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Best Wedding Hashtags: Creative Wedding Hashtags by Letter

Weddings make up some of the top trending content online, and it’s no wonder considering how popular the use of wedding hashtags has become. With the rise of social media, wedding hashtags are being used across different platforms and for various purposes.

Hashtags came to Twitter in 2007, with the first wedding hashtag created shortly after in 2008. Since then, hashtags have spread from Twitter to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other websites. Wedding hashtags have also become ubiquitous, growing even more popular in the last few years for their many uses.

Trending Wedding Hashtags on Instagram

If you’re looking for high volume hashtags, these are the most popular wedding hashtags on Instagram. Trending wedding hashtags are helpful if you’re looking for inspiration while you’re planning your wedding, down to every detail like floral arrangements, color schemes, bridal hairstyles, dresses, venues, and more.

These Are the Top Wedding Hashtags on Instagram:

    1. #Wedding
    2. #Bride
    3. #WeddingDay
    4. #WeddingPhotography
    5. #WeddingDress
    6. #WeddingPhotographer
    7. #WeddingInspiration
    8. #Marriage
    9. #InstaWedding
    10. #WeddingParty


Funny Wedding Hashtags and Wedding Hashtag Puns

Many couples choose a funny or punny wedding hashtag, using a play on words for a fun and silly hashtag to set their wedding apart. Depending on your sense of humor, there is a wide array of options for a funny wedding hashtag. Try playing around with your names to make a personalized punny hashtag.







Cute Wedding Hashtag Phrases

love hashtag

If you’re looking for a more romantic hashtag to accompany your wedding photos, look no further. There are plenty of cute wedding hashtags you can use, sure to warm hearts and spread the love. Choose from these options or any classic wedding phrases for happy couples, and work your own names in if you want a more personalized hashtag










Disney Wedding Hashtags

For the happy couple who loves all things Disney, choose a fairytale approved hashtag for your wedding. A Disney-themed wedding calls for a Disney wedding hashtag, and there are abundant Disney movies and references that are perfect for a wedding. Pick your favorite Disney movie or choose from these examples.









Wedding Hashtags by Last Name

wedding hashtag on table

If you want your hashtag to stand out, you may want to use your names to make it more personal and specific to your wedding. You can use first names, last names, married or maiden names depending on what direction you want to go.

Including last names makes your hashtag more specific, and therefore is better for photo sharing purposes: if your hashtag is specific to you, only your pictures will show up when you search that hashtag. This makes it easier to find and share photos from the wedding, and helps guests share the pictures they take with you after the big day.

One popular way to include last names in hashtags is to use alliteration. To make things easier, we’ve provided alliterative hashtag options for names from A to Z. Just replace the provided name with your own and you have your very own wedding hashtag.


Wedding Hashtags for A Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for B Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for C Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for D Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for E Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for F Last Names



#FarewellFreeman (Maiden Name)

wedding hashtags for instagram

Wedding Hashtags for G Last Names

#GoodbyeGarcia (Maiden Name)




Wedding Hashtags for H Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for I Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for J Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for K Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for L Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for M Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for N Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for O Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for P Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for Q Last Names



Wedding Hashtags for R Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for S Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for T Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for U Last Names




Wedding Hashtags for V Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for W Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for Y Last Names





Wedding Hashtags for Z Last Names




Popular Bride Hashtags

botanical garden bride

The beautiful bride-to-be can share her favorite photos, from engagement to planning to the big day, with these bridal hashtags:













Popular Groom Hashtags

best man duties

The groom can use these hashtags to share his posts about #GroomLife:











Popular Wedding Planning Hashtags

Use these hashtags to share your wedding planning process or to promote your wedding planning business!
















Why Use a Wedding Hashtag?

You may ask yourself, “Why should I use a wedding hashtag?” While wedding hashtags have become fairly standard at many weddings, they actually have various uses other than just hopping on a popular online trend.

You can use wedding hashtags to increase exposure and gain more attention to your post. By attaching a hashtag to your post online, others who search that hashtag may see your post, getting you more likes and followers.

Wedding hashtags can also be used to search for inspiration from other brides, planners, photographers and more. If you’re looking for ideas for your own wedding, fantasizing about your dream wedding, or just browsing, you can search through wedding hashtags for pictures from other weddings. Crowd source ideas online by searching hashtags for your wedding inspiration.

Another helpful element of the hashtag is its picture sharing ability. You can share pictures and check out guests’ pictures from the wedding with a unique, personal wedding hashtag. A wedding hashtag specific to your big day essentially creates an online album of photos – anyone at the wedding can add the hashtag to their posts, making it easy to search through guests’ pictures as well as your own.

Whatever your reason for using a wedding hashtag, there are plenty of options to explore – from the top trending wedding hashtags, to creative, unusual hashtags to set your post apart. Find the perfect wedding hashtag or hashtags for you by exploring our options, or come up with your own!


How To Use Wedding Hashtags

hashtag sign

Using Unique Wedding Hashtags

One of the most popular ways to use a hashtag for a wedding is to create a unique hashtag for the couple’s big day, often a punny combination of the couple’s names. This creates a simple way to tag the event in guests’ social media posts, making it easy to find and share pictures from the wedding.

If everyone who takes pictures adds the couples’ wedding hashtag to their post, then later the newlyweds can simply search for the hashtag to find all the related posts and search through their guests’ pictures. A one-of-a-kind hashtag makes it easy to share photos and celebrate memories from the wedding together online.

Ask wedding guests to use your wedding hashtag when posting pictures, or write the hashtags on signs around the venue so that everyone can see!


Using Popular Wedding Hashtags

Hashtags can be used in other ways as well, as more broadly used hashtags will connect to other posts with similar content. Searching through hashtags can help with finding ideas during the planning stage, be it searching for bridal hairstyles, wedding favor ideas, DIY decorations, honeymoon destinations or anything related to the wedding.

There are a wide variety of hashtags relating to weddings and a shocking abundance of content (the simple #wedding has 135 million posts on Instagram), so it’s often easier to be more specific in your search.

Hashtags are also useful for improving visibility on your posts. Using hashtags increases exposure on websites like Instagram, getting your post more likes and followers.

Wedding posts are some of the most popular, so the same way that popular hashtags can be searched for inspiration they can also drum up more attention for your personal wedding posts. 

Using a trending hashtag on your own post can help bring more attention and followers to your post, but be careful – if you use a hashtag with too much traffic, your post may just get lost amongst all the others.

It may be good to use some trending hashtags in combination with some less used ones, so that your post gets more exposure from popular hashtags but is also more specific.


Wedding Hashtag Generators

Still need help coming up with your own wedding hashtag? Check out some of the best wedding hashtag generators online to find a unique hashtag for your special day.

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