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Safe and Creative Covid Wedding Ideas

For many of us, 2020 has turned our lives upside down. From career changes to isolation for weeks on end, the Coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered life as we know it.  We have had to learn how to rework every aspect of our lives to be lived safely and considerate of the health of others.

One massive issue for many has been how to proceed with a planned wedding. From expensive cancellations to yes, even Zoom weddings, many have gotten creative with how they chose to proceed with their Covid wedding.

Below, we list several Covid wedding ideas that will help you adjust your wedding plans for the turbulent world we live in.

Pros and Cons of Having a Covid Wedding

bride and groom wearing masks

For many, the choice to even have a covid wedding is a hard one. On one hand, there are safety concerns. One must keep in mind that any social gathering is a risk, and if anything goes wrong, memories of your wedding might be tainted by negative repercussions.

Further, your coronavirus wedding will probably be quite different from what you had always imagined for your wedding. 

However, if you’re willing to adjust your dreams and expectations, there are a lot of safe and exciting forms that a Covid wedding can take. It will be a memorable experience and a little bit of happiness and hope in a time that has felt dark for many.

Planning a Covid Wedding

All wedding planning may feel overwhelming, but the added pressures of a global pandemic definitely don’t help! Every aspect of your wedding planning will be influenced by it.

From questions about how to get your dress to adjusting your events outdoors, planning a wedding during coronavirus definitely has extra considerations. 

However, we recommend starting your Covid wedding planning at the same places that everyone does– thinking about venue, theme, guest list, etc. However, when planning these elements, take some time to think about how they’re affected by Covid. This way, you can feel confident that you’re properly accounting for every issue.

You may have chosen to postpone your wedding already – if this is the case, you can take most of your original plans and tweak them to fit with social distancing and other public health measures.


Creative Ideas for a Covid Safe Wedding

So, you’ve now decided to have a Covid-era wedding. You’ve decided on your venue, whether it will be indoors or outdoors, and how you’re limiting your guest list. But how do you make it feel like a wedding? Learn how to adjust the details to account for Covid precautions.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind about traditional wedding things like dancing, favors, and the bar. Below, we list a few ideas that will help you modify various aspects of your wedding so it can be safe, beautiful, and fun for your guests!


Socially Distant Wedding Ideas

Outdoor Wedding
Source: Woodloch

One of the most important principles we’ve all learned during this pandemic is that of social distancing. Social distancing is usually defined by taking precautions while in public or at a social event such as physical distance between you and others, being outdoors, and wearing a mask.

For many, a socially distant wedding has manifested in an outdoor wedding. This is definitely recommended– the Coronavirus is much less likely to spread outside. It is also recommended to have ceremony-watchers spread out from each other in small “pods”. 


Zoom Wedding Ideas

Another choice many are making is to have their ceremony streamed live over a video service like Zoom. For those with at-risk loved ones, this is a good option for them to feel like they’re a part of the special day.

To make this cute, pick a pretty “venue”– even if it’s just your favorite room in the house– and do some light decorating that your loved ones will be able to see over the Zoom call.

Another way you can make your Zoom wedding feel like there’s no distance at all is to have Zoom toasts! You can mail all of your attendees small bottles of prosecco or champagne to toast with, and have a few loved ones share their favorite stories of you and your new spouse.

While many may feel that a Zoom wedding is too impersonal, doing a toast like this might make your attendees feel more connected.


Safe Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Obviously, the safest ceremony is outside. If weather permits, you can’t go wrong with a backyard wedding. Having your wedding in a loved one’s backyard is sentimental and homey. Research ideas for a  backyard wedding to make your wedding at home special.

Many people have spent their whole lives dreaming of a beach wedding. This is a great option, as guests can easily social distance on a beach, and it is scenic and memorable. You really can’t go wrong with the beauty of a beach ceremony.

Other safe outdoor spaces include deserts, parks, and forests. These leave plenty of room for guests to spread out, and you’ll have a lovely scenic backdrop!


Socially Distant Reception Ideas

If an outdoor reception seems impossible based on weather, think about renting a tent and some heaters. A lot of tent rental companies will offer a space heater to rent along with it, and this is a great idea.

If you’re able to fit a tent in your backyard, you also save venue money. You can have the safety benefits of being outside without feeling like you’re outside!

If hosting your wedding outdoors is truly out of the cards, it’s essential to change up your indoor seating plan to create more space between tabled “pods”. You can do this by staggering tables and discouraging mingling between guests seated separately. To visit all of your own guests, wear a mask.


Safely Serving Food and Drinks

Server with food

One of the most important Covid precautions you can take for your wedding to avoid a buffet-style service. A buffet is considered very unsafe during this pandemic— everyone touches and goes near each other’s food.

If you can, shift your food toward a service style, where each person’s food is brought to them. This minimizes contact between the food and others.

drinks for an outdoor wedding reception

For drinks, there is also concern about the ways that a bar crowds. To prevent long lines at the bar, provide two bottles of wine, a red and a white, on each table. This way, drink sharing is limited to just each guest “pod”. You could also serve things like beers in cans so that there isn’t open air exposure.


Covid-Themed Wedding Favors

Hand sanitizer on a table
Something you should certainly provide for your guests is hand sanitizer! One great favor idea, and something to have on each table, is little bottles of personalized hand sanitizer that act as both a practical gift and a memorable keepsake of your special day.

Similarly, you could give out personalized masks! Though this may seem tacky, a fabric mask with a tasteful nod to your wedding is a funny conversation starter and a stylish must-have! They will also remind your guests to stay masked while at your event. 


Pandemic Safe Wedding Activities

Instead of something communal like a photo booth or guest book, leave a disposable camera on each table, for guests in each “pod” to take funny candids of each other with. This is a great way for you to keep precious memories of your day, through the eyes of your guests.

A great photo of your guests is also a perfect addition to a thank-you note!

wedding cornhole

Similarly, since there likely won’t be dancing, you can have a fun wedding by using games! Either full-wedding trivia or small board games left on each table or even socially distant cornhole, spending some time occupied by a gentle competition is a great activity that can be done at a distance.


Sanitizer Station

In addition to giving sanitizer as favors, be sure to have a spot where guests can clean up as often as they’d like. Bonus points for table wipes!


Matching Masks

If you’re worried about the fashion statement of a mask, try having one made that mimics your dress or wedding attire! This will create a cohesive look.


Social Distancing Wristbands

Colored Wristbands on Table
Source: Etsy

Have guests choose between colored wristbands to indicate to one another if they’re comfortable talking, hugging, or if they’d like to be left alone in their “pod”.

Find this customizable wrist band set on Etsy!


Take the Opportunity to be Charitable


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If you’re not comfortable bringing all of your loved ones out but have a non-refundable catering deposit, talk to the catering company about giving that food away to the needy. During this difficult time, there are a lot of people who need extra assistance.

This couple in Ohio used their non-refundable catering contract to give back in their area!


Getting Creative in the time of Covid

It’s important to keep a sense of humor throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Though things are really quite bleak, humor is a meaningful way to get through hard times. While it may feel silly to acknowledge Covid at your wedding, it’s also a great opportunity to bring a unique touch to your nuptials.

Whether it’s turning your fancy affair into a down-home barbeque or making a fun sign laying down the Covid law, it’s important to get creative and to do what you can to keep the show going.


Making the Most of Your Covid Wedding

While having a Covid wedding might seem crazy or even a disappointment based on the wedding you’ve been dreaming about, it’s important to make the most of it. Even though the photos of all your masked guests might look strange, be sure to hang them on your wall. It’s still your wedding!

The most important thing about having a Covid safe wedding is balancing the safety of you and your guests with the personal touches that make a wedding important and fun. By reworking your wedding plans according to all the ideas we’ve listed above, you can create an event that you will remember fondly.


Read More About Safely Gathering

Check out more ideas about small weddings— this is a great place to start if you’re at the beginning of your wedding planning journey, and hope to be married soon.

For a detailed guide about adjusting your planning for Covid-19, follow CDC event guidelines and laws in your local area to ensure that your wedding is safe and guests leave healthy.

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