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What to Wear to a Courthouse Wedding: Dresses, Suits, & Courthouse Wedding Outfits

With less planning and decisions to make than a traditional ceremony, courthouse weddings have become the preference for countless brides and grooms who want simplicity for their special day. But what should you wear to a courthouse wedding, whether you’re a guest or a member of the happy couple?

courthouse wedding attire

If you’re attending this intimate event, either as a guest or part of the marrying couple, you might not know what to wear to a courthouse wedding especially if you’ve never attended one before. 

Just know that you’re not alone and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite courthouse wedding outfits so you can find some inspiration!

With countless possibilities for dresses and other courthouse wedding outfits, making a decision may seem daunting for some brides rather than exciting. 

Whether you’re searching for vintage or contemporary ideas for what to wear when you get married at the courthouse, we’ve got you covered with our suggestions.

One-Shoulder Ruffle Gown

one-shoulder ruffle gown

When imagining their courthouse wedding dress, most brides wouldn’t think of a one-shoulder ruffle gown as their first choice. This ensemble will definitely look classy and refined on your special day.  

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

puff sleeve mini dress

This civil wedding dress might seem outdated from a first glance, but proves to be a stunning and suave alternative for any woman who is tying the knot at a courthouse. Adorning this outfit will surely give you the confidence that you need during your nuptial. 

Cut-Out Gown

For ceremonies planned during the spring or summertime, nothing says city hall wedding dress quite like a cut-out gown. This garment achieves an easygoing and effortless appearance without sacrificing any elegance. 

Blazer Dress


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If you prefer courthouse wedding outfits with a simple but luxurious form, choosing a blazer dress becomes a no-brainer. Find one with lace on the hem or sleeves to elevate the overall formality.

Tea-Length Gown

tea-length gown

Some brides prefer a vintage vibe instead of an ultra-modern style for their civil wedding dress. If you want the same aesthetic for your courthouse wedding attire, check out some tea-length designs. Don’t shy away from considering some flower prints instead of traditional white fabrics.

Trimmed Lace Dress

If you’re searching for a courthouse wedding dress that fits a particular budget, go with a trimmed lace dress as a potential option. The gorgeous details of this gown will make your wedding photographs look breathtaking for the years to come. 



Jumpsuits aren’t any less formal than their city hall wedding dress counterparts and can be found in chiffon, silk, and other popular fabrics. These clothes allow you to accessorize more than gowns, giving you room to be as casual, formal, or somewhere in the middle.

Courthouse Wedding Attire for Grooms

When deciding what to wear when you get married at the courthouse, a tuxedo might be your first thought. 

courthouse wedding attire for grooms

Some grooms are less interested in that level of formality for their special day so they prefer other kinds of attire. If you feel the same way, read all about our favorite alternatives for courthouse wedding outfits!

Tweed Suit

tweed suit

If the bride has expressed interest in wearing a vintage civil wedding dress, don’t think twice about wearing a tweed suit. The preppy design of this ensemble works for every season. 

Lounge Suit

As the less formal version of the morning dress, lounge suits still carry an appearance of charm and grace that you want from your courthouse wedding attire. Feel free to incorporate a tie or ditch the accessory altogether.

Vest Suit

vest suit

A jacket isn’t always necessary for what to wear when you get married at the courthouse. Maintain a refined style on your special day with a vest in a solid color or plaid pattern. 

Courthouse Wedding Outfits for Male Guests

Before picking what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest, keep in mind that you should avoid wearing jeans or cargo pants unless the couple has given you permission to include them as your clothes. 

If you’re hunting for inspiration beyond semi-formal wedding attire, look no further than our ideas here at YeahWeddings!

Sports Coat

Sports coats differ from other kinds of dress jackets since they’re not traditionally paired with matching pants. Pair the garment with a button-down shirt to complete the outfit.

Seersucker Blazers

seersucker blazers

Seersucker blazers are mostly associated with beach weddings, but still look classy and sophisticated during a civil ceremony. These easy-breezy jackets match the best with lighter colors as courthouse wedding outfits. 

Corduroy Suit 

Even if you’re not wearing brown suits, don’t write off corduroy suits as a possibility for what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest. These garments come in navy blue and other fashionable colors.

Courthouse Wedding Outfits for Female Guests

Knowing what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest begins with understanding the formality of the couple’s own attire. Women should select their courthouse wedding outfits to feel overdressed instead of being undressed if necessary.

Velvet Slip Dress

If guests who want to keep it short and sweet when deciding what to wear to a courthouse wedding, a velvet slip dress is ultimately the way to go. Don’t hesitate to consider darker shades if the nuptial is scheduled for the wintertime. 

Floral Silk Gown

Compared to other kinds of courthouse wedding outfits, a floral silk gown seems like a fun and fresh alternative. This fashionable ensemble is versatile enough to be used again for other special events after the city hall ceremony. 

Linen Top and Skirt

For a ceremony organized during the warmer months of the year, a linen top and skirt becomes a must for what to wear to a courthouse wedding. Don’t forget to pair these garments with a rattan bag as a finishing touch. 


Who says you can’t pick a romper as your courthouse wedding attire? These outfits work their magic by appearing stylish and chic without upstaging the bride and her city hall wedding dress. 


If you prefer to skip out on a skirt or gown when choosing what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest, pantsuits are the perfect decision. You’ll feel more comfortable adorning these clothes, especially if you’re accompanying the couple for an intimate dinner afterwards.

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