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Gorgeous Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas

Brides often pick out everything for their bridesmaids, so why stop at the makeup? Here are some beautiful bridesmaid makeup ideas for your wedding. 

If you’re a bridesmaid, use these makeup ideas to inspire your wedding day look!

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All the members of the bridal party have to wear something special at the wedding, but what about the makeup? Usually brides get their makeup done, but what about bridesmaids?

gorgeous bridesmaid makeup ideas

Depending on the different skin tones of the bridesmaids, the amount of time you have, and the budget for your wedding, you may choose to have a makeup look for all of your bridesmaids. 

Do Bridesmaids Need Professional Makeup?

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Usually the bride always gets her makeup done by a professional makeup artist. Makeup artists usually have the bride come in weeks before the wedding for makeup trials.

This is where the makeup artist does the bride’s makeup before the actual wedding to see if the bride likes how the makeup artist does her makeup. Once the bride has had a successful makeup trial, then she will book the makeup artist.

It depends on whether the bride has it in her budget to afford to be able to also pay for her bridesmaids makeup. If you want to have wedding photos where all your bridesmaids are in full glam, you may want to ask your hair & makeup team to also work on your bridesmaids.

Getting the entire bridal party’s makeup done will be quite a cost, so if you cannot afford it, don’t worry because it is not necessary. 

Can I Let My Bridesmaids Do Their Own Makeup?

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It is completely fine to have your bridesmaids do their own makeup. If you cannot afford to get all of your bridesmaids makeup done on your wedding day, make sure you give your bridesmaids an idea of what you want their makeup to look like. 

Make sure the ideas for your bridesmaids makeup & hair go well with the style of dress that your bridesmaids. Depending on the bridesmaid dress colors, the shades of eyeshadow that you may use would look better than others. 

On your wedding day, make sure that you have your maid of honor or a close friend checks your bridesmaids makeup.

Make sure that all the bridesmaids look similar to each other, and that one bridesmaid doesn’t have super colorful makeup and the next has no makeup on. You want the look to be cohesive and for your bridesmaids to look good together! 

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Here are some great makeup ideas for bridesmaids in your wedding party! 

1. Smoky Eye

For a sultry evening look, opt for a smokey eye shadow. Smokey eyeshadow is generally gray or black eyeshadow that is blended to look smokey. If you are having an evening wedding with darker colored bridesmaid dresses, this is a great choice! 

2. Nude Look

For summer weddings, opt for less makeup than normal. Hot weather can make you sweat, which will ruin your makeup. Choose a makeup look that is mostly natural and stick to nude palettes. 

3. Gold Eyeshadow

If you enjoy glittery eye makeup, look for a gold color that compliments your bridesmaid dresses. The shade of gold that you choose may be different depending on if you want a darker or lighter look. 

4. Full Glam

A full glam look will take plenty of time to complete and typically needs to be done by a professional makeup artist. If you want your bridesmaids to have full glam, make sure you start early in the morning so that you get everyone’s makeup done on time! 

5. Rosy Cheeks

If you are having a daytime event, opt for rosy cheeks and a fresh face to create a sweet and natural makeup look. 

6. Classic Red Lip

If you want a pop of color for your bridesmaids makeup look, choose a posy lip color like red. If you want a more bold makeup choice, you can opt for more vampy lip colors like dark red or black. 

7. Subtle Glam

If you want your bridesmaids to look polished but not too made up, go for a subtle glam look. Using a neutral eye makeup shade and a nude lip color is the perfect way to accomplish this look. 

8. Rose Gold Shadow

A rose gold pink shade is a beautiful eye makeup look. 

9. False Lashes Only

If you enjoy the look of false lashes, make your bridesmaids wear them with little eye shadow. False lashes show up in photographs more than natural lashes, making your upper lashes look more voluptuous. 

10. Shimmery Cheek Highlight

On top of the foundation, have your make up artist apply a shimmery glow highlight for that healthy lit-from-within glow look. 

11. Cat Eye Liner

Add an extra feline flick to your bridesmaids makeup look. Apply eyeliner with eyeliner brush or an ultra-fine felt-tip eyeliner pen for a dramatic look. 

12. Foxy Eyes

A huge trend in makeup for 2021 has been the foxy eye makeup look. 

13. Nude Lip

Using nude lip makeup shades such as pink lipstick can be a subtle makeup look. Use nude shades of lipstick to make a natural look. This is one of the most popular and modern bridesmaid makeup ideas that will look timeless in photos. 

14. Golden Shimmer

Gold highlight can compliment the natural color of your bridesmaids eyes. 

15. Burgundy Eyeshadow

Using eyeshadow colors like burgundy can be great for a fall makeup look. Darker colors can look great with certain dress colors. 

16. Contour

Use a light contour for a natural makeup look. If you like a more dramatic makeup look, you can also contour the nose or around the forehead. 

17. Silver Eyeshadow

If you want a different color eyeshadow, use silver as a gorgeous metallic shade. 

18. Matte Lipstick

Some lipsticks come in a matte version that is less shiny and more pigmented than normal lip colors.

19. Monochromatic Look

Match your dress color with the eye shadow for a monochromatic look. 

20. Thick Brows

Make your bridesmaid’s eyebrows stand out by extenuating the brow bone and using brow gel or another eyebrow makeup product. 

21. Matte Foundation

If you want the most coverage for your bridesmaid’s foundation, opt for a matte option. This type of foundation may not work on all skin types, as it is drying. You will be able to find a range of skin tones depending on what brand of foundation you choose. 

22. Purple Hues

Purple eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous for women with brown eyes, so why not choose this as a makeup look for your brown eyed bridesmaids? You can also use products like a high-shine mauve lip color to incorporate purple hues into their makeup look.

23. Natural Look

If you are a fan of natural makeup, choose a neutral color for the eye shadow and a neutral lip color to make the bridesmaid’s natural features stand out. 

24. Old Hollywood Glam

Old Hollywood glam typically consists of traditional makeup looks with a dramatic red lip or winged eyeliner. Usually old Hollywood looks are complete with side swept hair or a classic bun. Use this bridesmaid makeup idea if it fits with your wedding theme! 

25. No-Makeup Makeup Look

Natural bridesmaid makeup can be absolutely gorgeous. The no makeup makeup look is the biggest makeup trend recently, so opt for a less is more approach to your bridesmaids look if you like this style. 

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