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Wedding Hair Accessories and Bridal Hairpiece Ideas

Looking for the perfect way to bring your hairstyle all together? Hair accessories are a great way to add more fashion and flair to your wedding look.

 Ideally, you should be thinking about your hairstyle and booking appointments anywhere from four to six months ahead of your wedding day. Although you don’t need to bring a hair accessory to your first appointment, you should talk to a professional about potential hairstyles and any additional accessories you want to complete the look.

Need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Here are a few ideas on what accessories you might want for your wedding hairstyle. With the right accessories, you’ll look beautiful, and your dress and hair will be captured as part of the first look photoshoot.

Floral Hairstyles

Flowers are a major part of any wedding. From the centerpieces to the bouquets lining the aisle, colorful flowers make the reception and venue all the more elegant. You can also add flowers to your hair, especially for a spring or summer wedding.

wedding hair flowers

Wedding Hair Flowers

Fresh flowers in your wedding hair can really make you feel gorgeous, and it’s a great way to tie a color or seasonal theme into your outfit. There are a variety of ways to wear fresh flowers in your hair.

For example, you can wear a flower crown to achieve your dream Disney princess look. Flower crowns work with a number of hairstyles, whether you plan on showcasing loose waves, a tight braid or even an updo. Flowers also look great woven into a braid or even as part of a messy bun. 

However, it can be tricky to keep flowers in the best condition throughout the day. Talk to your florist and hairdresser about the best varieties to add to your hair. Drier and hardier blooms often work well and can last throughout the day and into the night.

Alternatively, you may want to keep the flowers in your hair during morning photoshoots and at the ceremony but take them out as you arrive at the reception and get ready to dance. 

Flower Headband for Wedding

Love florals but don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining fresh flowers in your hair all day? Faux flowers are just as lovely and far easier to manage. Often, a high-quality faux flower headband will look nearly as realistic as fresh flowers. Another benefit of faux flowers is that you can keep the headband or crown as a reminder of your wedding day. 

Besides bright fresh or faux blooms, there are other ways to include flowers in your hair. Many metal hair pieces and headbands have floral designs, like leaves or small, delicate petals. There are also hair clips that showcase flowers, and you can look for ones with common flowers, like daisies or roses. 

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Wedding Hair Jewelry

Flowers aren’t the only way to accessorize. Metallic hair pieces and tiaras will let you shine, and lace veils and clips add an exquisite touch to your hair. Here are other accessory and jewelry options for the perfect wedding hairstyle. 

Wedding Tiaras

If a heaping pile of flowers wasn’t enough to radiate Disney princess vibes, then a tiara will let you channel your inner royal. Although a tiara sounds over-the-top, many tiaras are actually fairly simple and feature small details.

On the other hand, if you do want a more eye-catching accessory, then you find tiaras that are more elaborate. Tiaras are a fantastic option for brides who want an accessory that’s intricate and graceful. 

Tiaras come in all types of designs and can be silver or gold or even more unique materials like quartz crystal. Like any type of accessory, you can find unusual designs that let you show off your personal style. Tiaras pair well with wedding veils, so when you’re browsing veil and want a tiara for a dreamy fairytale wedding, think about what styles would complement each other.

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Wedding Hair Clips

For brides who want a more natural look but still want accessories, hair clips are a way to balance these two desires. Basic hair clips may just be metal, but you can find hair clips that feature basic pearls or fanciful florals and leaves.

To keep your updo in place and add something extra special to your hairstyle, a few hair clips are all you need. Even if you want a larger hair piece, hair clips are still an option since there are more complex ones. However, you might be better off with a bridal comb instead.

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Bridal Comb

Like hair clips, bridal combs commonly come in silver and gold. However, if you prefer bridal combs but also want to showcase flowers in your hair, you can find combs with large blooms. Bridal combs are similar to hair pins in that they come in so many designs, with pearls and lace or more, but they’re often larger and more of a statement piece that pins. 

Pair a shining bridal comb with a bun or updo, or use the comb to accent flowing waves. Whether you choose to wear your hair up or down, you can find a way to add a bridal hair comb to your hairstyle. Combs will help keep your hair in place, but you’ll also need to work with your stylist in order to secure it properly so it doesn’t fall out during your ceremony or reception.

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Vintage Wedding Hair Pieces

Whether it’s the theme or the wedding dress itself, some brides adore a vintage look. To complete this look, all you need is a vintage hair piece. Vintage hair accessories include pins, combs, and more. Some vintage hair pieces include crystals and jewels while others feature feathers and lace. With a vintage accessory, you can channel the mood of the 1920s or whatever decade you love! Some bridal stores have vintage-inspired designs, but you can also look online or at a vintage of thrift store for more variety. 

DIY Wedding Hair Pieces

If you’ve looked through bridal store after bridal store and browsed Etsy for hours without finding your dream hair piece, then consider the DIY approach. Although it might seem daunting to create your own hair accessory, all you need for some projects are basic materials like a headband, lace, thread, and a needle. You can get more creative and decorative by adding pearls and flowers.

With a DIY hair piece, you can incorporate your favorite fabrics and other meaningful momentos and pieces of jewelry. Use leftover fabric to create a beautiful and whimsical bow. For a casual wedding, a bow is a fun and light touch for your bridal hairstyle. 

Not sure where to start with a DIY hair accessory? The best place to look is Pinterest since you’ll be able to find plenty of inspiration and step-by-step guides. If you have close friends or family who are crafty, you can ask them for their help and see if they’re willing to lend a hand. 

When it comes to the DIY route, it’s important to think about this early on in the wedding planning and shopping process. Take enough time to carefully craft your masterpiece, but leave enough time to look for and purchase a hair accessory if you aren’t able to get the piece to your liking. Making your own hair accessory can be rewarding and lets you personalize your wedding attire, but it can be difficult as well.

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