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Outdoor Wedding Entrance Ideas: How To Hide the Bride

When it comes to your wedding, it’s completely normal to want everything to be perfect. It’s one of the most important days of your life! 

So many people grow up dreaming about their wedding from a very early age; why wouldn’t you plan everything to be amazing and as wonderful as you always hoped? There are so many ways to hide the bride for beautiful outdoor wedding entrances.

When the time comes for you to walk down the aisle, there are so many incredible options for how to make an entrance that you and all everyone attending will never forget. Find a way to hide the bride at an outdoor wedding that fits with your outdoor wedding theme!

Rustic Doors to Hide The Bride

Rustic doors are effortless and beautiful. Using rustic doors for your wedding entrance creates a homey and country feel, while still being romantic. Having rustic doors for your wedding is a perfect way to state the type of couple you are: two people whose relationship makes them feel at home. 

When it comes to your wedding entrance, why not go classic? The use of vintage doors for your wedding entrance has the ability to create a beautiful atmosphere, one that can be representative of your timeless love with your partner. 


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This is a fantastic way to keep your wedding simple and not overstated, but maintaining a lot of sophistication and style. Rustic doors are perfect for a wedding that wants to be simple and beautiful, while not overly fancy. Vintage doors can be perfect for a bride who is wearing a dress that is timeless, as it matches the sophistication.

Unique Wedding Entrance Ideas

There are so many unique wedding entrances to try. If you want to keep things bright, a great way to do so is to incorporate twinkling lights to light up the room as you enter. This gives off a happy and lighthearted feel, while also being romantic and idyllic. 

string light wedding arch

Another beautiful way to make your wedding entrance like a fairytale is to throw flower petals in the entrance to create a beautiful scenery to walk through as you begin to walk down the aisle. Flowers are a classic staple of romance that are already big parts of wedding decor, so using some extra petals can be a beautiful touch to romanticize your entrance!

If you wanted to bring about some excitement and individuality, you could even use confetti incorporate your wedding processional song into the entrance. It is all about incorporating your own style to make your wedding perfect for you.

Entrance Arch Wedding Ideas

Using an entrance arch at your wedding is a charming way to decorate before the bride walks down the aisle. Using flowers in an entrance arch can only highlight the bride’s beauty as she makes her entrance.

If flowers aren’t your thing, another way to decorate an entrance arch could be with lace, fabric, string lights, or other materials.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Entrances

An outdoor wedding ceremony is often the exact description of a dream wedding. It all comes down to making it your own style and representative of you and your partner and your individual love.

Whether it’s a spring, summer, or fall outdoor wedding, there are so many ways to make it perfect for you. Having a wedding ceremony outside is not only a beautiful scenery, but also gives a ton of options for how you want to decorate your outdoor wedding.

There is a lot of personalization that can be done when you are working with an outdoor wedding.

Outside Entrance Decor Ideas

For outdoor wedding entrances, as mentioned before, an entrance arch can be perfect. A beautiful way to use an entrance arch for an outdoor wedding ceremony is to use an entrance arch overhead some type of pathway that is used for the aisle. 

This is the best of both worlds in terms of getting aspects of both an indoor and outdoor wedding. You get the fresh air, a breeze, and the sun, while also getting the indoor parts, like the arch and pathway.

For decor, a great way to light up the wedding, if it is taking place later in the day or in the evening, could be to use candles or twinkling lights. A candlelit wedding sounds like a romantic fantasy wedding, and could be perfect for an evening outdoor wedding! You can even make a beautiful wedding in your backyard.

Garden Wedding Entrance Ideas

For outdoor wedding entrances, a garden wedding is a wonderful way to incorporate beautiful parts of nature into your wedding entrance. In a garden wedding, there should be tons of flowers, greenery, hanging vines, and more.


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This type of outdoor wedding creates a very outdoorsy, yet elegant vibe, one that is unique and lovely. A few things that could be great to incorporate the greenery could be to use flowers and vines to decorate the entrance way and the aisle. 

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