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Green and Gold Colored Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

A green and gold color combination is becoming increasingly popular for wedding color schemes. Whether you’re hosting an outdoors woodland wedding or a log cabin wedding, here are the best green and gold wedding ideas and inspiration for your wedding’s color scheme.

How To Incorporate Green and Gold Into Your Wedding

green and gold wedding table

It is difficult enough to choose a color scheme for your wedding. It is even more difficult figuring out how to incorporate that color scheme into every part of your wedding. Here is everything you need to know about having a cohesive and color coordinated green and gold wedding. 


Green and Gold Invitations

green and brown letters

Start by incorporating your wedding colors into your invitations. For a green and gold colored wedding, use an emerald colored base with gold lettering and details. This allows the gold to pop nicely on a dark background.

To ensure the proper colors are put on your invitations, try custom designing them using sites like Shutterfly or Zazzle. There you can seamlessly incorporate your wedding’s colors and ensure that they are up to your standards. 

Moreover, if you would like guests to dress in accordance with your wedding colors, list that on the invitation as well. This ensures that there is no confusion and that guests come properly dressed to the event. 


Bridal Color Accents

emerald and gold jewelry

Your wedding day look is the perfect moment to add pops of your colors. A great way to do this is by wearing shoes that match your color scheme. Instead of typical white shoes, go for a bold forest green or gold shoe. It is a subtle addition that will tie in extremely well with your decor. 

Another option is to wear green and gold jewelry. Opt for an emerald and gold necklace or earrings, whichever best compliments the neckline of your dress, and a simple gold bracelet.

You could also add your colors via hair accessories, like small flowers, pins, and other details. 

These extra bits of color will be subtle and gorgeous and will tie together nicely with your choice of shoes. 



Green or Gold Bridesmaids 

formal floor length green dress

A classic means of including your colors in your wedding day is through the bridesmaids’ outfits. For a bit of variety, choose various styles of the same green or gold dress.

No matter what color dress you opt for, have your bridesmaids wear emerald and gold jewelry that is similar to your own. You could even give them matching jewelry to wear on the day of the wedding as a thank you for all that they have done for you. 


Groom’s Attire

man in green plaid suit

If you are feeling bold, opt for your groom to wear an evergreen or emerald green suit with gold detailing. If that is not your style, choose a classy black suit with gold detailing.

Another option is to include a matching green and gold tie and pocket square. These are a simple means of including your colors without it being too obvious or over the top.

Your groom can also choose to wear emerald and gold jewelry such as a gold watch, an emerald and gold ring, or a gold chain. 


Groomsmen Ties

man in gold cufflinks

If your groom is choosing to wear a green and gold tie and pocket square, have the groomsmen wear the same. Again, the consistency will be extremely appealing to the eye and make for great photos.

The groomsmen should also wear suits with gold detailing. The groom could even go so far as to give his groomsmen matching gold cufflinks or watches as a gift of his appreciation. 

It’s common for the father of the bride’s attire to match the groomsmen as well, so consider getting him a matching tie! 


Guests’ Dress Code 

woman in short green dress

As mentioned before, a simple way to incorporate your colors into your wedding is by having your guests dress in those colors. While not every wedding will have a color scheme dress code, it is possible to do this for your own wedding if you so choose.

If you do decide to have your guests dress in green and gold, be sure to include the dress code in your invitations. 


Flowers and Greenery

green and gold floral arrangements

Flowers play a large role in any wedding so they are the perfect place to include your colors. For your bouquet as well as your wedding flowers and floral centerpieces, consider including some flowers that are stained gold. Whatever your favorite type of flower, it is easy to stain it gold to match with your color scheme.

You could also have some gold stained branches or berries thrown in for a change in shape and texture. To fill out the arrangements, add some classic greenery such as myrtle, ivy, or ferns. These leafy filler greens add more texture and appeal to the floral arrangements. 

Some brides cut down on their flower budget and choose to use more greenery, like living plants, vines, and more. For a green and gold wedding, consider using greenery in gold vases. 


Ceremony Decor

green and gold outdoor wedding decor

An easy way to incorporate your colors into your ceremony is by decorating each chair with ribbons in those colors. Adding gold and green bows to the chairs is a fun and classy way to add a pop of color to typical boring wedding chairs.

If you are having your wedding in a church or somewhere else that has pews or bench style seating, string the fabric between each pew and use it to line the aisle. 

The ceremony is one of the many places flowers can and will be incorporated into your wedding day. From the bouquet to the flower girl’s petals, flowers are a great way to add a splash of color. Line the front of the wedding dais with the green and gold floral arrangements.

Have you and your bridesmaids carry bouquets that match the floral arrangements being used to decorate your ceremony. This kind of consistency is pleasing to the eye and makes for gorgeous photos. Also, if you decide to have a flower girl or boy, have them drop green and gold petals along the aisle for you to walk on.


Golden Reception Decor

green and gold wedding decor

The reception is where your colors are meant to truly pop. Take the same or similar floral arrangements that you had in your ceremony and bring them into your reception. Use them as table centerpieces or to line the wedding party table.

Decorate each table at your reception in your colors. If you have rectangular tables, add a long green table runner and top with your centerpieces and gold and white taper candles. 

For your place settings, have white china with gold edges and detailing, gold silverware, and green cloth napkins that match the table runners. If you’re feeling extra fancy, add a gold napkin holder for that extra flare. 



green and gold wedding reception decor

When trying to come up with ways to incorporate green and gold into your wedding, remember that coordination is key, and it will make for a beautiful and visually cohesive event. With all of these examples of how to incorporate green and gold throughout your wedding day, you are sure to have the most beautiful wedding possible. 

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