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Top 38 Wedding Signature Drink Ideas

A popular trend at modern weddings is for the happy couple to feature a signature wedding cocktail for guests to enjoy.

signature wedding cocktails

Signature drinks at weddings may be the couple’s favorite drink to share, colorful drinks to match the theme of the wedding, or drinks given new, punny names to highlight some aspect of the wedding or their relationship.

There are plenty of signature cocktail ideas to choose from. You can take a classic mixed drink and give it a twist of flavor and a new, themed name, or you can create a custom cocktail just for your wedding! 

Check out our favorite wedding signature cocktails and ideas for your wedding reception below. 

The Best Wedding Signature Cocktails

Whether you prefer sweet or subtle, whiskey or tequila or any other spirit, you’re sure to find a signature drink to fit your needs! Choose one of our wedding cocktail ideas to match your theme, your relationship, or even your wedding’s color scheme. 

Kentucky Strawberry Lemonade

kentucky strawberry lemonade

For a southern or country themed wedding, consider a Kentucky strawberry lemonade! Mix bourbon or your favorite whiskey with strawberry infused lemonade and garnish with a fresh strawberry for a delicious and appealing looking signature drink!

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Aperol Spritz

aperol spritz

Go for a classic like an Aperol spritz for your wedding! This drink is not too sweet and has a great orange color for some flair at your wedding. Make it your own by adding different fruit or cocktail mixers! 

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Cranberry Moscow Mule

cranberry moscow mule

The Moscow Mule is a classic mixed drink with ginger beer and lime, and if you add in cranberries it’s perfect for a wedding during the winter or holiday season! Consider a cranberry mule for a festive cocktail. 

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Rosemary Gin and Tonic

rosemary gin and tonic

If your go-to drink is a gin and tonic, mix it up with some fresh herbs at your wedding! Rosemary gives this drink a slightly less sweet taste, and a sprig of rosemary will match well with your greenery. 

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Coconut Margarita

coconut margarita

Mix it up from the traditional margarita with a coconut marg. You can serve these frozen or on the rocks, or even serve them in a coconut if you have the means! 

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Mai Tai

mai tai

The Mai Tai is a classic tiki drink, perfect for a destination wedding or beach themed nuptials. Serve it in a cool glass, or add pineapple, oranges, or cherries as a garnish.

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Gin Sour 

gin sour

For a twist on the classic whiskey sour, substitute whiskey for gin for a slightly lighter drink! A gin sour is light and lemony, with a pale yellow color that will match well with a pastel color scheme or springtime colors at your wedding. 

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Summer Negroni 

summer negroni

A Negroni is a classic Italian cocktail, but for a summery twist, consider adding berries like blackberries! Muddled blackberries will give your signature wedding cocktail a purple-y hue to fit into your theme. 

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Mint Julep

mint julep

You can’t go wrong with a classically refreshing mint julep! You could use this cocktail to fit into your “Mint To Be” theme or match the golden yellow to your other decor. 

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Pink Lemonade Mimosas

pink mimosa

Whether you’re hosting a brunch themed wedding or you just love a champagne cocktail, pink lemonade mimosas make a lovely wedding cocktail! These pink lemonade mimosas are perfect for a pretty pink wedding.

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Blackberry Spritz

blackberry spritz

For a fizzy and delicious cocktail, try a blackberry spritz! The dark purple of the blackberries will make for a gorgeous and yummy drink, paired with club soda, vodka, lime, and anything else you want to mix in.

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Bourbon Peach Smash

peach smash cocktail

Sweeten up your bourbon with peach for some southern charm in a glass. Add some mint for enhanced flavor and enjoy this sweet spirit by the glass or the pitcher!

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Lavender Collins

lavender tom collins

Switch up the classic Tom Collins by adding lavender! A lavender Collins is light and refreshing, so it’s perfect for a warm day. Add lemon and a sprig of lavender for a lovely garnish!

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Autumn Apple Sangria

apple sangria

For a fall wedding, consider this Autumn Apple Sangria! A twist on classic sangria, this one uses white wine, brandy or caramel vodka, and plenty of apples. 

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Spiked Agua Fresca 

agua fresca

Agua fresca is a popular fruity drink in Mexico and Central America, and while they are typically non-alcoholic, you can always spike them! Add tequila or white rum for a tropical wedding drink. 

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Honey Bourbon Cider

honey bourbon cider

Cider cocktails are a fun trend, and this honey bourbon cider will warm you up at a cool fall or winter wedding. Top off your spirits with sparkling cider for a deliciously warm cocktail. 

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Pomegranate Margarita 

pomegranate margarita

Everyone loves a margarita, but why not mix it up for your signature wedding cocktail? A pomegranate margarita brings this drink to new life, and their deep red color will look great served at cocktail hour or the reception. 

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Grapefruit Mojito 

grapefruit mojito signature drink

Add an extra splash of color and flavor to your mojito by adding some grapefruit juice! A grapefruit mojito is a little bit sweeter than the classic version, but still just as fresh and invigorating. 

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Gin and Lemonade Punch

gin lemonade cocktail

For a simple but delicious signature drink, consider a gin and lemonade punch! You can make this by the pitcher with lots of lemons and orange slices, or serve it by the glass for a cool sip on a warm day. Add some cucumber to lighten it even more!

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Vodka Gimlet

vodka gimlet

The traditional gimlet contains gin, but if you’re not a gin drinker, a vodka gimlet works just as well! With just vodka, lime, and simple syrup, this lightweight cocktail is sure to please.

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If you’re looking for a purple cocktail to match your wedding theme, the Aviation is a classic! The light purple hue is created by creme de violette, maraschino juice, and lemon. 

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Sea Breeze 

sea breeze

If you’re looking for something fruit-forward and delicious, the sea breeze is a classic! With cranberry, grapefruit, lime, and vodka, this bright red cocktail is a crowd pleaser. 

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Gin Berry Fizz

gin berry fizz

For a simple but delicious signature wedding drink, create your own gin berry fizz! You can choose your favorite berry, whether it’s raspberry, strawberry, or blackberry, mixed with gin, and club soda or even Prosecco.

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Kir Royale 

kir royale

The Kir Royale is an old-school drink you may not be familiar with, but it’s perfect for a wedding cocktail. Made with champagne, creme de cassis, and raspberries, this red drink will be great for making toasts. 

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Strawberry Spritzer

strawberry spritzer

For something light and fresh, consider making strawberry spritzers! These pink wedding cocktails can be made with your spirit of choice: vodka, gin, or rum. 

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Caramel Appletini

apple martini wedding cocktail

Nothing says fall wedding quite like caramel apples, so why not try a caramel appletini! This is one the sweeter side, but when done right it’s a sweet treat for everyone. 

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Classic Daiquiri


The classic daiquiri is seriously underrated! This light drink consists of rum, lime, and simple syrup, unlike many of its frozen recreations. Serve in a classy coupe glass for an elegant wedding signature drink.

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Hot Toddy

hot toddy

If you want to warm your guests up at a cold weather wedding, consider serving hot toddy’s as your signature cocktail! Perfect for sitting outside in cool weather, a hot toddy is a delicious whiskey drink for guests to sip on. 

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Bee’s Knees 

bees knees

A Bee’s Knees is truly the Bee’s Knees! This old-school cocktail may sound outdated, but you can’t go wrong with gin, lemon, and honey. 

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French 75

french 75

Another drink focused on the classic combination of gin and lemon, the French 75 is elegant and refreshing! This pale yellow cocktail is made with gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. 

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Get the party started with palomas! This classic tequila cocktail is perfect for the spring or summer with a light, grapefruit flavor. 

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Berry Delicious Sangria 

berry sangria

Serve guests a crowd favorite: berry-infused sangria! Our favorite mixed berry sangria is full of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries with red wine and other flavors. 

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Whiskey Smash 

whiskey smash

Cut your whiskey with lemon, mint, and simple syrup, and you’ve got a whiskey smash! This delicious classic is simple and sure to please all the guests at your wedding.

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Perfect for a New Years Eve wedding or another classy affair, serve up a Cosmopolitan at your wedding reception! Cosmos take on a pink hue and are served in a classic martini glass, complete with an orange twist. 

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Another brunch favorite, the Bellini is perfect for celebrating your wedding! All you need for this cocktail is peach puree and Prosecco.

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Boozy Blackberry Lemonade

blackberry lemonade

On a warm day, your guests will love a boozy blackberry lemonade. With blackberries, lemons, and mint, you can pair your liquor of choice to make this signature cocktail your own. 

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Champagne Cocktail 

champagne wedding cocktail

Have you ever heard of a champagne cocktail? This classic drink is made with bitters, sugar, champagne, and a twist of lemon or orange. It’s simple, but delicious!

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Spiked Sweet Tea 

sweet tea

Give your guests a refreshing glass of sweet tea, with a twist! Use sweet tea vodka or any spirit mixed with your favorite sweet tea recipe and you’ve got the perfect drink for an outdoor cocktail hour. 

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How To Choose a Signature Drink for Your Wedding

It can be difficult to decide on a signature cocktail for your wedding. You have to consider what you like, but also what your guests will actually enjoy. 

If you’re struggling to decide on what to serve, consider factors like the theme of your wedding, colors, flavors, and more. 

signature wedding drink

Match Your Theme

One way to pick your signature drink is to match your wedding theme. If you’re throwing a countrified barn wedding, something like a sweet tea or a bourbon and peach drink may be perfect. For a modern wedding, elegant drinks like champagne cocktails or martinis might be a good fit. 

Consider your wedding theme, location, and season when choosing a drink. You wouldn’t serve hot toddies at a warm summer wedding, just as a margarita may be out of place at a winter wonderland wedding. 

Match Your Color Scheme

There are plenty of colorful cocktails to choose from, so consider matching your signature wedding drinks to your color scheme! Our list of drink ideas includes all shades of red, pink, yellow, purple, green, and more.

You could always add food coloring to make your drinks match your wedding colors, but there are plenty of natural ingredients that can color your cocktails! You could even match the garnish or use non-edible garnishes like drink umbrellas or others to add a pop of color.

His and Hers Drinks 

Can’t decide on one signature drink? Consider doing his and hers drinks! This is a popular way to include both the bride’s and groom’s favorite drinks, and it gives guests options to choose from. 

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