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8 Memorable Flower Girl Alternatives

In the modern world of wedding planning, many brides and grooms are opting out of traditions to make their romantic celebrations feel more like their own.  

While some couples modify the idea of a cute flower girl to align better with the specific theme of their special day, others prefer a replacement that’ll bring the same cute factor. There are plenty of flower girl alternatives to consider for your ceremony.

If you need help with figuring out your options, discover your inspiration here with our list of flower girl alternatives!

While these younger guests are still often playing this traditional part in many ceremonies, finding replacements for wedding flower girls might feel like few and far between. 

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Pre-Decorate With Flower Petals


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If you’ve decided to skip out on the flower girl role but still want this romantic detail during your outdoor wedding, be aware that you can still place the petals before the guests are even seated. Don’t think twice about creating a design in the shape of a heart, diamond, or spiral!

If you’ve chosen an event venue that doesn’t allow for petals to be scattered on the ground by a cute flower girl, consider adorning the altar with them instead. This decision can become a nice bonding activity between you and your future spouse while allowing for minimal cleanup. 

 Choose Your Pet


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When planning the procession of their marriage festivity, some couples have their heart set on including their beloved pet. If you and your fiance feel the same way, don’t hesitate to ditch this tradition in favor of these flower girl alternatives. 

Keep in mind that your pet should be well-trained and comfortable around crowds to act in their place of the flower girl toss. Don’t forget to dress them in a cute dress or tuxedo that matches your matrimonial theme

Ask The Ring Bearer To Do Both 


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While the duties of a ring bearer and flower girl are usually reserved for two different guests, more and more couples are allowing one of the younger members of their wedding party to complete both jobs. 

Don’t shy away from considering this option because the ring bearer is more than likely to have fun with this extra role! 

Invite a Junior Bridesmaid

If nobody in your wedding party is young enough to fit the age range for a traditional flower girl, just remember that you don’t have to abandon the practice altogether.

Recruit a junior bridesmaid to place the petals before you walk down the ceremony aisle with your fiancee. She’ll definitely appreciate this opportunity since chances are that she’s been excluded from other bridal party activities. 

Add a Baby in a Wagon 

If you’re searching for alternative ideas that’ll work with a baby who isn’t grown enough to walk during the procession with a basket, consider having the ring bearer pull this guest in a wagon. 

This situation works particularly well for couples who want a cuter touch or comic relief during their special day. It’s a small but unforgettable possibility that will set your espousal apart from other nuptials.

Include Your Grandmother 

When creating their guest list, some brides and grooms prefer inviting adults only. While this choice avoids the stress of managing children during their marriage celebration, it also eliminates having a ring bearer and flower girl during their procession. 

If you and your spouse can’t imagine your dream ceremony without flower petals leading up to the altar, just know that you don’t have to compromise without this detail.  

Ask your grandmother or another older woman from your wedding party to take on the job of flower girls instead! It’s a great honor that’ll photograph beautifully during your romantic occasion. 

Plan With a Junior Usher Instead 

One of the lesser-known flower girl alternatives involves asking a junior usher to fulfill this traditional duty. This decision feels especially meaningful if one of your boy relatives already has a close relationship with you and your fiancee.  

If he feels uncomfortable with placing the petals in front of your wedding party, be sure to give him some sparkles or a banner that announces your arrival! 

Skip it Completely 


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Is it okay to not have a flower girl during my nuptial? Some couples ask themselves this question if the thought of alternative flower girl ideas would feel out of place rather than as an appropriate part of their magical wedding day. 

The truth is that plenty of unforgettable and remarkable espousals have occurred without adorable flower girls. Many intimate ceremonies and elopements exclude this role altogether. Feel free to do the same during your own event, regardless of the size!

In the grand scheme of wedding planning, inviting guests to be flower girls feels like an easy decision for most brides and grooms. Thinking of other flower girl options is what becomes easier said than done.  

If you and your fiancee are still feeling unsure about what flower girl replacements will work during your marriage celebration, realize that you don’t have to secure a particular choice quite yet. 


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Don’t be afraid to ask your married friends and family members for their advice if they changed this tradition during their own nuptials. They could have some recommendations that fit better with your wedding theme than the alternative flower girl ideas from this list. 

If you’ve found the necessary inspiration after reading our suggestions for flower girl alternatives, leave us a comment about which one works best for your special day!

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