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Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Ideas for Fall

Want to have an outdoor wedding in September, October, or November but don’t know which fall wedding style to choose? Follow our guide to find out the perfect wedding ideas for fall. 

Fall has replaced summer as the most popular month for weddings. According to Zola, 40 percent of all weddings now occur in September and October. The autumn air creates a cooler, comfortable temperature for your guests along with fall foliage that is a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.


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Fall is an especially perfect season for weddings because of the weather. You don’t have to worry about being sweaty outside in your wedding dress, and the chance of rain in the fall is usually far less than the summer. 

Not only will the lack of hot and humid weather save your guests from needing fans during your ceremony, it allows you to have a beautiful autumn themed wedding with many beautiful fall outdoor wedding ideas to choose from. 

Let the crisp air, warm colors, and the excess of seasonal decorations inspire you to have the perfect outdoor wedding for fall!


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When it comes to choosing outdoor wedding ideas for fall, there are many things to take into consideration. With fall weddings, the weather is something to think about. If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, remember that guests may be cold when the temperature starts to drop. 

While every bride wants a perfect fall day for their wedding, remember that you can’t control the weather. Pick a theme that works best with your date, depending on what time of fall your wedding takes place. 

With so many holidays during the fall, some brides choose to incorporate their favorite autumn festivities into their special day. The unique and unconventional bride may choose a spooky Halloween theme, or a trendy “friendsgiving” themed wedding. 

Whether it’s a cozy, private affair, or a Halloween themed party, your perfect fall wedding idea options are endless. Choose ideas that work with the fall season, while adding special details that are unique to you and your partner. 


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Here are some of our favorite outdoor wedding ideas for fall!

Sunflower Field or Apple Orchard Wedding

Use the fall landscape as the perfect backdrop on your wedding day. Having your wedding at a seasonal orchard or sunflower field is an ideal way to tie in the beauty of nature into your special day. For the couple who wants to “let their love grow” in a sunflower field or apple orchard, choose a simple outdoor wedding venue with lots of natural sights to be seen. 


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Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by the beauty of a sunflower field or apple orchard, using the natural backdrop of the fall season as your decoration.

Inspire your guests with the breathtaking views of blooming flowers or apple trees. By the way, using local seasonal flowers and produce will not only tie in season, it will also save your pockets.


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Rustic Country Farm Wedding Ideas

Rustic country wedding ideas are super trendy and popular now, with so much inspiration to choose from! Let your perfect country farm fall wedding stand out with unique touches that are special to you and your partner. Choose a color scheme that is fall inspired with colors such as dark navy blue, burgundy, burnt orange, and more!


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Head to the farmers market for decorations and flowers that are locally sourced. Use hay bales as seating for your wedding guests during the ceremony to add that authentic country farm wedding feel.

Use romantic string lights to illuminate your outdoor wedding reception. Wooden accents will help tie your rustic theme together, and don’t be afraid to use some white pumpkins to tie in your fall country outdoor wedding.


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Back-to-School Wedding Theme

With fall comes back-to-school season, and for the bride and groom that want a cute, schoolhouse themed outdoor wedding it’s the perfect time of year to get married!

Apples should be the forefront of your wedding decorations. Not only will they tie your whole fall wedding together, they are also in season so there will be plenty to choose from. 


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Use chalkboard signs to lead your guests to where your ceremony and reception are, and to let them know where they will be sitting. Pencils and antique books are the perfect accessory for a back-to-school outdoor wedding.

Rent a school bus to transport your guests to and from the venue. Your back-to-school wedding will be the perfect outdoor fall wedding!


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Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas

If you and your partner are obsessed with everything Halloween, use your favorite holiday and decorate accordingly. Depending on what type of spooky wedding you are planning, the ideas are boundless.


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For the bride and groom who want a gothic, dark color scheme for their Hallow’s Eve wedding, opt for black and dark red accents. For the unconventional bride, this is the perfect opportunity to wear a unique dress. Don’t feel like you need to look like the traditional bride on your wedding day.


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Another idea is to use candlesticks create an eerie yet beautiful aesthetic for your halloween wedding. Traditional halloween decorations like spider-webs and skulls can be used in an artistic style to make your fall wedding unique and beautiful. 


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Cozy Camping Wedding

If you really want to go all out on your outdoor wedding, opt to take your guests camping! This fall wedding idea will take your guests on an adventure. A campground can become a perfect location for a personal and cozy wedding.


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A whimsical camping venue is ideal for the couple who loves nature. Adorn your outdoor wedding reception venue with cute tents and string lights to enchant your guests.

A smores bar is the perfect addition to small campfires at your reception, not only to complete your cozy camping theme but to also keep your guests warm from the fall temperatures. 


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Friendsgiving Harvest Wedding

A harvest themed “friendsgiving” wedding is the perfect idea for the bride and groom who want to gather with their closest friends and family and give thanks for their love. Pumpkins, traditional autumn colors like red, orange and yellow, and other fall decorations will complete your wedding aesthetic.


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Just like Thanksgiving has amazing food, offer your guests a harvest feast that will wow them. Opt for serving pie instead of cake on your special day for a fun seasonal surprise. Use the fall backdrop with lots of leaves, and other autumnal touches for your outdoor harvest wedding. 


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