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Everything You Need to Know About Cascading Bridal Bouquets

Cascading bouquets are not a new style, but they have been making a comeback in recent years. Popularized by Lady Diana Spencer in the 1980s, cascading wedding bouquets are a unique style that can be used to add a bit of drama to your wedding day look.

No matter what your style, this bouquet can be glammed up or toned down to suit you and your wedding day look.


Is a Cascading Bouquet Right For Your Wedding? 


You have likely seen or heard of a cascading bouquet before, but what is it actually and what do you ask your florist for in order to achieve that signature style?

Worry not because here is everything you need to know about cascading wedding bouquets. You are sure to have all eyes on you when holding this floral masterpiece. 


What is a Cascading Bouquet?


A cascading bouquet is exactly what it sounds like. It is a bouquet in which the flowers literally cascade down from the bride’s hands. This creates the gorgeous trailing effect many brides are seeking when they decide to opt for this style of bouquet.

Such an effect is meant to draw the eye to the person holding the bouquet, namely the bride. They are generally on the larger side and taper towards the bottom. 


How Much Does a Cascading Bouquet Cost?


When it comes to wedding bouquets, cascading bridal bouquets are on the higher price end. Such a bouquet is generally more elaborate and takes more time and attention to create, which in turn raises the price.

On the low end, a cascading bouquet can cost $120, but they are typically more expensive than that. Cost also depends a lot on the size and number of blooms used to create it.


How Many Flowers are in a Cascading Bouquet?


The number of flowers included in a cascading bouquet depends greatly on the desires of the bride. The larger the bouquet, the more flowers it will take to create. The average cascading bridal bouquet has anywhere between 15 flowers to 50 flowers. 


What Do You Need to Make a Cascading Bouquet?


If you are having a florist create your bouquet, merely ask for a cascading wedding bouquet. They should know what that is.

If you want to create your own, here are the things you will need in order to do so. Consider looking up a video on how to put these various floral pieces together.

To create your own bouquet, you will need to gather 15 to 20 long stemmed flowers, 10 to 13 smaller stemmed flowers, 5 to 10 long sprigs of greenery, and a dainty filler flower of your choice.

The long stemmed flowers will be the main flowers in your bouquet. The flowers with shorter stems will act as accent flowers. Greenery will be used to shape the cascading portion of the bouquet. The dainty flowers will be used to fill in any gaps in the bouquet. 


Cascading Bridal Bouquet Ideas and Inspiration


A cascading bouquet is a lush and impressive choice for your bridal floral arrangement. There are so many different and unique ways to arrange this bouquet so here are a few ideas to help inspire you!


Opt for Orchids


Orchids possess an unassuming beauty that is perfect for your cascading bouquet. Opt to have the blooms trailing from your bouquet. This is the perfect way to integrate them into your look while making them the star of the arrangement. 


Make a Vibrant Choice


If you are a bold bride, consider making your bouquet equally as bold by including some vibrantly colored flowers. Bright colors are one of the best ways to evoke positive feelings.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that nobody will be able to keep their eyes off you and your stunner of a bouquet. 


Pop with Pastels


Pastels will pair particularly well with a white gown. If you are having a spring ceremony, why not go for some pastel petals? The beauty of baby pink, baby blue, peach, and cream flowers is absolutely unmatched. 


Include Ivy


Ivy is a great greenery choice if you are looking for something to create the tail of your cascading wedding bouquet. It is an easy way to take your ordinary bridal bouquet and bump it up to a cascading bouquet. The vines are a simple addition that will truly tie the piece together. 


A Green Trail


Another great way to add some length to your bouquet is by adding a trail of greenery. Greenery pairs nicely with any floral arrangement and goes a long way to lengthen your floral arrangement.


Go for Shades and Tints


Choosing flowers in a variety of shades and tints is a great way to achieve a coordinated and cohesive floral look. If you are feeling like you want something extra fun and unique, take the variety of shades and tints and use them to create an ombre effect.

Start with the most saturated color at the top of the bouquet and finish with a tail made out of the least saturated color. A gradient look is sure to add some extra visual appeal. 


Monochrome Mood

A monochrome bouquet is a true showstopper. If you are looking for the perfect cascading bouquet to compliment your dress, go for an all white arrangement.

Not only is white classy and crisp, a monochrome white look is the definition of a subtle showstopper. It will blend perfectly with your dress while drawing looks from every single person in the room. 




Cascading wedding bouquets are a trendy and bold choice for any bride who wants something different for their bridal arrangement.

Whatever your style, a cascading bouquet can be made to suit you. Work closely with your florist to create an absolutely stunning piece you will admire for years to come. 

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