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Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles for Brides and Bridesmaids

Not sure about what you want to do with your hair for your wedding day? Well, look no further! There are plenty of half up half down wedding hairstyles that will fit with any style and theme. 

In this article, it will be shown how short, medium length, and long hair can be dressed up in a half up, half down hairdos.

Half Up Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Half up hairstyles for short hair can sometimes be tricky. Especially on your wedding day!

Depending on how thick and how many layers there are to your short  hair, it can be difficult making a hairdo that will both look good and stay up for your big day. But where there is hair, there is a way! 

For all you brides to be with short hair, with the right ideas you can make a beautiful half up, half down hairstyle for your short hair. 


Half Up with Bobby Pins


Whether you are gathering a lot of hair or a little hair for your half up hairdo with bobby pins, this is a very cute and simple way to dress up your hair for your big day!

You can leave strands of hair in the front to shape your face. Or you can make soft waves with the parts of your hair that are down to give your half up short hair a sweet and relaxed look. 

No matter how short your hair is, picking up half your hair with bobby pins is a great way to go!


Half Up Ponytail


There are so many cute ways to put half your short hair half up!

Using a clear hair tie you can put your hair into a high or low half ponytail. You can then curl the end of the ponytail or create little ringlets or waves for the other half of the hair that is down. 

The half up ponytail can be done in a messy way to give it a carefree look!


Half Bun


Messy buns are always my own personal go-to when creating my own short hair bun. 

This can be done by lifting half the hair into a ponytail. Once that is done, take bobby pins and pin it up messily around the hair tie to form your half up messy bun! 


Short Braid


Whether you are braiding your hair half up from the sides or creating a long braid down in a ponytail style, this is sure to be a stylish, elegant short hair hairdo!


Half Up Twist


This is a simple enough half up hairdo that anyone can do! You simply pick up half of your short hair, twist it lightly or tightly, and then pin it up with a hair tie or a bobby pin! 

It’s easy for any kind of short haired bride to do. 


Bump with a Veil


Teasing the top of your  hair into a bump (aka ‘big hair’) that you can hold with bobby pins and hairspray, you’ll simply attach your veil under the bump! 

This makes your hair look really full and styles up your short hair!


Half Up with Flowers 


Adding flowers to any of your short, half up hair hairdos will always look lovely. 

Any type of flower you like will do, from baby’s breath to little roses, flowers will always make short hairdos chic. 


Half Up Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Medium cut hair is so much fun to dress up in half up hairdos .

Medium hair is a little below the shoulder length. So curling it won’t make it look very short and straightening your hair won’t make it look too long. It is just right!


Pinned Up


Putting your hair half up on top of your head, secured with bobby pins is a very elegant look.  It can be all pinned to the back of your head or it can be pinned to the sides of your head. Both are simple and classy!

Also, it looks so sweet when you secure half your hair to the bottom part of your head with bobby pins. With half your hair pinned to the bottom of your head you can also let strands of hair fall out, creating a messy, chic look!


Half Ponytail


For medium length hair, this will be a really cool look if you put your hair up in a high half ponytail. 

If you are going for more of a casual half pony, put the half ponytail lower on your head. You can dress this look up for your medium length hair with wide ringlets throughout your hair.


Bun with Curls


With medium length hair you can put your half hair bun further up your head. You will be able to make it a tight bun if you want or you can make it a casual bun. 

You can dress this bun up by making it on the messier side!




You can do a full on french braid here with half your medium length hair! 

They can be loose braids, braids on one side of your head, or braids that come straight down behind your head. Any of these will look gorgeous on the medium hair length bride.


Half Twist


The half twist with half your hair up will be a lot of fun! You can twist pieces around one another for a soft look, or twist all the way into a loose bun. If you like the look above, you can learn how to do a French twist as well. 

Of course you can also twist your medium length bangs into a half pony behind your head as well!


Veil and Volume


With medium length hair, you can make your half up bump (big hair), big. Simply tease a larger portion of your hair and secure it with a few bobby pins. 

Or you can make a small bump with half your hair and make the rest of your medium length hair wavy. This look will look so elegant on any bride.


Half Up with Flowers


As with short hair, any of the half up looks described above for medium length hair will look gorgeous with flowers. 

You can, for instance, go for the flower child look by pinning flowers into your half up french braid around your head! 

Using one big daisy to help dress up your messy half up bun for your medium length hair will also be a simple yet powerful way to really draw attention to your gorgeous hair. 


Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is so pretty, but certainly hard to fix up. I mean, it’s long, gets tangled, and there is a lot of it. 

Well, don’t you fear, these simple hairstyles will make your long hair look gorgeous for your wedding. 


Half Pinned Up 


The longer your hair is, the more bobby pins you are going to need. Gathering half of your long hair into bobby pins may take a while, but it will be well worth the wait as you see the end result. 

It does not have to be all gathered in the back. Half of your hair can be brushed to the side and pinned there. Or maybe half of your hair can be pinned back, but you let some strands fall around your face for a more natural look.


Half Ponytail


This can be really cute if you slick half of your hair back into a tight ponytail. 

It will also be really cute if you have it in a loose half ponytail and curl the rest of your hair into tight or loose ringlets. 

This bridal hairstyle will also look really good with waves. This type of hairstyle will be really good for a beachfront wedding. Fun, simple, and sweet!


Half Bun with Long Curls


With long locks, this half up bun will look really good. The bun can be on the top of your head, towards the middle of the back of your head, or lay really loose and messy at the back of your head. 

Any one of these half up buns is easy to do because there is so much hair to work with. You won’t have to worry about any of it slipping out or falling apart on your special day!




With long hair, you can make your braids really thick with half your hair. You can bring half your hair into a braid that wraps around your head and ends at the side or the back of your head!


Half Twist 


Just like with the braids for long hair, putting half your hair up in a twist can be thick and wrap around your head. In the case of twisting half your hair, you can make it a messy casual twist!


Veil and Volume


With long hair it is fun to do the big bump (big hair) on the top of your head. Your wedding veil can be long, and will make the hairstyle look so beautiful just like a fairy tale!


Half Up with Flowers 


The best thing about long hair is that you can put flowers all throughout it. With any of the long hair, half up hairstyles mentioned above! They can be in the hairstyle or the other half of the hair left down.


Concluding Thoughts

Long hair, short hair and medium length hair may all work with similar hairstyles. But the outcome of each, depending on the hair length, looks so different. Regardless of hair length, these hairstyles will look absolutely lovely for your wedding.

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