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21 Memorable Wedding Car Decorations For Your Special Day

After deciding what kind of transportation you will be securing for your wedding ceremony celebration, the next step of the planning process is figuring out how you’ll be decorating your vehicle. 

Some brides and grooms choose to skip out on this choice altogether to focus on other decisions from their priority list. Other couples take this opportunity to be creative by finding getaway car decorations that’ll pull their wedding theme together.

If you feel the same way but have no idea where to begin your search for vehicle accessories, you’ve come to the right place! Get inspired by reading our list of wedding car decoration ideas!


If you can’t imagine driving off into the sunset as a happy couple without decorating your wedding transportation, just know that you don’t have to settle for a bare getaway car.

Find your wedding car decoration ideas with our list here at YeahWeddings!

Pennant Banner

Embrace the nautical theme of your wedding reception by adorning your getaway car with pennant banners. These preppy details have proven themselves to never go out of style. 


If you’re searching for getaway car decorations that’ll fit a specific budget, flags will certainly do the trick. Go with this possibility to express the good news of being newlyweds without potentially overwhelming your happy wedding photographs.

Pom Poms 

Get creative with your decoration ideas by attaching pom poms to your matrimonial vehicle. These colorful accessories will definitely be remembered by your entire wedding party.


Chalkboards aren’t falling out of popularity anytime soon as getaway car decorations. Be sure to customize these classic signs by adding your names and the date of your wedding celebration. 


For an extra-special touch of romance on your special day, make sure to include a floral wreath with your vehicle decorations. This possibility feels especially appropriate for a wedding ceremony celebration that is being planned around the Christmas season

Honeycomb Balls

Jazz up your wedding getaway car by furnishing the rear of the vehicle with honeycomb balls. As a unique idea, you won’t have to worry about anybody thinking that your ceremonial details are boring and repetitive. 


A flower garland banner is never the wrong choice for your getaway car decorations. These stunning accessories will work their magic by leaving your happy wedding guests in awe and creating a priceless moment. 


When it comes to decorative car ideas for a wedding celebration, bows are always a worthwhile decision. If you and your future spouse are making your grand exit from a barn venue, don’t think twice about using burlap lace to tie these details together. 

Fabric Sign

It’s no wonder why so many brides and grooms prefer just married car signs made out of fabric. This versatile possibility will feel right at home with any kind of chic wedding style.

Rhinestone Stickers

Rhinestone stickers never fail as eye-catching options. Find them in the shape of butterflies if you’re organizing a wedding day during the summertime

License Plate

Create the ultimate wedding getaway car by picking out a customized license plate. Don’t forget to bring this souvenir home as a romantic reminder of your marriage ceremony!


Strive for elegant simplicity on your special day by attaching a gorgeous ribbon to your wedding vehicle. These stylish accessories won’t hold back from stealing the show! 


Keep your wedding car decoration ideas short and simple by ordering personalized magnets. If you’re borrowing a rental vehicle, this choice becomes ideal since you aren’t running the risk of damaging the paint finish. 

Wooden Sign

A rustic wedding ceremony isn’t complete without including a wooden calligraphy sign as part of your just married car details. Don’t hesitate to attach some petals from your bridal flower bouquet as a decorative touch. 


Keep the celebration going by choosing balloons as your car decorations. Don’t think twice about finding these lighthearted accessories in your gorgeous wedding colors! 

Tin Cans

Play up the theme of your classic wedding by tying tin cans to your getaway vehicle. This option has gained the most popularity among brides and grooms who want to DIY it.


Laser-Cut Sign

A list of getaway car decorations isn’t complete without referencing laser-cut signs. The sleek wedding design of these details will surely win everybody over.


Who doesn’t love the look of decal stickers? Keep in mind that these accessories are more difficult to remove from a wedding vehicle than the other suggestions on this list.

Fringe Streamers

Add a splash of color to your just married car decorations by attaching fringe streamers. This fun wedding detail will photograph beautifully on your special day. 

Paper Pinwheels

Show your love for whimsical accessories by decking out your ceremonial vehicle with paper pinwheels. The creativity of these decorations will certainly impress the younger people in your wedding party. 


Make the most of your bohemian marriage ceremony by sprucing up your getaway wedding car with feathers. This option works especially well for any brides and grooms who prefer simplicity over extravagance with their decorations. 

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