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20 Best Gift Man Ideas to Show Appreciation

Looking for the perfect gift to show your appreciation to your best man at your wedding? We have compiled a list of amazing best man gift ideas for this year. 

What is the Best Man?

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Your best man is typically a really close friend of the groom. Your future husband will choose a guy friend who he trusts the most and has had a long standing friendship with. 

Similar to the bride’s choice of her maid of honor, the groom must choose a person who they trust to be their right hand man on their wedding day. The best man is one of the first to walk down the aisle and stand next to the groom to share one of the most special moments in a man’s life. 

Choose carefully when it comes to the best man at your wedding, as it is a very special duty and a personal experience. The longer you have been friends with your best man, the better.   

You can also choose to have your best man be a family member. Some groom’s choose to have their brother as the best man, or they have a close cousin as their best man. If you are an older groom with children, sometimes a son can be your best man. 


The Best Man’s Role

best man duties

Whoever you choose to be the best man, they have lots of responsibilities on your wedding day. One of the biggest responsibilities is planning an awesome bachelor party. As the best man, they choose the time and month of the party and they organize it with the entire wedding party to make sure it goes smoothly. 

Another duty of the best man is to help the groom choose what he will be wearing on the day of the wedding. On the wedding day, he has the responsibility of making sure the groom looks his best. 

He will also be granted the pleasure of greeting guests and making sure the ceremony goes as planned. Working with the maid of honor, these two will oversee the bride and groom and work as a team to make sure the wedding is perfect. 

At the reception, they usually make a sentimental speech and toast about their connection to the groom or the couple. Another added fun task is to decorate the getaway car. 


Are You Supposed to Give Your Best Man a Gift?

With all of these important duties that your best man has, it is important to show your appreciation. A best man gift is separate from a groomsmen gift, which is a smaller gift that goes to all of the male members of the wedding party. 

The ideal gift for a best man is something that is personal, custom, or something that you simply know he will enjoy. Your best man is usually a very close friend or family member, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something he will truly love! 


How Much Should You Spend on a Best Man Gift?

There are lots of cool gifts available nowadays that do not cost too much money. Usually grooms will set a budget for themselves that is either under $50 or over $50. Whatever your budget is, there are many options for creative and fun best man gifts! 


How to Choose the Perfect Best Man Gift

Use inside jokes, or hobbies that you share with your best man as suggestions for what type of gift to give him. Make sure he feels like you truly value your friendship with him and get something that is from your heart.

Bond over the gift by getting him something you can even use together like sports game tickets! 


25 Classy Gift Ideas the Best Man Will Love

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Here are some cool personalized gifts to give your appreciation to your best man. We have some of the most perfect examples of gifts for guys!  


1. Bottle of His Favorite Liquor


If your best man loves to party or loves a specific type of liquor, gift him a bottle of his favorite kind. Another idea is a basket of mini liquor bottles if you want a selection to choose from. 


2. Beer Mug Gift

beer mug

Beer mugs are a great gift for men. A beer in a chilled glass is the ultimate way to relax after a long day. Add a built-in bottle opener to the glass and make it an even cooler gadget.


3. Custom Made Flask

Order your best man a customized flask to hide away liquor on the wedding day. A sleek, steel hip flask or leather embroidered flask is classy and a great idea for a gift. 


4. Favorite Foods

best man giftbasket

A tasty gift idea is to buy your best man a gift basket of all of his favorite foods. This is a true sign of your friendship with the best man as you will only know what to include if you really know your best man’s taste and what he likes to munch on. 


5. Monogrammed Bottle Openers

Show your best man that it’s time to party by giving him a monogrammed bottle opener. A convenient credit card-sized bottle opener with a monogram on it so it’s customized to your best man is the perfect gift. 


6. Fishing Gear

Look on websites like Amazon for fishing gear or products that may be used when your best man goes fishing. Your best man will love this rugged gift if he is an avid fisherman and it is something he will actually use. 


7. Sports Tickets

sports stadium

Sports game tickets are an awesome gift for any man who loves his sports! Watch your favorite team’s performance with your best man for some bonding before the special day. 


8. Personalized Gift Box

Make a personalized gift box with all of your groom’s favorite items. This is a perfect idea if your best man is one of your best friends because you can fill it with sentimental and special items to both of you such as a movie that you guys love. 


9. Fancy Pocket Knife

pocket knife

A tactical knife is a great gift to add to your best man’s personal collection of tools. This fancy pocket knife is something masculine while at the same time classy and original. 


10. Concert Tickets


For the best man who is a music lover, give the gift of music by giving him tickets to his favorite musician. This will be a nostalgic wedding gift because he will remember it was you who gifted this amazing gift to him!


11. Grill Gift Box

For the best man who grills all the time, look on websites like Amazon for grilling gear. There are lots of options of cool and unique grilling gadgets to give!


12. Set of Whiskey Glasses

A really special best man gift is to give him a set of whiskey glasses. This is an awesome whiskey gift for any man who is a whiskey lover. You can also choose to give a matching flask to add an extra touch. 


13. Custom Wallet

Get your best man a truly special gift of a custom wallet with a message written inside or a monogrammed exterior. 


14. Personalized Cigar Gift

There are many different styles of cigars, so buy your best man a personalized assortment of cigars and cigar accessories. 


15. Personalized Cufflinks

One really neat gift idea is to give your best man personalized cufflinks to add to his collection. This piece is an essential in any man’s wardrobe and will be classy to wear on your wedding day. 


16. Drinking Game

drinking game

Look on Amazon through their selection of drinking games. There are many types of these games online, from board games to cup pong style games. Choose wisely as you will probably have to play!


17. Cooler

One ingenious gift idea for your best man is to give him a nice cooler. Coolers make a great gift for men as they can be used for several different things and there is a wide variety of different kinds available. 


18. Monogrammed Travel Bag

If you are having a destination wedding, one really good travel-themed best man gift idea is to give him a monogrammed travel bag to use! 


19. Custom Bar Sign

Buy your best man a decorative gift by custom engraving a bar sign for him to place in his home, apartment or man cave. This sign will signal that cocktails and beer are ready for any type of occasion. 


20. Novelty Socks

best man socks

One last amazing best man gift idea is to give him the gift of socks. Although this may seem dull, give him some hilarious socks to show off at the wedding. If you have a special inside joke with your best man, this is a great way to show off how close you are and get some great laughs!


Best Man Gift Ideas: Overview

These are some of our favorite best man gift ideas to show your appreciation. Whichever gift you choose, make sure you thank your best man for being there for you on the most special and important day of your life! 

You could give this gift when you ask your best man to take on the role, or on the actual wedding day!

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