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Gifts for Your Wedding Readers

One of the most important parts of getting married is being gracious towards those who help with your wedding. From tipping vendors to showing your appreciation toward your bridal party, it’s important to give credit to those who went out of their way to make your big day special without spending too much money.

A group of people you may not know how to thank are your wedding readers. Though they are not as involved in your wedding as your wedding party or close family, wedding readers add something special to the ceremony and really show how much they care for you.

Read more about potential wonderful gifts for your wedding readers.

What is a Wedding Reader?

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In case you don’t know, a wedding reader is a person, usually close to the couple, like an aunt, uncle, or family friend, who reads a passage of poetry, a story or parable, or a religious selection on the wedding day.

Many people will ask a wedding reader to read one of their favorite pieces, or a quote that they feel has a special meaning to the couple. It is usually a beautiful moment in the ceremony.

Some may have readers at the reception, but that sort of bleeds into someone who gives a toast, which is usually a heftier responsibility and is often a member of the bridal party.


Do You Need to Give Readers a Gift?

If you’re clicking on this, you may be thinking, “Uh oh, I didn’t know I had to give my reader a gift!” Here’s the good thing– you don’t!

Many people don’t give a wedding reader gift. In fact, if you look at this forum thread from, several responders said that they hadn’t even thought of getting something for their readers!

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or cost a lot of money. Ultimately, it’s just a nice thing to do for a loved one who helped make your ceremony special, and is a totally voluntary act of kindness.


Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Wedding Readers

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If you would like to pick up something for your reader, you should know that it doesn’t need to be crazy expensive or as fancy as something you’d get the wedding party. However, that’s not necessarily limiting– there are tons of ideas to choose from.

Obviously, the first place to start is to think about how well you know your reader and how long you’ve been friends. If you know exactly what sort of things they like, or what they’ve been needing lately, then you have an easy answer.

If they are more of a grooms’ friend, then be sure to consult with your new spouse. However, if you’re a little more stumped, look to the ideas below for help.


A Nice Card

Simply, you could just give or send the reader a sweet card. This one has a pretty “thank you” design that will surely let them know that their voice was appreciated.

thank you card

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This one really puts an emphasis on the fact that they read at the wedding, making sure that they know you’re thankful for this specific contribution.

reading thank you card

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For something more generic, these beautiful gold-foiled thank you cards will make an impression to whoever you thank. Write a sweet note inside to let your friends know their role made the ceremony special.

gold thank you card

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If your reader is a lover of all things kitschy, thank them with these hilarious cats! This thank you card is sure to leave an impression and will surely remind them of how fun your wedding was.

thank you card

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Edible Gifts

Treats are a great gift for anyone, so you can’t go wrong with an edible treat like chocolates, fruits, or other food items!

This fantastic gift box contains cookies, candles, nice soaps, and other items to let your reader know just how awesome they really are.

gift box

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For the sweet tooth, send them these precious thank you cookies! It may not be a forever keepsake, but they will be just as thankful for you as you are for them.

thank you cookies

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Similarly, you could send them a bottle of wine with this special label on it. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, they’ll even share it with you!

thank you wine bottle

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For something a little more personal, treat them and a guest to a nice dinner at their favorite restaurant after your honeymoon, where you can share memories and spend time together. This will be a great couples date!



Something Reminiscent of their Reading

For a more personal gift, consider giving them something the memorialize their reading at your wedding. You could get the reading printed and framed, frame a picture of them reading at your wedding, or come up with another cute keepsake!

If they read a piece of poetry at the wedding, have it typed and framed for them to hang in their home, especially if they agreed on how much they loved it.

poetry framed

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You could also have their reading or story printed on the label of a candle! Their home will smell great because of this item, something they will feel super thankful for!

poem candle

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If they did a religious reading, have the scripture they read engraved into this wooden board with your wedding’s logo and date. This is especially good if they also love the piece read.

wooden print

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For a very short piece, you can have it engraved onto a necklace they may wear, so that your wedding and love for them is always close to their heart.

custom necklace

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A Honeymoon Gift for Readers

On your honeymoon, you could pick up a local postcard and send it to them on the road, thanking them for their reading and letting them know how the trip is.

You could get them a specialty cuisine from your honeymoon destination, like candies or snacks. As long as you’re still able to bring them on the plane!

If they like that sort of thing, you could get them fancy household wares from your honeymoon destination. Many places have locally-crafted, artisan goods that will delight your wedding reader.

You can also often get beautiful jewelry in foreign honeymoon destinations, sometimes representing ancient coins or local styles to remind them of the time you spent away.


A Beautiful Photo

If you were able to snap a photo of you and your reader at the wedding, frame it in a commemorative setting.

These custom frames will make a great reader gift!

mr and mrs frame

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You could also put it on a large, wooden sign, though we only advise this if you’re very, very close with your reader and reading at your wedding will be a story they’ll want to tell.

wooden print

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You could also snap a photo from the ceremony of them reading, and put the words they read beside them, like in this hanging.

canvas print

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You could also put a photo of them reading or of the two of you at the wedding on a keychain they can use to remind them of their special role.

custom luggage tag

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More About Wedding Gifts and Favors

Here at Yeah Weddings, we know that gifts and favors are one of the most overwhelming parts of getting married. We’re here to help with bridesmaids gifts, groomsmen gifts, and wedding gifts for couples.

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