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24 Non-Traditional, Unique Wedding Venue Ideas for Any Budget

More and more couples are getting married and holding receptions at unusual venues; typical venues like hotels and banquet halls tend to be expensive, and many couples want their wedding to be less traditional and unique to them. 

There are plenty of creative wedding venue ideas to explore depending on your style, and these unique venues are just the beginning.

We’ve compiled our favorite wedding venue ideas so that you can find inspiration for your wedding! Make your wedding planning process easier by finding the perfect venue idea below. 

State or National Parks 

national park wedding

Many State or National Parks allow weddings and similar events, often with designated areas of the park available. National Parks are some of the most beautiful parks in the country, so if you’re considering an outdoor wedding, this is a great option. 

Each park has its own unique topography, so if you want to be in a deeply wooded forest area or a more open field, there’s something for everyone. You’ll most likely have to apply for a permit, so be sure to follow any pertinent laws if you’re getting married in a park or forest, national or otherwise.


beach wedding

Whether you’re close to the coast or willing to travel, a beach wedding is a popular option for those who don’t mind a little sand. Be sure to check on state and local laws for the beach you choose, as you may have to rent out a part of the beach or apply for permits. 

The beach is a beautiful and romantic place to get married, with the ocean as a backdrop. It is important to consider a few factors, however, like weather, wind, sound, and attire. Summer weddings on the beach are popular, but you should anticipate high temperatures and potential storms. 

Libraries, Museums, Galleries

museum wedding venue

Rather than booking country clubs and banquet halls, many couples have started looking at public spaces like libraries, museums, and art galleries. Older libraries and museums tend to be located in large, architecturally beautiful buildings, and many of these spaces are already decorated by the books, exhibits, or art, lightening your responsibility to decorate. 

Some museums may even be willing to open certain exhibits for guests to tour during a cocktail hour. Their willingness to rent their space will depend on each individual venue’s policies.

Aquariums or Zoos

zoo wedding

For animal lovers, many aquariums and zoos allow weddings on the premises. This is a fun and interactive venue, as guests can visit their favorite animals or fish. 

This option also allows for a unique backdrop, making for captivating wedding photos. Depending on your local zoo or aquarium, you may be able to rent out the entire space for a few hours and bring in caterers and the like for a full-blown affair among the wildlife.

Bars or Breweries

restaurant with bar budget wedding locations

Many bars and breweries already allow private events, often allowing the whole restaurant to be booked. Rent out your favorite bar, or for more space, book a larger brewery. 

These spaces already have liquor licenses and bartenders, and they are already decorated to some degree. Breweries especially offer a distinct backdrop for your wedding and often include a decent amount of open space for guests to mingle.


boat wedding venue

As long as you’re not prone to sea sickness, a boat is a lovely option out on the water for your big day. Depending on where you ship out from, guests can enjoy the view of the city skyline or the shoreline. Some historic ships even host weddings!

Getting married on a boat also allows for an obvious and fun nautical theme. Another aspect of a boat wedding that may be a pro or a con depending on your outlook is that boat size affects guest list size. This can make it easier to cut those second-tier guests you didn’t really want to invite anyway, but it also may make for hard decisions.

Converted Buildings

old chateau decorated for a wedding venue

Converted, older buildings are a trendy option for a wedding venue. By converted building, think former warehouses, churches, schools, factories, et cetera. Some of these spaces come cheaper, but may require more decoration depending on how the space is used regularly.

Decorating these spaces often allows for a lovely contrast of floral arrangements and lace against an older, unpolished building. Keep in mind that certain elements, like a liquor license, may fall under your responsibility if your venue does not regularly hold social events. If you’re looking for an industrial wedding venue, look for converted buildings in your area!

Botanical Gardens

greenhouse wedding

Botanical gardens and similar venues like arboretums make beautiful venues, and much of the decorating is taken care of by the abundant flowers and other flora. For an extremely floral wedding, botanical gardens are a great choice and result in beautiful photographs, with the natural background of the gardens. 

Many botanical gardens are prepared for weddings, so they probably have ample information in terms of rental fees, accessible areas, and catering allowances.


Whether it’s an old movie theatre or a theatre for live performances, a theatre is an entertaining and stylish venue option. Many theatres serve alcoholic beverages, meaning the venue most likely already has a liquor license, taking care of one step for you. 

If you hold the wedding ceremony itself here, the bride and groom can be married onstage in front of all their guests in the audience. Not all theatres may allow weddings, so if you have one in mind be sure to call early in the planning process to discuss the possibility of renting the space.

Theme Park

theme park wedding

For a fun-loving, thrill-seeking couple, amusement parks offer an unusual and interactive venue. Depending on what theme park you’re considering, they will likely offer group deals on rides, allowing you and your guests to enjoy some childlike fun. 

Disney theme parks are popular for magical weddings, and Disney offers a variety of wedding packages and plans, but smaller theme parks may not have specified packages, so you may have to work with the venue on a plan that works for you.

Farms or Orchards

barn wedding

In a similar vein to outdoor weddings, farms or orchards can provide a natural, rustic venue. One unusual but increasingly popular wedding venue is the barn, usually decked out with fairy lights and pastoral decor.

Farms can make for a beautiful wedding even for non-rural couples, perfect for themes of simple beauty or for those looking for a good indoor/outdoor hybrid venue.


vineyard wedding

Wineries, just like breweries, are becoming a more and more popular wedding venue option. A winery offers a few benefits: they usually provide indoor and outdoor space for your wedding, so they can work year-round, and there are plenty of delicious wines on hand for your reception! They also already have a liquor license, so you won’t have to worry about obtaining one. 

If you love wine or if there are beautiful local wineries in your area, this can make for the perfect wedding venue. The fields of vines will make for a lovely backdrop. Every winery looks different, so you can easily find one to match your wedding style, whether it’s rustic, classically elegant, or somewhere in between. You can even send guests home with a bottle of wine from the venue as a great wedding favor


estate wedding

Your own home and backyard may not be large enough or picturesque enough for your dream wedding, but another home might be. Look into local estates in your area that may be available for weddings. Whether they are historic homes or publicly owned estates, this is a great wedding venue idea, especially for a backyard wedding.

These unique wedding venues have a lot to offer, and you can explore various estates to find the one that best suits your needs. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about the venue before committing, however. You may need to supply your own liquor license, tables and chairs, bartenders, servers, and so on depending on the estate.

Rooftop Terraces 

rooftop wedding

If you live in a city or any area with rooftop bars or restaurants, you know how beautiful the views can be. Search for rooftop venues in your area for amazing wedding photos with panoramic views of your city! 

A rooftop wedding makes for a beautiful and chic affair. The views are unbeatable, and a rooftop usually leaves plenty of room for your own decor! Research rooftop venues in your area to find the perfect sky high wedding venue. 

Summer Campgrounds 

summer campgrounds

Perhaps you met your significant other at summer camp, or maybe you both have happy memories of your childhood camp days. If camping is an activity you share, why not get married at your favorite campgrounds?

A campsite makes for a lovely wedding venue and theme all wrapped up in one. You can enjoy an outdoor wedding around a lake (if your campsite features one) and spend the evening around campfires. Cabins make for cute, rustic backdrops as well. A campsite wedding may be the perfect venue. Contact your old summer camp or other local campgrounds to see if they have an event policy! 


club wedding

Even if you don’t love to party at the club, nightclubs often rent out as event spaces. Turn off the EDM and the lasers, and you’re left with a large event space that already has a liquor license, maybe even a kitchen, and plenty of room for guests. 

Depending on the nightclub, you may have more or less room for your own decorations. If you like the look of a lounge in your area, or if it’s easily changed with some different lighting, flowers, and decor, it could make for the perfect wedding venue.



A casino is a great place to hold your wedding, and entertainment comes included! Guests can play the slot machines, or you can ask the casino about hiring a few card dealers for the night to keep other tables open. 

Not all casinos will allow you to rent out the bulk of their space, or this might be an expensive rental. If you love the idea of a casino wedding venue, however, reach out to those in your area to see if you can get married there! Your guests are sure to have a good time at one of these unique wedding venues. 

Sports Stadiums 

sport stadium wedding

If you and your future spouse bond over your favorite sports team, try getting married at their home stadium! This can be a pricey venue, so it may not be accessible for everyone. If you can spring it, however, it would certainly be cool to get married at the mound of your favorite baseball team or on the basketball court. 

These stadiums usually also have clubs that would make a great wedding reception space, so you can transition indoors and decorate as you wish! 

Golf Courses 

golf course wedding venue

Even if you don’t want a country club wedding, you could still hold your wedding celebration at a golf course! Many golf courses offer scenic views and beautiful landscapes, making them viable options for your wedding. 

Enjoy a lovely outdoor wedding at a golf course, or check out golf clubs that have indoor areas with a less stuffy vibe than your traditional country club. You could even ask about guest access to a few holes, or set up a mini golf course or putt-putt for the kids. 

Antique Stores 

If you’re looking for especially unique wedding venues, you can’t get more innovative than an antique store! Clear out some space in an antique store and let the antiques themselves act as rustic, one-of-a-kind decorations for your wedding. 

You may have some trouble finding an antique store large enough for your wedding. For smaller, intimate gatherings, however, an antique shop might be just the right size. Research antique shops in your area and see if they would be willing to use the space for your nuptials! Keep in mind that many antiques are fragile, so you may not want to invite kids depending on your specific venue. 


castle wedding

Who wouldn’t want to get married in a castle? Nothing says “fairytale wedding” quite like a royal castle venue. 

Finding a castle in the United States won’t be easy, but if you live abroad, or if you’re planning a destination wedding, a castle may not be as far out of reach as you think.

If you don’t mind an outdoor wedding, there are plenty of old fortresses and castles that have fallen apart in a beautiful way over the years. Some are even open-air if they don’t have ceilings, and these may be more affordable options. Do your research and you might just get your dream fairytale wedding! 

Office Spaces 

modern office space

While most of us are itching to leave the office come Friday afternoon, an office space might actually be one of the best wedding venue ideas. Many modern office spaces offer lots of natural light, trendy decor, and open concepts that make them great spaces for a wedding or other celebrations. 

Research trendy offices in your area and look into event policies if they have them. If you’ve visited a cool office before, reach out directly and see if they’d be willing to rent the space for your wedding. This unique venue idea can lead to a surprisingly beautiful and innovative wedding like no one else’s! 

University Buildings

If you met your significant other at your shared alma mater, you may have a nostalgic attachment to your school. Many older universities also feature some amazing architecture and beautiful buildings that would make for a beautiful wedding venue! 

If you loved your college experience or a particular building at any university, ask if they can rent the space for events! You can even add a collegiate theme to your wedding, and all of your friends from school will be happy to return to the old stomping grounds. 


festival wedding theme venue

If you love music festivals, you can combine your favorite festival with your wedding! A festival wedding means that entertainment is included, although it may be pricey depending on your festival of choice. That being said, some festivals may be willing to give a group or event discount as a gift to the happy couple!

How to Find Unique Wedding Venues 

Often when you’re looking for wedding inspiration online, you’ll see some amazing looking wedding venue ideas. But where was that picture taken? And how can you find a venue like that near you? 

Searching for wedding venues is no small feat. A routine Google search often yields the same results of hotels, country clubs, and run-of-the-mill venues that you’ve probably seen over and over again. 

To find more unique wedding venues, you’ll have more success if you know what you’re looking for. Check out our list of wedding venue ideas and then search for the specific type of venue you want in your location. 

If you’re sold on a barn wedding and you live in South Jersey, try searching using keywords like “barn wedding venue South New Jersey”. You can also cut out “wedding” to find more diverse venues that might not normally hold weddings. 

You can even search on AirBnb for wedding venues! While many AirBnb rentals are smaller, there are larger homes and estates. Filter your search by “Suitable for Events” to find venues that allow guests to host events in their space. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Unusual Venue 

Before you commit to a non-traditional venue, consider a few different factors. These factors will affect your budget as well as the amount of planning and setup needed for your venue.

While an unusual venue may have a cheaper price tag, you may need to pay for features or services that are not included in the price. Ask if your non-traditional venue includes the following, or consider how getting these things on your own would affect your budget and planning process:

  • Permits: Most traditional wedding venues already have all the permits you’ll need for your big day, but a venue that doesn’t normally host weddings may not. You may need certain licensing for the event, from a liquor license to event space licenses. There may also be noise, crowd, or lighting restrictions to consider.
  • Insurance: Event venues generally have liability insurance as well as other insurances in place already, but a unique wedding venue might not have this set up for you. Ask if you’ll need wedding insurance or other policies to keep your event safe.
  • Furniture: When you get married at a country club, tables and chairs are usually provided. If you’re getting married in a barn, an open field, an estate, or any of the venue ideas on our list, tables and chairs very likely won’t be included. Factor in the price and logistic needs for furnishing your event.
  • Lighting and Sound: Certain spaces won’t have lighting and sound systems, especially if you’re outdoors, so you may need to figure out how to obtain these yourself.
  • Electricity: Before you even worry about a sound system, you should ask if the venue has electricity. For outdoor spaces or rustic spaces, you may need to supply a generator to power the lights, music, and more.
  • Vendors: Some vendors may charge extra fees if their set up process is more difficult at your venue, or they may simply refuse to offer their services at certain venues. Make sure your vendors understand the details and any limitations of your venue before signing a contract. 

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