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wedding hairstyles for short hair

22 Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Many bridal magazines and advertisements feature long, flowing locks. But short hair is in, and the daily convenience of a short hairdo can’t be beat. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to spruce up a short bridal hairstyle! Check out these ideas for short hair wedding looks.

When it comes to the bride’s wedding look, it’s all about the dress, hair, and makeup. Brides with short hair might be concerned about limited options for their wedding day style, but this isn’t the case at all! If you need some inspiration with what to do with your short locks, you’ve come to the right place. Even with short hair, there are plenty of gorgeous hairstyles that will make you feel your very best. 

Easy Updos for Short Hair

short updo

Although updos are usually associated with long hair, it’s very possible to create a stunning updo for brides with short hair! Updos for short hair do require a specific technique, and you may need a lot of pins to keep everything in place. However, pins give you another avenue to accessorize and add another impressive element to your outfit. 

For a fantastic updo, you’ll want to find a professional who can help you discover the best look for you. Start thinking about your wedding beauty timeline early. While tasks like booking your venue and making your guest list come first, finding a hair stylist comes earlier than you think! We recommended booking initial appointments anywhere from four to six months before the day of your wedding.

Short and Curly

short curls

Curls and waves are a method to bring more volume to your hair and look amazing. A wavy hairstyle fits into the theme of a lovely beach wedding. Curls work with other short hairstyles, for example, bring your pixie cut to the next level by adding some curls. Depending on your personal tastes, you can have tight curls or loose ones for your wedding hairstyle. With an updo, a few loose curls add more texture. Opt for your natural curls or ask a hairstylist for help!

Straight and Sleek 

straight wedding hair

Keep it simple and sleek – opt for a straight hairstyle that won’t distract from your gown and other accessories! You can always add hair pins or flowers to spruce up the straight look. If you already have your eye on an extravagant veil or tiara, keeping your hairstyle simple and straightforward might be the choice that suits you.

Natural Waves 

Opt for a more natural look with your short hair! Loose, natural curls look great at any length, so a natural short hair look can’t go wrong. If you don’t have natural waves of your own, your wedding hairstylist can easily recreate this carefree look!

Pixie Cut

pixie cut bride

A pixie cut can look great on any bride! If you have super short hair or you’re considering a cut, this look is very Audrey Hepburn-esque in formalwear. Add a bit of product or tease in some volume and you’re set! You can also add accessories to spruce up your pixie cut.

Low Chignon

low chignon

A low chignon is a classic look for any bride, and one of our favorite wedding hairstyles for short hair brides! This is an easy hairstyle for a stylist to perfect, whether you want it loose with tendrils framing your face or tight and sleek. You don’t need much hair to make this look work!

Side Swept


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Sweep all of your hair to one side for a classic bridal look! Depending on your hair length, you can add in braids, curls, or use barettes to clip shorter hair to one side. This is a great hairstyle for short hair that looks elegant on your wedding day.

Low Bun

low bun

A low bun is a simple updo that’s easy to pull off, no matter your style. A messy low bun is fitting more a rustic or more casual look. On the other hand, you can dress up a bun with accessories, like hair pins or clips. Whether you’re searching for a simple and polished look or an extravagant style, a bun is a great hairstyle to consider for your wedding. 

Accent Braids

accent braid

Decided to go the route of braids? Think about whether you want a thin and fine braid or a thick and chunky one. Even with short hair, you have plenty of options with what style of braid you pick. Yes, you can make a lovely French braid or fishtail braid with short hair. You can also add accent braids to any other hairstyle. Alternatively, ask your stylist to create a braid crown fit for royalty.

Flower Crowns 

flower crown

If you’re looking for a way to add some Disney and fairytale magic to your wedding, this is it. Flower crowns are beautiful and will bring a whimsical touch to your outfit. Plus, they’ll match a flowing white dress, or you can match a flower crown with a non-traditional wedding dress.

For the flower crown route, both fresh and faux flowers work well, and each has benefits and downsides. Fresh flowers look lovely, but they can be difficult to maintain throughout the day. While some faux flowers may not look realistic, high-quality faux flowers will be just as pretty in your hair. With a faux flower crown, you’ll be able to keep it as a reminder of your wedding day. 

Whether you choose fresh or faux flowers, a crown is still a fabulous option for short hair. It’s simple and basic in terms of styling, so you can keep your hair more natural while bringing a twist to make your wedding day hair more memorable.

Statement Pieces

accent piece

Hair accessories can make a bold statement. Choose a glittering tiara and pair it with a delicate, flowing veil or decorate your hair with clips and pins. For short hair, bridal combs are a viable option. These types of statement pieces come in all colors and styles.

The most common colors are gold and silver, which often match white wedding dresses. Plenty of hair accessories have jewels, so make it personal by finding one with your birthstone or favorite gemstone.


Old Hollywood Curls

old hollywood curls

Many brides like the vintage look, and curls are one of many ways to achieve this. Large or chunky curls are old-school. Another option for a vintage style is pin curls. For the bride who loves films, consider curls that mimic those from the Hollywood era. 

Vintage curls look great with short hair! Ask your hair stylist about pin curls or another old Hollywood look for a Marilyn Monroe-esque bob.



To add an accent to your short hair, consider a bridal headband! There are headbands to fit any style, whether you want something sparkly, floral, lace, or otherwise! Consider adding a headband to any short hair look. Your headband could go on top of your head or across your forehead for a 20s look.

Blunt Bangs 

bride with bangs

Bangs look great with short hair and can help frame your face on your wedding day! However, keep in mind that you might change your mind about the bangs! If you do want to change your hair up and try bangs for the wedding, leave enough time to grow your bangs out in case you decide against them. You can also schedule a trim to maintain your bangs, but they won’t grow out overnight. 

Side Bangs

side bangs bride

If blunt bangs aren’t your look, side swept bangs are another great option if you’re looking for a hairstyle for shirt hair! Side swept bangs can help frame your face and add an elegant touch to your wedding hairstyle. If you don’t want to cut bangs, you could even create fake side swept bangs by carefully pinning hair across.

Half Up, Half Down 

half up half down hair

Can’t decide between an updo and keeping your hair down? Opt for a half-up, half-down look! You can pin back pieces of your hair towards the back, create a half bun or another intricate half updo. This way, you can still enjoy some loose curls framing your face while adding volume.

Volume on Top

bride with voluminous hair

If you don’t have much hair, you can still add volume on top! Tease the front of your hair, add some volume, or even pile all of your hair on top for a big bridal hairstyle!

Loose Bun with Pieces Hanging

loose bun

One great option for those with short hair is a loose bun, often with pieces of hair hanging to frame the face. If you hair is short enough that some can’t reach the bun, curl the pieces that are left out for a lovely, loose bun.

Floral Hair Pins 

floral pins

Improve any bridal hairstyle by adding some floral hair pins! Adding floral pins can spruce up even the simplest hairstyle, and it’s a favorite bridal look. If flowers aren’t your style, you can also add small pearl pins, sparkly hair pins, or more!

Braided Bun

braided bun

Even with short hair, a good hairstylist can french braid your hair into a bun! A braided bun is a great look, and it doesn’t take as much hair as you think. If your hair is super short, some extensions can help you complete your braided bun.


ombre wedding hair

If you don’t want an intricate hairstyle but want a significant change, another option is to dye your hair. Highlights can go a long way in changing your style and making your wedding hairstyle something memorable. Ombre looks great on short hair and will add some extra fun to loose curls!

Teased and Tousled

teased hair

Keep your hair natural and add some volume with some teasing and tousling! You don’t need an elaborate hairdo to look beautiful on your wedding day, so try adding some product and letting it go loose!  

Hair Accessories for Short Hair

To add an extra special touch to your wedding hairstyle, find some hair accessories. From headbands to tiaras and hair clips, there’s something for every bride’s personal fashion tastes.

Hair accessories are a nice option for brides who prefer to do less with styling but still want to achieve an elegant and more unique look for their special day. These can be combined with other hairstyles, so you’re not committed to solely a flower crown or hair pins.

Use hair accessories as an opportunity to enhance your wedding hairstyle. Add some gold clips to your wavy locks or weave some flowers into your braid.

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