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Top 10 Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Your Wedding

Will you be my groomsmen? Asking your best friends to stand beside you on your wedding day is an exciting question, and many grooms ask with a gift.


It’s not expected to give a gift when you ask, but most grooms give their groomsmen a gift on the big day as thanks for the support on the way down the aisle. 

What are Groomsmen Gifts?

Groomsmen gifts are gifts from the groom to his groomsmen. These gifts are generally meant to say thank you for standing with the groom on his wedding day.

While groomsmen gifts aren’t necessary, they’re a nice way to show appreciation for the men standing by the groom’s side and for being his best friends and the best groomsmen.

Bridesmaids proposal gifts are typically cute, flowery, and personalized. Classic groomsmen gifts are often manlier, although the sentiment is the same for each.

grooms party

Personalized gifts make great groomsmen presents, especially if it’s something they can use on the wedding day or use to remember the occasion. Show your groomsmen that you care with a cool, thoughtful gift!

You can get specific gifts for each groomsman, or give them all the same gift, with or without a personalized touch.

Free personalization is often a given with special orders, so it won’t be too expensive to personalize your gifts. Find personalized gifts groomsmen will actually use and that will make them remember your wedding fondly every time they use time!

Need help coming up with unique groomsmen gifts? Check out our list of ideas, perfect for any groom’s wedding party. 

Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas 

  1. Engraved Flasks
  2. Personalized Wallets
  3. Custom Cufflinks
  4. Personalized Shot Glasses
  5. Engraved Watches
  6. Groomsmen Gift Box
  7. Weekend Grooming Kit
  8. Custom Pocket Knives
  9. Engraved Tie Clips
  10. Custom Liquor Box

Engraved Flasks 

Get your groomsmen ready for the bachelor party with engraved flasks! You could get their full names, initials, the date of your wedding, or any other customized information engraved onto a high quality flask.

This way, they have something to keep in their jacket during the wedding and a lifelong gift to remind them of your friendship and bond as groomsmen. A flask makes one of the best groomsmen gifts for the wedding day and beyond! 

Check out our favorite personalized flasks, available on Amazon for affordable prices.

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Personalized Wallets

A wallet is a staple, so show your friends some appreciation with a nice, new wallet. Leather wallets can be engraved with initials, names, dates, and so on as well. Matching wallets will look dapper at the wedding, and this gift is practical on a daily basis as well.

If your groomsmen are more tech-focused, a leather wallet case for their smartphones could be a better option.These can also be engraved, and many include wallet flap to hold cards, cash, and other necessities. 

If you’re looking for unique groomsmen gifts, a wallet is a classic that doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some examples from Amazon!

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Custom Cufflinks

Your groomsmen will arrive to the wedding in style with customized cufflinks! You can get your groomsmen matching cufflinks for their tux, so they all look uniform and could even match with the bridesmaids during the wedding.

Custom cufflinks could have their initials, the date, or other customization like small icons or symbols. This gift will look sophisticated at the wedding, and they can use them again for future events

Cufflinks make great groomsmen gifts because it will ensure your wedding party looks suave at the big event! Check out these options on Amazon. 

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Personalized Shot Glasses

Get the party started early with personalized shot glasses! This gift is great for the bachelor weekend as well as the big day. With shot glasses, there’s plenty to customize, from size and shape to color and what you want printed on them.

Make a custom shot glass to match your groomsmen’s personalities or to fit the theme of your wedding. You could go for a classic shot glass with everyone’s names or initials and the title groomsmen or best man, or you could opt for sillier, funny, options and anything in between.

Shot glasses are generally inexpensive, so even if you don’t get free personalization it won’t hurt your wallet to get these cool groomsmen gifts! 

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Engraved Watches

If you’re looking to spend a little more on your groomsmen, engraved watches are a classy option that will look great at the wedding. Matching watches will help your groomsmen look even more uniform.

You could also get them each different watches to match their personal styles and have them match in terms of general color scheme. Engrave watches for your groomsmen with a nice “thank you” message, their names and the date, their title of best man, or whatever you think is best.

A watch is a more expensive gift for your groomsmen, but most will come with free personalization and they make a lovely gift that lasts. 

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Groomsmen Gift Box

Can’t decide on one specific gift? Give a groomsmen gift box with a few small items or a set of items that go together. One popular groomsmen gift box idea is a nice wooden box with a small bottle of whisky, a nice, possibly engraved glass, bottle opener, and their preferred mixer.

You could also include items like a tie for the wedding, whisky stones, or anything else on our list, like cufflinks or a flask. Your groomsmen gift box can contain whatever you like – the thought behind this idea is that it’s a few items that go well together in a package.

You can get pre-made groomsmen kits with all the gifts included, or you can make your own! While making a DIY gift box doesn’t sound like the manliest activity, it is an affordable option to create a great gift for your groomsmen. Here’s one groomsmen gift box option that’s already put together for you!

groomsmen gift box

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Weekend Grooming Kit

Give your groomsmen the gift of personal hygiene! A great gift idea for groomsmen and best men is a weekend grooming kit, perfect for both a bachelor party weekend or for the wedding weekend.

You could put a kit together on your own, or purchase a pre-set gift box from a men’s grooming company. Kiehl’s makes great gift sets for men that would work great. Include items like men’s soap, shaving cream, face wash, beard oil, and so on. Check out our favorite men’s self care boxes below! 

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Custom Pocket Knives 

A pocket knife is just one of those things that all men seem to have on them, so why not give your groomsmen a fancy new tool to memorialize your friendship and your wedding? Customized pocket knives are easy to order or have engraved, and they are both practical and personal gifts.

Your groomsmen will be ready for anything with a new pocket knife on hand for the wedding, as they typically include tools like a bottle opener, tweezers, and other useful tools. 

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Engraved Tie Clips

Your groomsmen will look stylish with engraved tie clips for the wedding. Matching tie clips will look sophisticated and uniform, so you’ll all look great together in photos.

Get them tie clips engraved with their initials on one side and the date on the other, or with whatever you see fit. This gift can be used again on future occasions, and makes a handsome gift for your groomsmen. 

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Custom Liquor Box

If your groomsmen are also your drinking buddies, a customized liquor box is a useful and classic gift. Give each groomsmen a bottle of their favorite liquor or wine, set in a customized box. A popular option is an engraved wooden box that can feature their names, the date, or any other information you’d like to include.

This is a simple, but charming gift to show appreciation for your groomsmen for getting you down the aisle. 

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Groomsmen Gift Etiquette FAQ

groomsmen smiling

We’ll answer all of your questions about groomsmen gifts and the etiquette around gift giving!

Do grooms give gifts to groomsmen?

As this list suggests, grooms do often give gifts to their groomsmen! You may be wondering how necessary gifts are. Giving gifts to the wedding party is pretty customary, so most grooms give at least some appreciation gift to their groomsmen. Being in a wedding can be expensive and time-consuming, so you want to thank them for being around for it. 

While you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money, you should probably give your groomsmen something to show your appreciation for their help with the wedding and for their continued friendship. Use the ideas from our list, or come up with a unique gift to thank your wedding party.

When should I give groomsmen gifts?

When you give your groomsmen their gifts is up to you. It’s common for the bride to propose to her bridesmaids with a small gift, so you could give your groomsmen their gifts when you ask them to be in the wedding.

Some wedding experts suggest giving them their gifts at the rehearsal dinner or the bachelor party as well. You may also choose to wait until the wedding day to give your groomsmen their gifts. Your timing may depend on the nature of the gift and when they’ll want or need to use it.

What is the best gift for groomsmen?

bachelor party planning

The best gift for your groomsmen depends entirely on who your groomsmen are! If you all share a love of sports, a sports-related gift might be right for your groom party. If you bond over local craft beers, perhaps a sampling of beers they haven’t tried is the best gift.

Your groomsmen are your best friends, so no one knows them quite like you do. Use your personal knowledge to choose the perfect gift ideas for each unique groomsmen.

Be sure that your gifts are appropriate for each groomsmen. You may want to give them all matching gifts, but if one groomsmen is sober then a flask is not an appropriate gift.

Also consider their roles; a best man should get a bigger or more considerate gift than the other groomsmen. You can get them each individual gifts if you don’t feel that a matching gift is the best option. The best groomsmen gift may not be the same for everyone in your wedding party!

How much should you spend on groomsmen gifts?

You don’t have to put a huge dent in your wedding budget on gifts for your groomsmen and best man. Our list of groomsmen gift ideas includes options at different price points, so you can find the right gift for your budget.

Consider how much your groomsmen spent to take part in your wedding. Being a groomsmen or best man can get expensive, so this gift is a “thank you” to your best friends for partaking in your wedding.

Some experts recommend spending 10-25% of what your groomsmen spent on your wedding. So, if your friends had to spend $500 on a tux, your bachelor party, and other groomsmen duties, you should spend between $50 to $125. If your groomsmen only spend $100, consider giving gifts that cost around $10 to $25.

Should the Best Man get a bigger gift?

best man and groom

Your best man is essentially the head of the groom’s wedding party, and he takes on more duties and responsibilities than other groomsmen. For that reason, it is common to spend a little bit more on a gift for your best man.

Consider getting your best man a slightly nicer gift, or getting an extra side gift to thank him for being your right-hand man.

Find the Best Gift for Your Groomsmen

Whatever you choose to give your groomsmen, make sure to thank them for their friendship and support throughout the wedding planning and preparation. Your best friends will be happy to be there for you regardless of any gifts, but these personalized groomsmen gift ideas will help show them how much you appreciate them!

Tell us in the comments what you plan to give your groomsmen as the perfect gift.

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