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9 Spring Wedding Color Palettes and Ideas

One part of your wedding that will help you plan is settling on an aesthetic or theme. For many getting married in spring, spring wedding colors will inspire the look of your wedding.

spring wedding colorsFor many, this is a daunting task– how are you supposed to know exactly how you want your wedding to look?

Thankfully, there are many people out there who have planned a wedding that looks close to how you might want yours.

One thing that effects your color palette is the season in which you’re getting married. Different seasons have different vibes and associated colors, impacting how you might decorate for your big day.

Keep reading for ideas about 9 spring wedding colors based on the month!

Finding a Perfect Spring Wedding Palette

Before you settle on your wedding colors, try to imagine what the big day will ideally look like.

spring engagement photo

What sort of decor are you drawn to? Do you have favorite colors, or favorite shades, like jewel tones or pastels? Do you like patterns or solids?

Once you start to get an idea of these preferences, you might start to think about your wedding colors.

They will come up in your bridesmaid gowns, flowers, and decor, as well as in other details, like groomsmen’s ties and favors.

Keep reading for colors you can choose based on which month you get married in.

March Wedding Colors

If you’re getting married in March, you’re going to want to look toward the cooler colors on the spring spectrum, as March is the coldest month of the season.

bride's hands holding green bouquet

Since we’re just coming off of winter, blending a bit of wintry feeling with the emerging spring is a great vibe to start with.

March is also known for St. Patrick’s Day, so if you’re Irish, you might want to do a wedding with bright greens and golds.

Further, some people associate March with a melting frost, so something silvery might be fun. Keep reading for some inspiration!

Green and Gold

If you’re looking to lean in to the St. Patty’s thing, go for an emerald green and gold vibe. These invitations are reminiscent of fresh spring blooms.

These beautiful centerpieces would be perfect for any March affair. The touches of white flowers and wheat give it a rustic vibe.

This incredibly unique menu board is classy and brings a lot of flair to your wedding. If you don’t want it for your food menu, you could use it as a welcome or to convey some sort of directions.

For more inspiration, check out this emerald and gold mood board, showing an agate cake, bridesmaid dresses, and the perfect bouquet!

Silver and Sage

To bring in a softer, wintry mix, you can try a pale silver and sage theme. This gorgeous bouquet is all March vibes.

These gorgeous wedding programs are sure to stun your guests as they enter your ceremony space. The beautiful watercolor details are amazing.

The groom even gets this beautiful boutonniere which perfectly complements the wedding’s theme.

Another mood board to provide some gown inspo, along with table settings– that bundle of greens wrapped in the table cloth is particularly interesting!

Mint and Blush

For something a bit brighter, you can try soft brights like mint and blush! These gorgeous invitations have a bit of a rustic vibe.

This beautiful bouquet utilizes these strong colors in little bits with a beautiful white. It looks like the first day of spring feels!

This table setting is totally gorgeous and adds some warm springtime flair to your special day. It also has a rustic feel.

This mood board has great ideas for adorable springtime bridesmaid’s dresses, and even a super cute cake with a peach on top!

April Wedding Colors

April’s vibes are a little bit more pure spring– things are finally getting warmer, and everything is in bloom, especially the love you’re celebrating on your big day.

Bupleurum and orange flowersFrom the sweet pink of cherry blossoms to the vibrant green of the regrowing leaves, there are so many colors to be inspired by in the month of April.

April is the month of Easter, so pastels and soft colors are pretty popular. April is also often associated with tea parties and garden themes. No matter what vibes you’re trying to capture for your April wedding, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

Lilac and Yellow

These Easter-themed colors are the perfect way to greet the coming summer. This absolutely gorgeous bouquet brings some unique flair to an April day.

Since it’s Spring, you will likely want to incorporate lots of florals. Hanging a beautiful branch with golden flowers above your ceremony space, like this one, is unique and breathtaking.

Obviously, you’ll have to carry the floral theme into the reception. This cake is decked out with yellow and lilac flowers, so be sure to show this to your master baker.

For more, there’s always a mood board. This one shows all of your needs for lilac wedding invites and even cute colored cocktails!

Dusty Rose

For a more monochromatic April look, go for a soft dusty rose. It’s reminiscent of cherry blossoms without being too obnoxious. These invitations are very classy.

Decorate your spaces with these incredible florals which come in a variety of rose colors. This theme is specifically great if you’re looking to do a sort of garden party look.

These luxe-looking robes are a great reference to choose your bridesmaid dresses. By getting ready in these matching robes, the vibe for the day will be set.

As always, we need a mood board. Here, you can get an idea of the sort of dresses, suits, and cake that a dusty rose color palette will inspire.


April is also a great month to do something a bit more minimalistic. Keeping to an exclusively ivory scheme will keep everything classy. These wedding invitations just exude elegance.

Delicate ivory flower arrangements like these are a perfect addition to your big day. The hints of green in the stems perfectly reference the spring air around you.

Though they say the bride should be the only one wearing white at a wedding, who cares? These bridesmaids look amazing in this soft ivory, and the bride still stands out on her own.

In this mood board, you can see how amazing a neutral wedding color palette really is. From a classy buttercream cake to adorable little flower girls, pure cream is a lovely way to theme your wedding.

May Wedding Colors

To close out the last month of spring, you’ll want to inch closer to summer in the colors you choose.

navy suit at weddingMay’s only significant holiday is Mother’s Day, but a Mother’s Day themed wedding is pretty unusual. However, if that’s what you’re looking to do, pinks are the move!

May can also include some lovely sky blues and other early summer vibes. May is also a great time to bring in soft yellows, like champagne.

Further, since you’re more likely to have an outdoor wedding in warmer May, earthy tones are a great choice. Below, we list three more May color palettes with examples.

Blush and Champagne

If you’re looking to go really sparkly with it, these gorgeous invitations will bring the glam factor to your lovely May day.

For a bouquet, you’ll want something that is both bright and soft. The colors in this one are somehow both subdued and vibrant, just like the easy warmth of mid-May.

Decorating your reception space like this, especially with the natural textures of the large centerpiece, balances out the glamorous elements of the colors with the earthiness of the season.

This mood board continues with the tall centerpieces motif, while still contributing sparkly bridesmaid dress ideas and even a flower wall to get some spring fever in your space!

Cornflower Blue and Peach

To balance a spring and summer look, try some shades or variations of cornflower blue. This soft cornflower invitation rejects nautical stereotypes with peach and blush roses decorating its borders.

This rustic bouquet includes baby’s breath, giving it a relaxed barn vibe. The pops of cornflower are perfectly complemented.

If you’re looking to get extra rustic, lining your aisle with these arrangements in pink mason jars is super cute and cozy. It also shows how nicely the blue matches that of the sky.

While this does literally say summer at the top, late May is close enough for this mood board to fit right in.

The table settings here are incredible and there’s even some natural wood involved.

Lavender and Pink

What could be more spring than pink and purple?

While you may live in fear of clashing these feminine shades, don’t! These invitations perfectly illustrate why there is no better palette for a spring bash.

How incredible is this bouquet? It is soft, yet exciting, and about as spring-tinged as humanly possible– it literally looks like an Easter egg!

This is probably one of the best parts about this color scheme– there are so many shades to choose dresses from, and they all look good together!

From dusty roses to pastels to royal purples, it all complements.

Here, we see the lovely shades of pink and purple top off a naked cake, as well as more options for florals and bridesmaid gowns.

All About Wedding Color Schemes

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help with any wedding ideas and themes you may need.

From seasonal bouquets to gorgeous dessert tables, keep reading for all of your planning needs.

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