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Messy Hairstyles for Your Bridal Look

Looking for some fabulous messy hair inspiration? Here are 50 messy hairstyles for brides who want a beautiful yet messy bridal hair look. 

flower crown hair

Some brides imagine their hair on their wedding day to be anything but messy. Sleek, polished, and pulled back bridal hairstyles are very common, but some more laid back brides want something different. Messy hair has become a new trend in bridal hairstyles. 

Messy hair doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful. Messy hairstyles usually feature pieces of hair taken out of a traditional hairstyle to make it look less polished and more effortless. It is a whimsical, elegant look that these wedding day hairstyles have, great for bohemian brides.

At your wedding hair trials, you may feel pressured to have the perfect wedding hair that other brides traditionally wear. Messy hairstyles are a good option for brides who want something different. A stylish bride can opt for messy hair on her wedding day and make it look like it was designed to look that way! 

beach waves

Before you walk down the aisle, brides traditionally meet up with their hair stylist for meetings and hair trials before the big day. When you meet with your hairstylist, ask them to give your hair a messy look with beach waves. 

Beach waves are a style that has become more popular with the modern bride. Beach waves are basically loose curls that are lightly brushed out to be more messy and less polished than traditional curls. It should look like very loose curls that have been windswept by the beach, hence the name “beach waves.”  

Hair with lowlights or hair with layers look especially gorgeous when styled this way. Your hairstylist will definitely know how to style this hair, as it is a huge wedding hair trend. Depending on the texture of your hair and what kind of hair accessories you want, your hairstylist may suggest different messy hairstyles.


Here are some photos of some great messy hairstyles for brides. Depending on which striking hair accessory you want to use, or the length of your hair some hairstyles may work better for you then others. 

Beautiful Messy Updos

Updos tend to be the preferred choice for hairstyle for most brides. They are elegant, work well with all different lengths of hair, and keep your hair out of your face so that the guests and groom have a full view of your gorgeous face. 

Updos are a popular choice for brides with medium hair who do not want to wear their hair down. This is because it is a way to show off your gorgeous locks while also having it out of your way. This is also the perfect hairstyle for any bride who wants to use a hair accessory or a veil wedding hair.

For any bride who is getting married in the summer or the spring, an updo is great because with just a little bit of hair spray, you are guaranteed a hairstyle that will stay throughout the day and won’t get too frizzy. 

Bride updos are usually clipped in, but if you want a more messy style you can ask your stylist to pull out some pieces to create a more romantic and whimsy look. For a look such as a bridal hair bun, there are lots of options.

You can choose to have a wavy or twisted look in the back of the bun while having some loose locks fall gently by your face, or you can even ask your stylist to try a braided hair bun.

Another popular hairstyle is a french twist bun, which traditionally is very polished and looks bridal, but can be accentuated into a messy look with pieces pulled out and accessories.

If you want something that is a hair bun or a hair updo, all of these bridal looks are a good choice that you can easily make into a messy style by pulling out some loose pieces. 

Gorgeous Messy Braids

Braids are a popular and gorgeous choice for brides. Braids for hair in bridal situations is an ethereal and romantic style that has benefits of updos and down hairstyles.

Braids will also make a strong hair statement, as it is rare to see a bride with a beautiful messy braided hairstyle on her wedding day.

Half-tied braided hair, or half up half down hairstyles have the benefit of wearing some of your hair down while the rest of the hair is tied up away from your face.

For some bridal hair inspiration, style your hair in an extravagant braided hairstyle and then pull some of the front pieces out for a more messy look. 

A french braid twist or a fishtail is a good look if you want a complex braided style that is somewhat difficult to do. If you want a braid like this, remember that these are hard styles to do if you do not have prior skills or experience, so you may want to find a stylist who is trained to do braids. 

Messy Down Hairstyles

If your hair is colored with highlights, or you have beautiful long hair that your husband loves, you may choose to wear your hair down in messy loose curls. Many wedding hair ideas are down hairstyles, so you will find lots of inspiration for these hairstyles online. 

You can also add fresh flowers or other accessories if you are a boho bride who wants something unique like a flower crown. Make sure your hair accessories do not get lost in your luscious hair.

Messy curls can sometimes take away from accessories if it is styled to be too messy. 

If you want a messy old Hollywood look, you can opt for side-parted hair or twists on each side of your face to pull the hair back from your face. Make sure the guests and your future spouse can see your gorgeous face behind all the hair if you decide to wear it down! 

Brides with short hair can achieve a beautiful messy look as well with a little tousling!

Messy Bridal Ponytails

Brides with hair extensions sometimes opt for a messy ponytail for their bridal hair. This is because with hair extensions, a bridal ponytail can have lots of hair volume. This makes for an unusual bridal hair look for your ceremony. 

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