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40 Gorgeous Bridal Hair Ideas

Here are some of our favorite ideas for bride hairstyles. Use these bridal hair ideas for some inspiration for your gorgeous bridal look.

gorgeous bridal hair ideas

Depending on whether you are looking for inspiration for your bridal look or you are trying to look for a wedding hairstyle, we have you covered on how to decide what hairstyle to wear at your wedding. 

bridal hair ideas

There are lots of decisions to make while planning your wedding, but how you wear your hair may be among the most important. The bridal look is something that you should feel represents you and makes you feel the most beautiful. Your wedding day is the perfect time to use your natural beauty and amplify it to create the bridal look you have always dreamed of. 

Most brides face the predicament of how to choose the perfect hairstyle. If you browse through Pinterest and there are thousands of options to choose from, and sometimes this can be overwhelming to future brides. 

You must remember that when you are choosing a hairstyle that it should go nicely with your wedding gown. Depending on the style of dress, it may call for a more sleek hairstyle or something more whimsical.

Try to figure out what you want the vibe of your wedding look to be and go from there. There are plenty of bridal hair ideas to fit any style!

bridal hair ideas


When choosing the hairstyle you must keep in mind what kind of hair you have. Most types of hair can be blown out into a sleek and shiny texture, but depending on whether you have afro-textured hair or kinky hair it may be more difficult for a stylist to blow out your hair. 

You should also keep in mind the length of your hair. If you have short hair such as a bob or a pixie cut, the only way to add inches to your hair is to add extensions. So try to choose a hairstyle that will compliment your natural hair and make you feel like an amplified version of your authentic self. 

bridal hair with tiara

Most brides choose to hire a wedding hairstylist on their wedding day to take out the stress of doing their own hair and just because it is a special day where you want to look your best. 

Hiring a stylist will allow you to relax on your wedding day and make you feel like everything is under control. No scrambling around trying to blow dry your own hair on your special day! 

It is advised to do research on where your wedding is going to be, and find some stylists that are local to the area. Most likely the stylist will come to your venue or hotel that you are staying at to do your hair the day of, so unless you want to pay extra to have your hairstylist travel to you, look local. 

The second thing to keep in mind when looking for a stylist is that they should fit your wedding budget and listen to exactly what you want. Your stylist is there to do exactly what you want and make your hair look perfect for your special day. 

What to Ask Your Wedding Hairstylist

bride on wedding day

You should ask a few questions to your hairstylist when you are looking for potential candidates. Ask to view the stylist’s portfolio if they do not already have an Instagram or online portfolio. This will allow you to see their previous styles and how experienced they are with doing wedding hairstyles. 

It is also important to find out what kind of products they use and if they will work on your type of hair. Depending on your hair type and whether or not you want to have extensions or another intensive hairstyle done, you should definitely research a stylist who is trained to do those styles. 

What Is a Wedding Hair Trial?

natural bridal hair

Most hair stylists will ask you to book a trial session before the wedding. This allows you to see exactly what your desired hairstyle will look like with your hair, try on different hair accessories, and play around with different styles if you are undecided. 

floral hair pin

There are three basic styles for weddings: up-do’s, half-up half-down, and down completely. Most brides try to choose one of these styles for their wedding hair.

Depending on what accessories you want to wear in your hair, or if you really want to have your long curls on display, this will influence your decision of which type of style to choose. There are plenty of bridal hair ideas regardless of whether you want your hair up or down!

womans hair cut

Depending on how long your hair is, only some of these styles may work for you. If you have short hair a bun may not work for your hair type.

It is important to try to use your natural beauty to inspire your hair style. Try asking your stylist which style would work best for your hair at your hair trial if you are unsure. 

Many brides choose to wear something in their hair on their wedding day. The most traditional hair accessory is a veil, which is traditionally worn as you walk down the aisle. Many brides choose other accessories like flower crowns, tiaras, or pins with pearls, gems, or flowers.

Here are our favorite bridal hairstyles for all types of bridal hairstyles. Use some of these looks to get inspired for your special day. 

Bridal Updo’s

bridal curls

An updo hairstyle is one where the hair is pulled up to be off the face and neck. It can be styled in many different ways, and are very common for bridal looks. Brides often like to wear their hair in an updo if they love their dress and want to show it off. 

Updo’s should not be tight or pulled-back for a bridal look unless you want to have a very sleek look. Loose strands of hair hanging from the updo will make it look more natural and frame your face. 

A chignon is a common wedding hairstyle that is an updo. It is commonly a low bun that sits at the back of a bride’s neck that is coiled into a design or a simple bun. Depending on whether you want an elaborate chignon design, or a simple and sleek bun, this style will work for any bride.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for updo hairstyles. Show these examples of hairstyles to your stylist if you want to rock a gorgeous pulled back hairstyle on your wedding day. 

  • Classic Chignon

  • Voluptuous Up-do

  • Simple Updo

  • Messy Updo

  • Up-do with Florals

  • Ponytail

  • Swirl Updo

  • Bedazzled Updo

  • 1920’s Inspired

  • High Bun

  • Floral Bun

  • Crown with Bun 

  • Messy Low Bun 

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

bridal portrait

Half up half down hairstyles are absolutely stunning. For a bride who can’t decide between an updo or wearing their hair down, this is the perfect look! Depending on your style of dress, the type of updo you wear will differ.

For strapless dresses, compliment the dress and wear your hair half up and half down. Pulling your hair away from your face will allow the guests to see your beautiful face while displaying your gorgeous long locks.

Another style of dress that goes well with half up half down hairstyles are simple dresses like ones that brides may wear to a rustic countryside wedding or a beach wedding.

The natural look of wearing your hair down with your hair pulled back away from your face is the ultimate “best of both worlds” option for the bride who can’t decide what type of hairstyle to wear.

Let your hairstylist experiment with whichever styles look better on your face, keeping in mind that you may have bangs that need to be styled differently than usual to make the style work. 

  • Voluptuous Braid

  • Messy Half-Bun

  • Side Braids

  • Thick Braid

  • Beach-y Half Up Half Down

  • Half Up Bob

  • Ribboned Elegance

  • Baby’s Breath Trail

  • Sleek Pulled Back

  • Half Twist

  • Loose Half Up Curls

  • Side Twist

  • Voluminous Half Up Ponytail 

Long Bridal Hairstyles

bridal hair ideas

One common reason brides may choose to wear an updo is because they fear that a long, down hairstyle will not last throughout the night of your wedding. If this is a concern for you, you may want to choose an updo. Do keep in mind that with lots of hairspray, any style is possible! 

If you have hair that holds up well under the conditions of your wedding (depending on what season you have your wedding during) you may want to wear your gorgeous locks down on your wedding day. 

If you have short hair and you would like to have long, luscious locks on your wedding day, some stylists know how to put in extensions that bring your hair to the next level. These types of styles are often more expensive than any other type of hair style because they take so long to complete. 

Most brides that choose a long hair style love their natural hair and want to show it off on their special day. If you are one of those brides, here are some of our favorite long hair styles for your wedding day. 

  • Old Hollywood

  • Beach Waves

  • Flower Crown

  • Gorgeous Curls

  • Feather Accessory

  • Colored Locks

  • Natural Hair

  • Long Hair Don’t Care

  • Fabulous Blowout

  • Messy Curls

  • Middle Part

  • Dramatic Side Part

  • Bouncy Curls

  • Greenery Wreath

bride getting hair curled

These are some of our favorite bridal ideas for every type of bride. Use this inspiration to inspire your bridal look!

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