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18 Beautiful Medium Length Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

You are a soon-to-be bride who has found the perfect wedding dress and shoes for your wedding. And now you are looking for stunning medium wedding hairstyle ideas that’ll complement your medium-length hair on your big day.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have 18 amazing medium wedding hairstyles that you can steal for your wedding day. 

Natural Textured Hair


It is not mandatory to have an over-the-top hairstyle for your wedding ceremony. If you love the way your natural hair looks, then let it shine on your wedding day!

This simple hairstyle demonstrates your confidence and is perfect if you are trying to achieve a natural look for your big day. Another plus is that you won’t have to worry about hiring a hairstylist because it is an easy hairstyle that you can do on your own. Just embrace your natural hair and let it do its thing.

Let your hair flow freely and consider adding a hair accessory such as a floral pin to complement your gorgeous natural hair. 

Straight Hair 


Do you have straight hair? If so, then a simple medium wedding hairstyle idea is to wear your hair straight down for your big day. It’s an effortless look that will look perfect for an outdoor or rustic wedding.

It will look even more elegant if you wear it with a bridal vine crown or a flower crown that comes with the veil attached. Part the hair on the side and add some shine spray to make it stand out even more; it will give it a sleek and glossy look.

Bridal French Twist/ French Roll


A spectacular wedding hairstyle is the bridal french twist. Not only is it one of the most formal hairstyles for brides, but it is also a very stylish hairstyle. It can be super sleek and elegant or it can be super messy with a few waves hanging from the sides. It can also be combined with a messy chignon.

As you can see, there are many ways of creating a French Twist Updo, and it can be as neat or as messy as you would like it to be. You can add extra glam to this hairstyle by adding an embellished headpiece to make it further stand out without going overboard. 

Windswept Waves 


An excellent medium wedding hairstyle for your bridal look is the Windswept Waves.

Are you planning to host your wedding by the beach? If you are looking for a hairstyle that will match your beach-themed wedding, then consider windswept waves.

This easy-to-style hairdo gives off beachy vibes and is a perfect hairstyle to match your oceanside wedding. 

Half Up Half Down


Another beautiful wedding hair option for medium-length hair includes the Half Up Half Down hairdos. You can easily recreate these hairstyles by taking a chunk of each side of your hair, twist them, and clip them together with a wedding hair clip or bobby pin.

You can also take both strands from each side of your hair, braid them and then unite them together with a wedding headpiece while the rest of your hair is flowing down freely. This is more of a messy, natural look and perfect for a relaxed wedding.

Low Bun


This is another casual and comfy hairstyle for brides with medium-length hair. You can recreate this style in so many different ways. It can be super sleek or super messy. Roll your hair into a low bun and pull out some strands of hair that flow freely around your face.

This minimalist look is perfect for laid-back brides who want a casual wedding. You can also attach a shiny headpiece that’ll make your low bun hairstyle stand out even more. The low bun is also a great hairstyle for your bridesmaids to look uniform!

Top Knot Bun


This is almost the same as the low bun hairstyle. The only difference is that with this hairstyle the bun sits on the top of the head. Again, this can be a tight sleek bun or a super messy bun with some strands of hair hanging on the sides of your face. 

Braided Bun


Similar to the low bun idea, this chic wedding hairstyle is easy to recreate. You can begin by tying your hair into a ponytail and then braid your ponytail.

Next, make a hole in the part of your hair above the ponytail and fold the braided ponytail through the hole. Then hold the braid into place by placing bobby pins on the sides of your bun. 


The Sculpted Bun Mohawk


The Sculpted Bun Mohawk is a creative updo and perfect for textured hair. Start by creating a few mini buns throughout your hair: a top bun, a middle bun, and a low bun. And make sure that they are all next to each other so it can look like they are connected.

Next, pull on each bun to add fluff and volume to your hair. You can create as many mini buns as your hair allows, but make sure that all of your hair is tied up into buns with no strands sticking out so that you can get the perfect sculpted hair look that you want for your wedding day.

Loose Wavy Lob


You can also opt for a loose wavy lob hairstyle. Although it is a simple look, it is a good choice for a super chill wedding. It is very easy to style, which means that you can do it yourself and save money. Consider adding a hairpiece to make it stand out a bit more. 

Voluminous Curls


If you want an extra voluminous wedding hairstyle, then go for the voluminous curls hairstyle. There is no doubt that your hair will stand out with this hairstyle and will make a huge impact on your guests as you make your way down the aisle at your wedding. 

Coveted Curls


Do you want tight curls for your wedding hair? This gorgeous coveted look allows you to show off your cute curly hair. You can also consider adding a floral crown with the wedding veil attached to it to complete your bridal look.


Natural Curls


Don’t be afraid to show off your natural curls. This is another natural look for brides who don’t want an over-the-top look. You can wear them to the side or style them however you want. It is also the perfect hairstyle to match your outdoor wedding. 

Bridal Beehive


Are you looking for an elegant wedding hairstyle that will wow your guests? If so, consider the beehive hairdo for your wedding hair.

Voluminous beehive hairstyles always look stunning and are sure to make a lasting impression. There are many beehive designs that you can steal for your wedding look, including beehive hairstyles from the 50s and 60s.

It is a classic, glamorous look, but there are also many modern versions of the beehive hairstyle. If you add a shiny crown, ribbon, or pearls it will look even better.  

Loose Braid


Another wonderful medium wedding hairstyle for brides with medium-length hair is the loose braid. This messy braid is a versatile and attractive wedding hair option that’ll give you a low-maintenance look for your casual wedding.

You can wear the braid to the side and decorate it with flowers cascading down the braid. 

Twin French Braids


Do you want a classic look for your wedding hair? Try recreating double French braids that will snake down your back and will look amazing on your wedding day. You can also make two twin braids that you can clip together to form a beautiful knot.

Also, you should add a wedding headpiece of your choice, such as a flower hairpin that you can tuck into the knot. 



Are you looking for vintage wedding hairstyles for medium-length hair? If yes, then considering making a retro updo with messy, fixed, or curled waves and add a shiny hairpiece. A side updo with fixed curls on one side is also a brilliant retro hairstyle for a vintage-themed wedding.

Consider adorning it with a shinny hair accessory to make it look more sophisticated. 



Another super simple look for laid-back brides is the ponytail. You can just tie your hair into a ponytail with some strands of hair sticking out from both sides of your head.

Another great idea is to tie your hair into a loose ponytail with a cute ribbon. Or you can also do a sleek ponytail and add a flower crown on top of your head to make your effortless look stand out. 

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