delegated to the bride, there are actually quite a few responsibilities that fall on the groom’s plate, too. While the bride may be concerned about her dress, it’s up to the groom to handle his suit. Here’s what you should know about how long it takes to get a suit tailored.

How Long Does It Take to Tailor a Suit?

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You should purchase or rent your suit about four months before your wedding. If you need to get it tailored, you should bring it in about six weeks out from the wedding to give the tailor ample time.

The minimum amount of time you should bring it to the tailor is two weeks out from the wedding.


Planning the Groom’s Wedding Attire

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For starters, there are quite a few things it’s up to the groom to take care of. Selecting his groomsmen and their outfits is a big part of it. It’s also important to pick all of your suits, ties, and shoes with the bride’s colors, fabrics, and vision in mind.

It’s not as simple as just ordering a suit and putting it on that day. You have to make sure it fits on your body and that it has all of the finishings, like ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. There are also other aesthetic things for the groom and groomsmen, like getting haircuts before the big day.


Make Sure Your Suit is Wedding-Perfect

Before you greet your loved one on the aisle, it’s important to have your outfit ready to go! From the length of the sleeves to the fit of the shoulders, a perfectly-fitted suit is quite the sight for all to behold. Your bride will be stunned when she sees you at the end of that aisle in a perfectly tailored jacket!

The rest of this article is about the timeline of getting, fitting, and tailoring your suit before your wedding. As with all timelines, it’s dependent on how much time you have until your wedding– you may not have enough time to be nit-picky with your suit if you’re getting married in two weeks.


Finding the Perfect Suit

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The first step is obviously to find and pick the best suit you can. There are lots of places for men to get suits, from rentals to places you can buy. Choose a suit that fits the color palette of your wedding and in a style that will look good on the groom.

According to our 12-month wedding planning timeline, the groom should buy or rent his suit four months before the wedding date. This gives more than enough time for any necessary alterations or to solve any other issues.

However, earlier couldn’t hurt! If you don’t have four months, get your suit as soon as humanly possible.


How to Know that a Suit Fits

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When you try on your suit, you may not even be able to tell if there’s an issue with the fit! Sometimes fit issues for suits aren’t as visible as short pants or jacket sleeves– it could be a weird look around the shoulders, a misplaced shirt cuff, or that the jacket buttons fall in a weird place based on the length of your torso.

For a good resource on checking your suit’s fit, check out this piece from Esquire that lists 7 ways to make sure your suit fits perfectly. If you notice an inconsistency going through these checkmarks, from the shoulders to the shirt sleeves, that means it’s time to start researching a good tailor.


Finding a Good Tailor

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The first thing to do is to find a good tailor. This can be hard– you may want to reach out to the store from which you rented or bought the suit. They may have someone willing to make the necessary adjustments in-house or have an affiliated tailor.

If that doesn’t work out, you can look on local review boards, like Yelp, or in local groups, such as wedding pages and Facebook pages. You could also ask friends who have been married in the area if they needed suit adjustments and who they went to.


Bringing Your Suit to the Tailor

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When you settle on a good tailor, call them and see when you can bring your suit in for adjustments. They may be able to give you a timeline estimate at this time, but they also may need to see what work needs to be done before giving you a quote.

Some tailors are same-day, in which case any minor issues with the suit will be resolved. However, if you think that the work that needs to be done on your suit is substantial, then it probably is, and you’ll need to bring it to a seasoned professional who can make it perfect.


What the Tailor Will Look For

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Your tailor will probably ask you to try on the suit in front of them. You should bring with you the shirt, tie, and shoes you expect to be wearing with the suit, so that the tailor can see how the trousers fit on your waist, how certain shirts effect jacket fit, how certain shoes look with the length of your pants, etc.

They will also be interested in the kind of fabrics in the suit.

They will probably go through the same seven fit issues listed above, and as professionals, will be able to see the issue. It may be at this point that they can give you a timeline as to when you’ll get the suit back, but it also depends on how many clients they have.


Getting Your Suit Back

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As you’ve read up to this point, how long it takes to get a suit tailored is dependent on many factors, like how badly the suit fits and how busy the tailor is. As a result, you should bring it in around two months before the wedding, so that the tailor has ample time. At worst, it can take them up to 6-8 weeks to get the job done.

The best-case scenario would be two weeks if they have to keep the suit for very long, or even within a week or same-day for small fit issues. The most important thing is to give the tailor plenty of time to do their best work on your suit.


Helping Your Groomsmen with their Suits

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Obviously, if your groomsmen need their suits tailored, they’re going on the same timeline as you. Try to point them in the direction of the same tailor so that you can keep a rapport going with that specific tailor, and also that they know the wedding date and deadline for the tailoring.

However, the groomsmen’s looks are not as important as the groom’s. All eyes are on the groom– the groomsmen are not the stars of the show. Therefore, if the fit issue is minor, it’s probably not essential for them to get it tailored, though it would be nice.


Day-Of Suit Refinements

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Be sure to try on your suit a few days before the big day to make sure all is well, especially if you’ve had any substantial, unexpected weight loss or gain or another body change. If you have an emergency, call up the tailor or look for a same-day tailor near you– though there are no guarantees.

On the day, be sure to iron your suit jacket, your trousers, and the groomsmen’s suits and shirts, and to shine all of your shoes. Don’t forget about shirt collars, ties, pocket squares, or cufflinks. And if you still need to wear a belt, it’s better to do that than to find yourself with your pants around you ankles!


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