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Wedding Officiant Attire Ideas

Being asked to perform the duties of a wedding celebrant is one of the greatest honors that you can receive from a friend, family member, or somebody else who is special in your life. But what does a wedding officiant wear if they are not a religious figure?

If you’ve attended other ceremonies in the past, you’ve probably realized that the officiant is much more important than simply standing at the altar with the couple. You’re being trusted to guide them through an important personal milestone. 

wedding officiant attire idea

While you may feel excited by this opportunity, you might be wondering what to wear as a wedding officiant especially if you’ve never solemnized a marriage before. You’ll want to wear something that makes you feel confident since you’ll be speaking to a crowd, but that still leaves plenty of possibilities with wedding officiant attire.

Take a look at our suggestions if you’re looking for proper attire for a wedding officiant!

A rule of thumb with knowing what to wear to officiate a wedding is that the ensemble should be the same level of formality as the couple. Celebrants should choose wedding officiant attire that feels overdressed rather than underdressed otherwise.

Learn all about what to wear as a wedding officiant with our tips here at YeahWeddings! 

Wedding Officiant Attire for Women

wedding officiant attire for women

Having so many options for dresses and formal wear means that you might be having trouble with picking what to wear to officiate a wedding. 

Floor-length gowns are effortlessly elegant but should be left to be worn by the bride. Look for tea and midi dresses because they’ll feel comfortable as wedding officiant attire without stealing attention away from the couple.

Proper attire for a wedding officiant means sticking to solid colors like beige, black, or neutral tones. Brighter shades might clash with the outfits of the bride and groom, making their wedding photographs into an eyesore. Distracting patterns will prevent you from blending into the scenery as well.

wedding officiant attires for women

Before deciding what to wear as a wedding officiant, learn what the bridal party will be wearing during the ceremony. Steer clear of wearing the same materials so you don’t blend in with them. 

Before you choose to wear white, you should also consider the bride. It is often considered rude to wear white to a wedding if you are not the bride, so be sure to ask before choosing a white outfit.

If you want to skip out on wearing a dress, plan your wedding officiant attire around wearing a pencil or straight skirt to maintain the same level of formality. You can also wear a well tailored woman’s suit. 

Wedding Officiant Attire for Men

If you’re unsure about what is considered proper attire for a wedding officiant, just know that you can never go wrong with having a classic and serious look. Black, grey, and navy blue suits are the most popular choices for this kind of style.

wedding officiant attire for men

Celebrants should find a tie that is similar to the ones worn by the groom and his groomsmen to avoid standing out from the wedding theme. 

If the couple prefers more casual ensembles for their special day, what should a wedding officiant wear? A button-up shirt and pair of dress slacks becomes the perfect option as wedding officiant attire. Feel free to leave the suit jacket at home.

Other Considerations

After coming up with ideas for the wedding officiant attire that you want to wear for a future ceremony, give yourself some time to acknowledge a few more details before finalizing this decision. 

Wedding Venue Location

Choosing what to wear as a wedding officiant ultimately comes down to the kind of wedding venue where the couple will be exchanging their vows.

What should a wedding officiant wear for a backyard ceremony? These occasions are not as formal as events held in churches, mosques, and synagogues so casual options for wedding officiant attire might be your way to go.

wedding venue location

If the couple is planning a seaside celebration, don’t be afraid to look for free-flowing clothes. These relaxed outfits won’t feel out of place among the sandy shores.


When picking out what to wear to officiate a wedding, keep in mind about the climate conditions during the romantic celebration. 


If the couple is planning on having a winter wedding, snow boots might be the best choice for wedding officiant attire. Look into buying some rain boots for outdoor ceremonies during other times of the year.



Most people imagine robes as being part of proper attire for a wedding officiant. 

These outer garments aren’t a requirement for wedding officiant attire, but usually incorporated into ensembles by people who have “earned” them from religious ordination training. Look out for some secular designs if the bride and groom want you to wear robes during their special day. 

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