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30 Creative Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Looking for the best spring wedding ideas for your wedding? Look no farther, we have you covered on the most beautiful spring wedding decorations, themes, and color palettes

bridesmaids at spring wedding

Spring wedding season typically runs from March until mid-June. Spring weddings are the perfect opportunity to incorporate pastel colors, beautiful blooms, and warmer weather into your special day. 

Typically the season that is most popular for weddings is from late May to early October. The Spring wedding season is usually hard to plan a wedding during the spring season due to weather. 

As the saying goes, “April flowers bring May flowers,” so you can expect lots of rain, wind, and unfavorable conditions for an outdoor wedding in spring. You can also expect gorgeous flowers, warmer weather, and sunshine depending on the day. 

Is a March Wedding Considered Winter or Spring?

spring wedding planning

A March wedding is considered to be during the spring season. In March, many parts of the world still experience freezing temperatures, so it may not seem like the best time to have a wedding. In other parts of the world, March is warm and perfect for an outdoor spring wedding. 

What Is the Least Popular Month for Weddings?

The least popular months for weddings are January, February, and March.

While March is one of the least popular months for weddings, it should be noted that in some parts of the world March offers some warm temperatures that would be perfect for an outdoor wedding.

If you live in an area that has warm March temperatures, you may see cheaper prices for wedding venues during this month. 

spring tulips

Spring colors are typically light, and pastel in color. Think light pink, pastel blue, lavender, white, pale yellow and lots of floral accents. Springtime wedding decor is delicate and compliments the natural blooms of the season.

Choose a color scheme that goes well with your theme and venue. For example, if you are having an Easter themed wedding, you may want to incorporate pastel Easter egg colors into your color palette. If you are having an outdoor garden wedding, you may want to use some colors that compliment the natural blooms at your venue. 

bride and groom in springtime

Here are some of our favorite spring wedding ideas for a gorgeous springtime wedding! 

Spring Wedding Bouquets

floral bouquets for spring

Spring is the season of blooming florals, so why not embrace the season? Opt for colorful bouquets full of seasonal blooms for the ultimate spring look. Fresh flowers are the perfect accessory for the springtime bride. 

As for the bridal bouquet, spring blooms such as baby blue hydrangeas, pale pink peonies, and white flowers can create a soft, spring bridal look. Tie spring colored ribbons around bouquets for an extra pastel touch. 

Spring blooms can also be incorporated into the bridesmaid bouquets. Traditionally bridesmaid bouquets are similar to the bride’s bouquet, which is full of fresh flowers. Arrange spring wedding flowers into gorgeous arrangements for your bridesmaids. 

Seasonal Cocktails

For spring weddings, there is lots of cocktail inspiration! Use fresh fruit to create seasonal drinks. For example, using seasonal fruits such as strawberries is a great way to include parts of the season into your spring wedding reception.

Another idea for cocktails is to incorporate seasonal blooms into some floral wedding cocktails. 

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can design wooden boards to describe what the drinks that you are serving are and what they have in them. 


Spring wedding color palettes can vary from pastel colors to fresh, bright tones. Depending on your spring wedding colors, have your bridesmaids wear sundresses. The light, airy, look will go well with the breezy yet sunny weather of springtime! 

Easter Baskets

easter basket bride

If you want to incorporate some Easter elements into your wedding, opt for Easter basket decorations. This is a popular spring wedding idea, lots of brides like to give out mini Easter baskets as wedding favors for a seasonal holiday touch. 

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

pink bridesmaids dresses

Beautiful blooms can serve as inspiration for your bridesmaid dresses. A soft, pale pink color is gorgeous for bridesmaids to wear. The soft color will contrast with your white bridal gown and give an ethereal, feminine look to your wedding color scheme.  

Spring Animals

Baby animals such as chicks, lambs, bunnies, and butterflies often go hand in hand with springtime. If you are an animal lover, add small touches such as stuffed creatures on your table scape to add a cute touch to your spring table settings. 

You may also consider getting married on a farm where you can have fur friends and farm animals in attendance!

Seasonal Menu 

Make sure you serve seasonal foods at your wedding if you want to have a spring theme. Foods such as fresh garden vegetables, fresh fruit, and other vibrant spring harvest foods! 

Robin’s Nests

A robin’s egg in a nest is an image that reminds us of spring. Why not incorporate a robin’s egg as something blue at your wedding? Decorate your table with mini robin’s nests, or include the imagery on your wedding invitations. 


If you are having an outdoor reception, add some entertainment for both younger and older guests by hanging swings off of trees or near the reception. 

Outdoor Wedding Venue

outdoor wedding venue in spring

As soon as it starts to get warmer outside, it is the perfect time to enjoy the season and have an outdoor wedding. Set up an outdoor wedding venue by creating a table plan. Place reception tables outdoors for a gorgeous outdoor wedding venue. 

Aisle Lined With Flowers

aisle lined with flowers

If you want to walk down the aisle in true springtime fashion, design your ceremony space with lots of florals lining the aisle. Place ceremony chairs next to floral arrangements, flower bushes, or even have your ceremony in a field of fresh flowers. 

Fresh Fruits

fruit platter at wedding

Use fresh fruit in your desserts and wedding menu for the fresh taste of spring. Strawberries, cherries, and rhubarb are just some examples of the seasonal fruits of spring! 

Floral Fans

Fans will come in handy on a warmer spring afternoon. If you are having your ceremony outdoors on a sunny afternoon, give out floral fans to your wedding guests for a useful spring decoration. 

Garden Theme

spring garden wedding

A garden wedding vibe is the perfect theme for a springtime wedding. If your wedding venue is outdoors in a garden-like area or a backyard, you can easily transform it into an enchanted and romantic outdoor space! 

Dried Flower Cake

dried flower cake

Wedding cake options are endless. A popular wedding cake trend for springtime is adding dried flowers to your cake for decoration. These flowers are edible, and add another spring touch to your wedding reception! Use flowers in bloom yet again to create a beautiful wedding cake! 

Floral Arch

floral arch

At your wedding ceremony, a beautiful decoration would be a floral ceremony arch. If you are having a spring wedding theme, use the same type of florals from your bouquets and other floral arrangements to tie it all together. 

Floral Chandelier
floral chandelier

If you are having a tent at your wedding, prepare your guests for a beautiful time with a gorgeous floral chandelier. Hanging this in your reception space can create a stunning decoration that your guests will appreciate. 


lavender wedding decor

If you need wedding decor or color scheme ideas, don’t forget that lavender is a beautiful spring color. You can incorporate this springtime color into everything from your wedding party’s accessories to your wedding reception decor. 


parasols at spring wedding

If you want a vintage touch to your wedding, have your bridesmaids carry parasols to cover them from the sun. This is a great idea if you are having a rustic wedding, as it is a classic decoration that can fit perfectly with this theme.

If you are having a barn wedding, you can even decorate the interior of the barn with hanging parasols from the ceiling. 

Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs at wedding

If you are looking for some spring wedding food inspiration, think about serving deviled eggs. This is a popular food that is usually associated with Easter, but if you are having a brunch wedding or a early afternoon wedding, this is a perfect springtime appetizer. 

Consider serving this classic dish at your cocktail hour!

Spring Greenery 

One wedding reception idea is to use greenery instead of florals to decorate your venue. Hang greenery throughout your reception venue space for a fresh look without the pinks, blues, and purples of spring florals. 

Rain Boots

As the common phrase goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” If you are having your wedding in April, a cute idea is to have your bridesmaids wear rain boots or decorate your ceremony space with cute rain boot decor. 

Spring Seating Chart

Creating the seating chart at your wedding can be a struggle. Usually when couples organize their table settings for reception tables, they create a seating chart so guests can find where they sit.

For the spring season, it is the perfect time to use creative seating chart designs. For example, hang flowers from a tree with the guests names and table number. 

Garden Furniture

If you are having a garden wedding, use benches and other garden furniture to transform your venue. Decorate with wedding signs that look like they belong in a garden to tie your theme together!

Lattice Details

Lattice is a springtime pattern because oftentimes we associate it with gardens. If you are having a spring garden wedding, incorporate lattice details into your wedding decor. 

Give Away Your Flowers

spring florals

A great wedding idea that also makes sure that all your florals don’t go to waste is to give your wedding flowers away at the end of the night. Some brides choose to see which wedding guests have been married the longest and give away their floral arrangements to them. 

Floral Heels

A great way to tie in pastel spring wedding colors into your bridal look is by wearing a pair of floral or pastel heels. 

Watercolor Invitations

Wedding invitations are the first glance your guests get into what your wedding will be like. Make sure your guests get excited for your wedding day by using some gorgeous spring themed wedding stationery.

Using pastel watercolor stationery is just one option, there are many gorgeous invitation designs for spring! 

Flower Crowns

floral crowns

Flower crowns have become increasingly more popular throughout the years for wedding accessories. Use this ethereal look to make your bridesmaids and flower girls look like they are in a fairy garden!

Learn how to make your own!

Seasonal Wedding Favors

Some wedding ideas have to do with what the guests get to bring home. There are many different spring wedding favors that you can give to guests.

Favors such as floral lollipops, jars of honey, mini bottles of wine, or even a mini potted plant can all be great ideas. Assure your guests have a glorious time at your wedding by giving out some of these favors.

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