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Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Every Season

Looking for some bridal bouquet inspiration? If you don’t know much about wedding flowers, you may need to search for some bridal bouquet ideas before meeting with your florist.

We have compiled a list of the best bouquet ideas for different types of wedding in every season! 

wedding flowers

The bride’s bouquet at her wedding is a very important accessory. Second to the dress, the bouquet is an important choice for brides. There are gorgeous bouquet ideas for every type of wedding and all types of brides.  

Some advice to brides regarding their bridal bouquet, while it is an important part of the wedding, make sure you tie in some of your personal style and make it however you want. Simply use your imagination and your wedding theme to inspire you to create a bridal bouquet that is going to not only impress your guests, but also be a staple to your wedding. 

Brides often carry their bouquet down the aisle in their hands. It will be on full display to all of your wedding guests as you clutch it walking past them. No matter what kind of wedding you are having, or what season your wedding is, there are lots of options for beautiful blooms for your bridal bouquet!


Typically wedding flowers are more expensive than you expect them to be. That is why many brides search for other options for wedding flowers. Expect to spend around an average of $1,500 on all of your wedding flowers. 

If you are just using a bridal bouquet and do not want extra flowers for your centerpieces, corsages, or bridesmaids bouquets, expect to pay around $160. This cost will vary based on your location and which florist you choose. 

Many brides decide to buy wholesale wedding flowers and create their own personalized bouquet. If this is your choice, remember that creating floral arrangements can be difficult, so make sure your research so that your beautiful bouquet lasts throughout your wedding day. 

Wedding Flower Terminology


There are lots of different floral related terms that your florist may use, here are some of the most common wedding flower terminology. 

Popular Wedding Flowers

Here are some of the most common flowers that are in bridal bouquets. 

  • Carnations
  • Lilies 
  • Orchids
  • Eucalyptus
  • Foliage
  • Greenery
  • Lavender
  • Tulips
  • Sunflowers
  • Stems
  • Calla lilies
  • Ranunculus
  • Peony
  • Baby’s Breath

Other Floral Terminology


Here are some of the most common terms used by florists. Learn these terms to discuss your bouquet with your florist! 

  • Foliage: Foliage is important for creating structure in an arrangement and building a canvas to make focal flowers truly stand out. Like flowers, greenery can define a bouquet’s shape, add texture and color, and create balance. (Queen City Blooms)
  • Greenery: Greenery may be a less costly option than using premium flowers. … Small to medium sized centerpieces with greenery will usually have a lower price than an arrangement with flowers. (Emerald Design)
  • Succulent: Succulents are typically plants such as cacti that have become increasingly more popular for bridal bouquets in the past few years. This bridal bouquet trend is a contemporary and trendy option.
  • Stems: Stems are the end of a flower that are typically wrapped in ribbon, lace, or another material so that you can comfortably carry your bouquet. 

Themed Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Here is a variety of bridal bouquet ideas for every type of wedding theme!

Rustic Wedding Bouquet

rustic bridal bouquet

If you are having a rustic wedding, opt for a gorgeous sunflower bouquet. A sunflower bouquet is different from the traditional bridal bouquet and encapsulates your rustic theme perfectly. This idea is perfect for the country bride. 

Tropical Wedding Bouquets

tropical flowers

Include tropical flowers and plants in your bridal bouquet. Examples of tropical plants are palm leaves and exotic flowers such as bird of paradise. Let your tropical theme inspire your bouquet!

All-White Wedding Flower Ideas

all-white bouquet

A perfect wedding accessory is a all-white bridal bouquet. An all-white bridal bouquet at your wedding is perfect for the type of bride who wants an elegant and beautiful wedding bouquet. 

Use different shades and tones of white to create dimension in the bouquet. 

Contemporary Wedding Bouquets

contemporary bouquet

If you are going for a more contemporary look for your wedding theme, use an alternative bridal bouquet. Contemporary and minimalist decor at your wedding calls for an alternative bouquet. 

Capture the moment you walk down the aisle by drawing the attention of guests with a contemporary bouquet. Another modern look is the cascading bridal bouquet with long hanging flowers.

Seasonal Wedding Bouquets

Depending on the season that your wedding is in, different florals will be in season. Use this guide for some seasonal ideas!

Spring Bridal Bouquets

spring bridal bouquet

No spring wedding is complete without some gorgeous blooms! Springtime brides should opt for pastel flowers and lot of fresh greenery for a stunning spring wedding.  You will be taking lots of wedding photos with your bouquet, so make sure it ties in with your springtime theme. 

Depending on your wedding vision, you may use different flower types for your arrangement. 

Make sure your bouquet goes well with your other wedding decor, so if you have a pastel color scheme, use more pastel florals. 

If you are having an outdoor wedding, such as an inexpensive garden wedding, use natural florals that are at your venue to inspire you.

It is a new popular wedding bouquet trend to include natural greenery and florals in your wedding bouquet instead of spending money on a florist, so if you are a DIY bride, this is a great idea for you!

Summer Bridal Bouquets

summer bouquet

Summer weddings are the perfect time to use whatever kind of flowers you want! Most flowers are in season during the summer because it is typically the time of year when the most weddings occur. 

Colors like peach, yellow, white, pink, or even blue are all free reign for your summertime wedding. Consult your wedding planner for what goes well with your wedding aesthetic.

You can even use different plants like succulents or other cacti for your bouquet. Get inspired by the beautiful summer weather for your bouquet and the array of blooming flowers and plants in this season.

Every beautiful bride should feel her best on her wedding day. Large bouquets may seem like the best way to go for your summer wedding, but sometimes less is more. This is especially true for petite brides, who may feel as though an extravagant bouquet may take away from their bridal look. 

Fall Bridal Bouquets

fall flowers

Fall bridal bouquets can be extremely unique depending on your theme of your wedding. Depending on your wedding style, whether it is more traditional or themed after the autumnal season, you can have perfect wedding flowers.

Fall colors that incorporate the colors of the fall foliage, such as red, orange, yellow, and even brown will make your wedding florals unique. If you are having an artistic wedding or complex wedding, experiment with different greenery like pampas grass will give your fall wedding a creative touch.

Winter Bridal Bouquets

winter bouquet

If you are having an indoor wedding in wintertime, ask your wedding director for inspiration that goes along with your wedding theme. Luxurious weddings indoors call for gorgeous winter themed florals

Depending on your wedding time and what point of the season your wedding is in, you may want to include holiday greenery like holly, pine tree leaves, and winter berries. This will tie in the season and holiday joy of the winter season to your wedding. 

Another idea for your florals is to incorporate all-white flowers and lace. This creates a wintery, gorgeous bridal bouquet that will be perfect for any bride.

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