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17 Ideas for the Perfect Vintage Wedding

Vintage inspired weddings are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you are going for a 1920s Gatsby inspired affair or lovely 1950s inspired event, these vintage wedding ideas are sure to please any couple. Find the right ideas for you!

How to Get That Vintage Feel

vintage wedding bike and sign

So you want to have a vintage wedding, but you are unsure of how to get that vintage feel. Here are the 17 best vintage wedding ideas and inspiration for you and your spouse. 


Use a Vintage Car

bride and groom getaway car

A vintage getaway car is the perfect statement piece for your vintage wedding. A classic choice for anybody going for a vintage, classic look. Not only is it perfect for your grand entrance, it will also look stately and classy in your wedding photos.

At the end of the night, make your grand exit and drive off into the sunset with the love of your life by your side. 


Wear Heirloom Jewelry

vintage wedding jewelry

Looking for your something old or borrowed? Heirloom jewelry is a great choice for this.

Whether it’s an engagement ring that has been passed down or a gorgeous necklace, heirloom jewelry is not only gorgeous, but it is also meaningful. These vintage pieces are the perfect addition to your wedding day ensemble.


Add Brooches to Your Look

vintage brooch for wedding

Brooches are a simple way to incorporate some vintage spice into your wedding day look. Tie one around the stems of your bouquet or incorporate one into your hairdo. Bonus points if your brooch is also an heirloom. It’s the perfect something old or something borrowed for your wedding day!


Incorporate Crystals and Pearls

crystal chandelier

Crystals and pearls are classic vintage elements that are sure to wow your guests and add another layer to your decor. Hang some from your chandelier or incorporate them into your floral centerpieces. They are sure to add a bit of shine and beauty to any room.

Just wait for the crystals to catch the light. They will have everybody in awe.  


Include Vintage Photos in Your Decor

vintage wedding photos

Vintage photos are a great way to add to the atmosphere. Scatter them on various tables at your reception or have them adorn the area around your guest book.

If your wedding is outside, put them up on the trees around the ceremony area. Not only are they perfect decor pieces, but they can also be sentimental. Choose your grandparents’ wedding photos or family photos of your ancestors.

This is also a great way to include those loved ones who are not able to be in attendance at your wedding and is a great way to pay homage to them. 


Use Calligraphy

calligraphy wedding signs

Calligraphy is something that truly screams vintage. This simple addition to your ceremony and reception signs, menus, and programs adds a bit of excitement and beauty to your wedding. The scrawling text is sure to remind guests of vintage love letters between future spouses. 


Decorate with Vintage Lanterns

vintage wedding lantern

Go to your local antique shop and gather an assortment of gorgeous vintage lanterns. These are great for centerpieces and truly add to the ambience. For a bit more vintage flair, decorate the lanterns with wildflowers and flameless candles. 


Add Antique Furniture 

vintage wedding furniture

Include a vintage couch atop an ornate rug for chic, vintage inspired photos. Arrange vintage chairs at your ceremony and reception for guests. Including mismatched chairs is another great way to get that vintage feel that everybody is sure to love. 


Make a Memorable Exit

wedding exit throw flowers

Making a memorable exit is a given at a wedding, but what should you add to give it that vintage wow factor?

An easy way to do this is by having your guests toss rice or flower petals as you and your spouse hold hands and make your way toward that gorgeous vintage car waiting for you. 


Choose a Vintage Dress

vintage wedding dress

Whether you decide to wear a vintage style dress or an actual vintage dress, you are sure to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day. Opt for intricate beading or timeless lace paired with a long trailing veil that will make you look like an angel.


Pick a Venue with a Vintage Feel

vintage wedding venue

Choosing a venue that fits with your vibe is essential. You are sure to find a vintage feel at a ranch or garden. These are great if you are opting for an outdoor wedding.

Indoor venues with a similar feel include quaint inns, stately manors, or lodges nestled in the woods. Be sure to research venues based on your state and find the perfect location for you and your future spouse.


Have a Bar Cart

vintage wedding bar cart

Bar carts are not only practical, but they are extremely fun and unique. Either use it as a standard bar cart or to house flutes of champagne for a toast, party favors for your guests, or your wedding guest book.

Whatever you use it for, it is sure to enhance the atmosphere and will look amazing with the rest of your vintage decor. 


Incorporate Vintage Keys

vintage skeleton key decor

Vintage skeleton keys can be used in so many different ways. Like the brooch, you can choose to add one to your bouquet. They can also be incorporated into your centerpieces like the lanterns or hung from the chandelier like the crystals and pearls.

Keys can also double as favors attached to guests’ seat assignments. They can add a bit of visual intrigue to your ceremony and reception.


Include Lace

vintage wedding lace

Lace is a vintage classic. You can always pick to wear a dress with lace sleeves or detailing, but you can also add it to your decor.

Tie it around the backs of your mismatched ceremony chairs or use it to adorn the ceiling at your reception. The simple beauty of lace allows it to seamlessly match with the rest of your decor while adding more texture. 


Add a Vintage Trunk or Two

vintage trunks

Vintage trunks are a great way to add a bit of whimsy and functionality to your decor. Trunks are adorable and act as the perfect place with wedding guests to put cards.

You could also stack a few up and opt to use them as makeshift tables at your reception. Grab a variety of sizes at your local thrift store or antique shop for a cheap way to get the vintage style you want. 


Put Your Vows on Paper

wedding vows

While this may not seem like a big deal, writing your vows out on paper is a great way to pay homage to that vintage aesthetic you are striving for. Not only that, but they can also act as a memento from your wedding.

After reading them, give them to your spouse to keep as a reminder of your endless love and the promises you two made the day you got married. They will be great to look back on for years to come. 


Have a Classic Champagne Toast

champagne wedding toast

What better way to celebrate your wedding than with a classic champagne toast? Reminiscent of the 1920s, a champagne toast is a sophisticated and elegant choice for your wedding reception. If you are feeling extra fancy, set up a champagne tower at your reception. Not only is it functional, it is the perfect decorative piece as well. 



vintage wedding

Vintage inspired weddings are fun, fresh, and sure to please.

No matter what you decide to wear or how you decide to decorate, check out your local antique shop or thrift store for more inspiration. Shopping at these places is sure to help you save a dollar or two.

Always remember to take these ideas and make them uniquely yours!

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