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How Much Does Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost? 

On your wedding day, you want to feel and look your best. With photographs memorializing your special day for everyone to see, many women want their bridal hair and makeup to be perfect. 

While some brides choose to do their own hair and makeup, others decide to hire someone. It may seem scary to some brides to trust another person to do their hair and makeup on their wedding day, so finding the right person may be a challenge. 

We have you covered on how to budget for your bridal hair and makeup on your wedding day!

wedding hair and makeup cost

There are a few things you need to consider before booking your bridal hair and makeup. Depending on where you are having your wedding, the makeup artists and hair stylists will vary. 

If you are looking for a skilled makeup artist, or a stylist to do an intricate hair style, the cost is going to be more than if you want something simple.

Once you know your wedding location, whether you are also getting your bridesmaids hair and makeup done, and how detailed you want your makeup and hair done, you can make an accurate booking. You should also consider hair accessories you want included in your look.

Many makeup artists and hair stylists will ask you these questions, so it is important to be prepared with this information before contacting anyone. Do your research and look on Instagram pages or websites to find out what is available in your location.

price of hair and makeup on wedding day

It is recommended that you read reviews, and specifically look out bridal reviews since that is what you will be booking. 

The cost of bridal hair and makeup varies depending on several factors. Read below to find out what the average cost is and the factors that influence the price of hair and makeup on your wedding day. 

Average Cost of Wedding Hair and Makeup

The cost for bridal hair and bridal makeup varies depending on the specific details listed above, but the average cost ranges from around $150 to $600. The average price for wedding hair and makeup is usually around the $300 range, but it will depend on many factors. 

average cost of wedding hair and makeup

Factors That Influence Price of Wedding Hair and Makeup

The type of hairstyle, products used, and makeup used are also factors that will affect the price. Usually the amount of time that the hair stylist and makeup artist spend doing the bridal hair and makeup will affect the cost also.

factors that influence price of wedding hair and makeup

In general, hairstyles like updos usually are pricier than blowout hairstyles. If you want an updo on your wedding day, it will on average cost you at least $45 more. 

Consultation or Trial Hair and Makeup 

Most stylists will have a free consultation where they will tell you the exact costs of the hairstyle you want and try it out before your wedding day.

consultation or trial hair and makeup

If it is not free, the makeup artist or hairstylist may offer a trial appointment to try out the style or makeup and make sure you like it for a fee that usually ranges from $50-$100. This is recommended unless you have full confidence in your stylist prior to your wedding day.

What are Hair and Makeup Add-On Fees?

There are some “hidden” fees that some makeup artists and hair stylists may try to charge you for on your wedding day that you should be aware of. 

False Eyelashes

hair and makeup add-on fees for false eyelashes

For example, if you want to wear false eyelashes on your wedding day, the makeup artist may charge you more to apply these. 

Updos and Airbrush Makeup 

add-on fees for updos and airbrush makeup 

As stated above, updo hairstyles are often more expensive than blowout hairstyles. Similarly, airbrush makeup is often more expensive than traditional makeup. 

Travel and Parking

Depending on where you are having your wedding, if your makeup artist needs to travel to the location it may cost you an additional price. Depending on how many miles they travel and if there is parking fees, you may pay more than originally discussed with the stylist. 

Extra Styling

If you want extra styling throughout your wedding day and into the night, it will cost more as you are paying to keep the stylist at your wedding for several hours.


Make sure you tip your makeup artist and hair stylist on your wedding day, as it is a special day and they are putting a lot of effort into making sure you look your best! 

Cost of Hair and Makeup for Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride

Some makeup artists and hair stylists will do your bridesmaids makeup and hair on your wedding day too. For each additional person, expect to pay at least $150. Usually makeup will cost $75 and a hairstyle will cost $50-$75.

cost of hair and makeup for bridesmaids and mother of the bride

Some brides also choose to have the mother of the bride’s hair and makeup done too, but this is a personal choice. 

When Should I Book My Wedding Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist?

The recommended timing for a bride to book their hairstylist and makeup artist is at least three months before the wedding day. It is important to research many different stylists and read reviews online.

wedding hair stylist and makeup artist booking

Make sure that whoever you hire has done wedding hair and makeup before. It is also recommended to book a consultation or trial session before your wedding day. 

Other Wedding Beauty Services 

Before your wedding day, pamper yourself with additional beauty treatments to make yourself feel amazing on your special day!


Many brides will choose to get a pedicure and manicure before their wedding day. Depending on the type of nails you want, the salon will typically charge around $70-$100 for bridal manicures and pedicures. 



If you want your skin to be golden on your wedding day, you may want to book an appointment for a spray-tan or tanning bed. Depending on which method you choose, it will cost you around $50-$100. 


Make sure your face is ready for your wedding by prepping it with a facial. Bridal facials usually cost around $65. 

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