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22 Adorable Ideas For Dog Wedding Attire & Costumes

In the modern age of wedding planning, more and more couples are involving their furry friends as another way to personalize their romantic celebrations. If your dog is an important part of your life, you may find yourself searching for cute dog wedding attire to include them in your big day.

Some brides and grooms take this idea a step further by having a dressed up dog in an outfit that matches their gorgeous wedding colors. Other couples just want their pet to look adorable on their special day! 

If you feel the same way and need help with limiting your options, check out our list of ideas for dog wedding costumes!

Female Dog Wedding Attire

Whether you’re looking for a gown or just a small accessory for her to wear during your wedding ceremony and reception, we’re here to help! 

Take a look at our recommendations for a wedding dog dress and other kinds of outfits!

Puppy Bridal Veil

A bridal veil creates an elegant look that can’t be found with other kinds of dog wedding costumes. Just be aware that this decoration isn’t the most ideal for short-haired or hairless pups.

Flower Crowns for Dogs

A bohemian wedding day isn’t complete without planning for your dressed up dog to be wearing a flower crown. Don’t think twice about picking this inexpensive accessory if you’re looking to stay within a particular budget.


For any brides and grooms who are organizing their special day with a royal ceremonial theme in mind, a tiara becomes a no-brainer. This charming headpiece will definitely leave a lasting impression among your wedding party.


Most people wouldn’t think of a fascinator as their first idea for dog wedding outfits, but this formal headwear proves to be memorable and stylish. Be sure to include this option if you don’t mind that your furry friend may steal the show!

Pearl Collar

A pearl wedding dog collar is never the wrong choice as an accessory for your romantic celebration. Your guests won’t be able to take your eyes off your beloved pet! 


For a touch of romance on your special day, think about adorning your dog in wedding corsages. This possibility is versatile enough to work with ceremonies held during any season of the year. Your precious pup can match your bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen corsages! 


Add a splash of color to your cute dog wedding attire by finding a wreath that fits around her neck. This floral arrangement won’t feel out of place during any kind of outdoor celebration

Tutu Skirt

Who doesn’t love the look of a pet in a delicate tutu skirt? Consider these adorable wedding dog outfits to make everybody’s hearts soar on your special day!

Sequin Gown

When it comes to making your decision with wedding dresses for dogs, a sequin gown becomes hard to beat. This ensemble will surely grab everybody’s attention and leave them in awe. 

Embroidered Lace Dress

If you prefer dog wedding costumes that’ll never go out of style, an embroidered lace dress is always a safe option. This sophisticated garment will definitely start some conversations among your guests. 

Polka Dot Gown

A custom dog wedding dress doesn’t have to match the bride to look amazing during her marriage ceremony. Get creative by choosing a polka dot gown that aligns with your color scheme!

Male Dog Wedding Attire

If you can’t imagine your pup being involved with your special day without wearing a cute ensemble, we’ve got you covered with some amazing ideas!

Get inspired by reading our list of adorable dog wedding outfits and accessories!


Top Hat

You can never go wrong with picking a top hat as your dapper dog wedding attire. This headpiece will certainly be remembered by your guests for the years to come. 


Pay tribute to your summertime espousal by purchasing a pair of sunglasses for your dressed up dog. Don’t be surprised if anybody in your wedding party steals this fun idea for their own marriage ceremonies!

“I Do Too” Collar

If you prefer a simple design for your wedding dog outfits, chances are that you’ll like an “I Do Too” adjustable collar. This idea is ideal for any brides and grooms who booked a venue that requires pets to be on a leash at all times. 

Burlap Bow Tie

Set the celebratory tone of your special day by dressing up your dog in wedding decorations like a burlap bow tie. This choice will feel right at home especially during a rustic ceremony

Ring Bearer Pillow Collar

If you’ve decided to include your pup in your special day as a ring bearer alternative, go with a pillow collar so he can safely get the job done. Don’t forget to bring home this accessory as a memento of your special day!

“Best Dog” Bandana 

Keep your dog wedding attire short and sweet by donning your furry friend in this bandana. This adorable garment will certainly win everybody over. It also makes a great engagement gift for your recently engaged friends who love their pups! 

Satin Necktie 

A satin necktie is a must-have for any brides and grooms who are organizing a New Years Eve wedding. Incorporate some cuffs and your dressed up dog will photograph beautifully during your special day!

Festive Dog Tag

You don’t need luxurious wedding accessories to make a serious fashion statement on your special day. Unleash your creativity making your own collar tag and have your pup show off this personalized message during your marriage ceremony! 

Tuxedo Harness

Give your pet the full experience of your special day by finding a tuxedo harness for him to wear. This dog wedding suit is guaranteed to impress your guests of all ages.

You can find dog tuxedos in all sorts of styles and colors here on Etsy!

Oxford Shirt

If you’re planning a semi-formal ceremony and reception, nothing feels more appropriate as wedding dog outfits than Oxford shirts. This classic ensemble is a must-have for any couples who are tying the knot during an wedding theme that takes inspiration from previous decades


Vests aren’t falling out of popularity anytime soon as canine wedding outfits. Any kind of pup will look fantastic in this sophisticated garment! 


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