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7 Stunning Bridal Makeup Ideas & Styles

You have picked out your wedding dress, decided on your shoes, and searched for the perfect hairstyle for your wedding. Now, all you have left is how you will do your makeup on your big day. There are lots of bridal makeup ideas to consider, whether you want a natural bridal look or bold and bright colors. 

With all of the beautiful styles and looks that makeup has to offer, choosing just one may be a complicated process.

Luckily, these examples simplify the process by narrowing your search to seven straightforward styles that match any theme of your choice. Find your perfect bridal makeup look with these tips so you feel confident on your big wedding day. 

From smokey eyes to pink hues, the possibilities are endless when considering which style of bridal makeup to wear on your wedding day. Hopefully, this list is there to help you in your search. With this list of the seven most breathtaking bridal makeup looks, you will be on your way to feeling like a queen on your wedding day. 

Natural Beauty

Natural makeup for bride

For brides who enjoy light makeup, this look is definitely the way to go. For starters, you will need to find the best foundation for your skin tone. Matching the color of your skin to the foundation will minimize the amount of the product you will have to apply to your skin to make the style look natural. 

Neutral colors for your eyeshadow work best with this look. Light browns and thin eyeliner makes the eyes appear soft yet enchanting. Pale pink or neutral lips compliment the eyes without distracting from the overall style. 

To keep up the momentum of the natural look, lightly shade your eyebrows only a shade darker than your hair color and apply light blush to create rosy cheeks. Keeping all these elements in mind, you will find yourself feeling like a princess on your big day with your natural wedding makeup. 

Delicate Pink

pink bridal makeup

This classic wedding makeup style is one of the top picks for brides, and for a good reason. Using pink eyeshadow and pink lipstick, you can add a feminine touch to your natural bridal makeup.

With a natural foundation, the pink color makes the eyes and lips stand out. You can create a delicate look with a matte finish or a glamorous style with added sparkles and glossy lips. 

To accent this color palette, add a small amount of pink blush for slight contour. Keeping your makeup soft, your natural skin tone and eyebrow color will draw more attention to your pink eyes and lips. In conclusion, your refreshing, delicate pink wedding day makeup will leave you walking down the aisle in confidence. 

Bold Matte

matte bride makeup

Wanting to make a statement on your wedding day? Well, this bold makeup will turn the heads of all of your guests and the groom. To create a bold bridal look, use deep burgundy or red for your color of lipstick. Finish the lips in a matte shade for a dramatic and refined appearance. 

At this point, your lips will be a major focal point on your face. Therefore, you will need a dark smokey eye to balance the boldness of the lips. Dark shades of brown and purples will suit this style best. Use thicker eyeliner to really make your eyes pop. You can even have a winged liner for a more cat-eye appearance. 

As for the eyebrows, darker shades will complement the overall look you are going for. Don’t be afraid to go two shades darker than your natural hair color. To top it all off, use a light pink blush to contour your cheeks and to create a contrast for your dark matte palette.

When it all comes together, you will reign queen on your wedding day. 

Glamorous Sparkles

Sparkly bridal makeup

This daring bridal makeup will have your wedding guests stare in awe at your striking beauty. Starting with one of the major focal points of this look, the eyes can be shimmered in any color of your choice. For a sparkly ensemble, gold is a great color to make your palette unique and vivid. 

For a contrast, let your sparkly color eyeshadow fade into a dark smokey eye with winged liquid eyeliner. Of course, your lashes will need to be as bold as the rest of your eye makeup to stand out, so use black to coat and shape them to stand tall against the sparkly gold. 

If you feel like you need even more sparkles, consider this deep red lipstick topped with faint orange sparkle to further match your overall desired look. Paired with a naturally contoured face, your glamorous bridal makeup will shine immensely during your wedding. 


bridal makeup

Create a unique bridal makeup style by pairing two different looks together. For example, this look starts with a serious, refined style at the eyes and transforms into a fun, colorful palette at the lips.

By using dark browns and liquid liner, you can achieve the captivating, mysterious features of the eyes. Use dark shading for the eyebrows to outline your eyes even more. 

In contrast, a light shade of pink will do well for the blush. However, your real contrast will come in the lipstick color.

Any color will do well for this look, but one of the most fun and exciting colors is a red-orange shade for a pop of color. The brightness of this tone will offset your dark eye makeup to create a unique and bold display for your wedding day. 

Focal Point

bridal eye makeup

Do you have a favorite feature you would like to show off in your wedding pictures? Well, this bridal makeup style will aid in that wish. One of the most beautiful features of a woman is her eyes and this technique will make sure that they will shine brightly during her wedding. 

A dark brown eyeshadow palette will make any colored eyes pop. Enhance the darkness further with winged eyeliner that outlines the entire eye. To top it all off, shade your eyebrows darker than the natural color and draw attention to your lashes with black mascara. 

To make your eyes the focal point, you will need to use nude colors for the rest of your makeup. Match your lip color with your nude lipstick to allow the attention to be drawn to your eyes. Rather than blush, use a slightly tanned contour to shape your cheekbones into a feminine structure. Then, you will have a beautiful complexion with enchanting eyes for your wedding pictures. 

Daring Wing

bold bridal makeup

If you want to diverge from the norm, this daring look is the perfect choice for you. Most brides will typically go for the soft or glamorous style, but this bridal makeup takes a bold twist. The look is straightforward, all you will need is a showy color palette, such as a mixture of deep blues and purples. 

The eyeshadow will need to come up close to your eyebrows to show off the rounded wing. Soft to no eyeliner is needed since the main element in this style is the eyeshadow. You may choose to use natural wedding makeup for the rest of your face or add to the uniqueness with powerful lipstick and contour.

Don’t be afraid of this look. Sometimes, making a bold statement will increase your confidence, especially on your wedding day. 

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