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The Perfect Wedding Beauty Timeline

As you walk down the aisle, all eyes will be on you! The day of your wedding is your big day, so of course, you’ll want to look your very best. To do this, you’ll need to make a wedding beauty plan.

Although hair and makeup is done the day of the wedding, you should start planning much earlier in advance. To find your favorite look, you may need to meet with a few professionals and schedule some trial runs. Other beauty processes take a few months, for example, bridal facials can be a monthly affair.

From facials to hair and nails, planning your bridal beauty plan can seem overwhelming. Take the wedding beauty process step by step, and don’t worry about checking everything off this list. You can modify a bridal beauty plan to suit your needs, but this wedding beauty timeline is a good guide to utilize in your planning process.

For many brides-to-be, it’s hard to know how to time each step of your wedding planning process. Just like learning when to book a wedding venue, it’s helpful to know when you should be booking hair stylists, makeup artists, and more.

Use this ideal wedding beauty timeline to make sure you look your best on your wedding day!

Six Months Before Your Wedding


Start your wedding beauty routine by modifying a few of your lifestyle choices. Consider starting to take extra special care of yourself at least 6 months before the wedding. There’s plenty of time to make a positive change to your physical health!

Consider Exercising: If you’re hoping to lose a few pounds or tone your arms before your wedding day, start exercising. Looking for a fun and upbeat way to get in shape? Sign up for a group exercise class, like zumba, yoga, or cardio kickboxing.

Alternatively, you can put on your running shoes, queue up a power pop playlist, and go jogging. Whatever you choose to do, exercise leads to a healthier lifestyle and can help you work toward your fitness goals for your wedding day.

Eat Right: Besides exercising, another important lifestyle choice is to eat right. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good sources of protein into your diet. Both exercise and diet can also help improve the look of your skin, hair, and nails.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring! Try new recipes and have fun with it.

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Aside from exercising and establishing healthy eating habits, there are some beauty processes that you need to begin months before your wedding.

Start Laser Hair Removal: For example, laser hair removal requires around six sessions, and each session needs to be spaced out a few weeks. In fact, it might be beneficial to start laser hair removal treatments even earlier than 6 months before your wedding.

If laser hair removal isn’t right for you, there are other options, like getting a wax closer to your wedding date.

Start Looking for Stylists: Around five to six months before your wedding, begin to look for hair stylists and other styling professionals. If there’s a new look you want to try before your wedding day, this is the time to do it!

Most professionals offer hair and makeup trials pre-wedding so that you can make sure their look matches what you’re picturing.

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At 6 months, you can also start looking for and booking appointments with dermatologists and estheticians.

Try Something New: You may want to play around with your hair color or tint your eyebrows, but if you decide it isn’t the right look for you, there’s still time to try something new.

Four Months Before Your Wedding

At four months, the wedding is getting closer. Book your appointments with stylists and start working on your nails and skin!

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Nails: To keep your nails in the best shape, schedule manicures frequently. Instead of seeing a manicurist every couple weeks, you can do your own nail treatments at home. However, for your wedding day, consider booking an appointment with a manicurist for the best treatment possible.

Skincare: At four months, facials and skin care become essential. Taking care of your skin is always important, so you should also be using facial cleansers and moisturizers. Start exfoliating regularly for a healthy glow.


To supplement your skin care routine, you can get facials weekly, biweekly, or even monthly for some extra glow. If regular facials are too pricey, save your facial for a few days before the wedding for maximum benefits.

However, even at 4 months, it’s a good idea to test out a facial in case your skin reacts poorly. You wouldn’t want to find this out a day or two before the big day.

Book Hair and Makeup Artists: If you haven’t found a hair stylist and makeup artist or started trials for hair and makeup yet, consider doing this at the four-month mark. If you won’t be getting your makeup done professionally, start practicing bridal looks at home.

Try Out a Spray Tan: Four months is also a good time for a trial run when it comes to a spray tan. If you want to get a spray tan but haven’t had one before, don’t leave it to the week of your wedding; do a trial run pre-wedding.

At this point, you still have more than enough time to experiment with beauty treatments before making your final selections.

Two Months Before Your Wedding

You’ve already found the perfect stylist, so start making final decisions about your hairstyle, makeup, and more.

Hair Accessories & Extensions: If you plan to get any hair accessories, find them in advance so your stylist can incorporate them into your hair. For example, you can accessorize using pins or a hairpiece.

hair accessories

Around 2 months, decide if you want to put in hair extensions. With hair extensions, you have more volume to play around with different styles.

Touch Up Eyebrows: Besides your hair, you’ll also want to pay some attention to your eyebrows. Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows before your wedding, but if you want to try microblading, do it now. If you’re unsure about how to style your eyebrows, talk to a professional for sound advice.

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Whiten Your Teeth: If you want to get your teeth professionally whitened, two months before your wedding day is ideal timing for a teeth whitening. You can also start using teeth whitening strips at home. Plus, keep up your exercise routines, healthy eating habits, and skin care routines.

One Week Before Your Wedding

The big day is getting close! Confirm your appointments for hair, makeup, nails, facials, and any other treatments.

Hair Touch Ups: It’s best to get your hair trimmed anywhere from one to three weeks before your wedding. Don’t do anything overly dramatic with your hair; if it doesn’t go according to plan, there might be no going back. Touch up your hair color if needed, but don’t go for a dramatic change.

Waxing: This is also a good time to do an at-home waxing treatment or go to a waxing salon; you’ll have enough time to let your skin heal. One week or a couple days before the wedding, you should have your appointment for a manicure and pedicure.

spray tan

Get Your Tan: If you’re planning on getting a spray tan, have this completed sometime during this week. Letting a spray tan sit for a few days makes the tone look more natural instead of doing one day before your wedding. Block off enough time if your spray tan needs to set, and don’t forget to wash it off afterward.

Prep a Beauty Bag: A week before your wedding, you should also prep a bag with any beauty products you may need for the day of the wedding. This handy bag can also include any things you need for touch ups or some extra hairspray to keep any flyaways or loose hairs in place.

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Packing a bag a week in advance gives you time to pick up anything you need from the store last minute.

One Day Before Your Wedding

Tomorrow’s the day you’ve been waiting for! By now, you should be all prepped for your special day.

Prep Your Hair: You may want to wash your hair, but ask your stylish first. Some hairstyles work best if you haven’t washed your hair yet.

Take It Easy: Take some time for yourself, and do your best to relax by taking a few deep breaths or meditating. A day before your wedding, the most important thing to do is drink enough water and get enough sleep. If you have your rehearsal dinner tonight, don’t go overboard on drinks or eat anything that you know to upset your stomach.

Aim for eight hours of beauty rest, and get ready for one of the most memorable days of you life!

Creating Your Own Wedding Beauty Plan

For some brides-to-be, wedding beauty plans begin months in advance. As you’re creating your bridal beauty plan, think about what the best options are for you. Some brides prefer to start early on in the planning process while others prefer to keep their beauty routines short and simple.

wedding day makeup

When creating your beauty plan, think about your wedding budget. Scheduling appointments with professionals can get pricey, so find professionals within your price range or look for free consultations.

Before you choose a hair stylist or makeup artist, consider the price of wedding hair and makeup and how it fits in your budget.

You can personalize your beauty plan to fit your own needs and desires. If you have clear skin but want to change up your hair, skip the facials and focus on finding a great hairdresser. Splurge on a premium facial or eyelash extensions, or treat yourself to a gorgeous manicure and pedicure.

Each bride has different goals, so pick a few beauty treatments to prioritize.

Bridal Beauty Treatments at Home

Going to frequent spa days or seeing several hair stylists can quickly get pricey. Instead, consider some at-home beauty treatments. There are a variety of DIY scrubs, facials, and hair treatments that will still give you a beautiful glow.

Plus, taking a few minutes at home to relax and enjoy a facial is a wonderful way to de-stress if you feel yourself getting caught up in constant wedding preparations.

To keep your hands, feet, and nails in tip top condition, all you need is lemon juice, sugar, and olive oil. Make a scrub with the lemon juice and sugar, then dip your nails in the olive oil and rub it in deeply. You can also use other types of oil to strengthen and hydrate your nails, like almond oil.

For soft lips, you can also make a scrub. There are endless recipes online with different flavors, so whether you prefer citrus, chocolate, or a plain sugar scrub, there’s a recipe for you. Most recipes include sugar, honey, and some type of oil.

Pinterest can be a great resource for DIY wedding planning and has information on anything from easy decorations to simple beauty treatments.

For pearly whites and a gorgeous smile, purchase some whitening strips. You can also self-tan. Although hair and makeup can be difficult to do yourself, there are other beauty treatments you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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