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Unique & Creative Ideas for Save the Dates

Save the dates are an important part of the wedding correspondence checklist. Here are some unique save the date ideas for your wedding!

What is the Save the Date?

Save the dates are an optional part of the wedding planning process. You can choose whether or not you want to send them based on what you think is best for your wedding planning process. 

Save the dates are exactly what they sound like they are. They are a message that you send out prior to the official invitation that announces your wedding date so that your guests can “save the date.” 

You typically do not add your wedding location unless you want to, and it’s usually a brief note just to save the date of the wedding and that more details will come later on. 

You usually save the dates about three to four months after you get engaged. If you are going to wait longer between getting engaged and your wedding date, a save the date may come later in your wedding planning journey. 


Why are Save the Dates Important?

save the date

Think of your save the dates as an informal invitation. Guests do not have to RSVP, but it does make them aware of the upcoming wedding. This is to your advantage because people are more likely to come to your wedding if they get a save the date. 

Depending on your wedding day, guests may be more overwhelmed with other plans, so it’s important to remind them to save the date of your upcoming wedding. 


24 Creative Save the Date Ideas

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Here are some super cute save the date ideas for any wedding theme. Brides planning every type of wedding can find inspiration in these wonderful save the date ideas!


1. Traditional Cards

The most traditional save the date cards simply announce the date of your wedding celebration. These can come in various different styles, and traditionally the save the date has been a way to show the true personality of the couple, so choose one that represents you and your partner the best. 

Also keep in mind that your save the dates do not have to exactly match your invitations or your wedding theme. Do not feel too pressured to find something right away that you feel is what you want the rest of your wedding stationary to look like. 


2. DIY Save the Date


If you are looking for a good idea from scratch, try a DIY save the date. There are many ideas to choose from on websites like Pinterest.

Keep in mind that making DIY save the dates is a long process, so if you are on a short timeline, this may not be the best option for you. 


3. Custom Wedding Monogram

Make a good first impression on your wedding guests by placing a super custom wedding monogram on your save the dates. Putting your initials on your save the dates announces that you are about to be a new family with your future spouse. 

Monograms can look however you like. They can be modern, traditional, small font, or even cursive. Whichever style you are looking for, you can find where you get your stationary printed. 


4. Balloon Cards


A funny wedding save the date idea is to send balloon save the dates. Send your guests a deflated balloon as a funny idea. Guests will receive the balloon and only upon blowing up the balloon will they find the information about your wedding date. 

This is an original and creative idea that will surely set you apart from other wedding invitations. Guests who receive these will get ready for a fun, party-like atmosphere. 


5. Illustration Card

Share your story as a couple by getting a custom illustrated design of your relationship on your save the date cards.

If you have special symbols between you and your partner that mean something to you, have an illustrator draw them out and share with your guests why they should come share part of your love story with you. 


6.  Photo Strip

Bring your partner to a nearby photo booth so you can take some custom pictures for your save the dates. Sending the save the dates as custom photo strips is an interesting and creative idea.

These photo strips are a way to show off your personality as a couple through silly and cute shots of the both of you. 


7. Engagement Photos

Use some of your favorite engagement photos as inspiration for your save the dates.

Save the dates can be a collage of many photos, so have your favorite engagement shots edited into a custom collage save the date for the perfect way to tie in your gorgeous engagement photos. 


8. Vintage Inspired

Get inspired by vintage design and make your save the dates inspired by retro themes. Whether its a roaring 20’s themed wedding save the date, or a 80’s themed one, find inspiration in old times with these save the dates. 


9. Digital Save the Dates

With everything being online nowadays, find a website with good save the date templates and customize your own digital design! This is a way to make your save the dates exactly how you want it!

You can also simply email these save the dates rather than send them out one by one to every address. This is also an eco-friendly option!


10. Hand Sanitizer 

If you are looking for good, timely wedding-day details, make sure you send your wedding guests some hand sanitizer as a way to keep your guests happy and healthy until your wedding!

Send some hand sanitizer for the ultimate 2021 save the date idea! 


11. Bottle Message

If you’re thinking of a sunny destination wedding, send your guests mini messages in a bottle for a nautical and beach-y feel. Collect unique mini bottles and make them look aged and distressed like they just wiped up on the beach.

Add a mini distressed message inside of the bottle stating your wedding date and any other unique details about your wedding.


12. Scratch Offs

Send your friends and family a fun and interactive type of save the date invitation by sending scratch off save the dates.

On these cards, make the date the numbers that your future wedding guests need to scratch off to reveal. This is an exciting way of making your save the date interactive with your guests. 



Use quality card stock to create save the date bookmarks if you and your partner are huge book lovers.

Make a quality bookmark that will hold up so other guests coming to your wedding will be reminded of your wedding date whenever they pick up a book to read! 


14. Luggage Tag

If you know that you are having a destination wedding, make your guest get excited for the trip by saving the date luggage tags. Luggage tags are a great way to show your guests that you will be bringing your guests on a vacation.

Custom luggage tags are a very unique and creative way to get your guest excited for your wedding and make sure they save the date!


15. Puzzle Piece Magnet

Use custom made wood magnets to create an adorable puzzle piece. Engrave your wedding date on the puzzle piece with a heart or your wedding monogram so that your guests have a magnetic reminder of your wedding date!

Guests will love how they can place your adorable puzzle piece on their refrigerator or other metal surface. 


16. Gold Foil Accents

Whichever wedding style you may choose, gold accents work well with any wedding design.

Metallics go well with any color scheme, so if you are undecided on your official wedding colors, send out a classy save the date with gold foil accents. 


17. Map

If your wedding plans require travel, or if you and your partner are long distance lovers, design your wedding save the dates to include a map.

An illustration of a map or a real picture of a map of where you and your partner met make the save the date personal to you as a couple. The unique design will draw in your wedding guests and make them remember exactly when your wedding will be! 


18. Paper Airplane


Instead of a boring, flat card for your save the dates for your wedding, opt for a fun and unusual style of save the dates. Paper airplanes are the perfect way to have an ultimate creative save the dates.

When guests receive these in the mail, they will fold together the paper in the directed fashion to become a paper airplane! 


19. Skyline

Unique custom details that look perfect on your save the dates is a city skyline.

Whether it is an illustration or a photograph, include your city skyline of where you are getting married or where you call home on your save the dates for a unique idea. 


20. Candles

Your wedding guests will love getting a save the date that is far from regular. Light up some romance by sending each of your wedding guests a candle with your date of your wedding printed on the label.

This kind of save the date is perfect because your guests will use the candle and be reminded of your wedding date every time they use it! 


21. Beach Inspired

If you are planning on having a beach wedding, match your wedding venue and go for a beach-y save the date theme.

Incorporating waves, sand, a beautiful sunset, or shells will get your guests prepared for the gorgeous beach wedding that they will be attending! 


22. Paper Dolls

Show off you and your partner’s personality by making custom personalized paper dolls based off of you and your future spouse.

Guests will love cutting out the paper dolls and will think that the designs are very creative and hilarious!


23. Minimalistic

Create a custom wedding design that is minimalistic and elegant. If you want a simplistic and minimal design that is still beautiful, look through online templates to find a minimalistic design that works for you. 


24. Drink Coasters

A really unique wedding save the date is sending your guests a paper drink coaster with your date written on it.

These kinds of details will get your guests excited for your wedding, and it will give them a useful object that they can use up until the wedding that will be a reminder of the date. 


Good Wedding Stationary Websites for Invites

There are many online stationery websites such as Rifle Paper co. that will allow you to choose from a variety of stunning templates. These have all been curated specifically for the website.

According to their website, “Anna’s hand-painted illustrations and distinctive color palette are the heart of Rifle Paper Co. Beginning when designing her own wedding invitation and invitations for friends, her love for illustrating stationery turned into the idea to start a brand with a look unlike any other in the market.”

There are other unique wedding design services that specialize in wedding stationery. 

Other online shops such as Party Glamour Shop on Etsy specialize in unique save the dates such as the previously mentioned luggage tag save the dates. If you found a save the date idea you like off of this list, check the Party Glamour Shop for other customizable save the dates for your wedding! 

Save the Dates: Overview

Here are our favorite save the date ideas for every type of bride! These save the date ideas are sure to be a hit with your guests and make them want to save the date of your wedding!

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