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Best Online Wedding Invitation Websites & Services

If you’re getting ready for your wedding and thinking about invitation options, you might want to consider online wedding invitations. There are quite a few perks to using e-invitations for letting everyone know about your big day.

In general, weddings are expensive! Getting the best paperless wedding invitations can be very inexpensive, or in some cases, even free.

Sometimes the keepsake value of a customary invitation printed on fancy paper outweighs the cost-savings, but if you’re working on a tight budget, incorporating online wedding invitations into your planning can save quite a few dollars.

Physical wedding invitation mailing works slowly. First, there is the time it takes to print them. Then, they have to be sealed in their envelopes and sent through the mail.

What if there is a delay? If you’ve been forced to set a last-minute date, or if you’re worried about timeliness, online wedding invitations can be prepared quickly and sent almost instantaneously. There are pros and cons to choosing paper vs. paperless invites.

Online wedding invitations and save the dates are a popular and growing trend. Aside from costs or timing, taking advantage of online wedding invitations also saves a lot of paper. If you are planning your wedding with an eye toward eco-friendliness, sending out large batches of paper might not be a good look.

Consider sending your save the dates and wedding invitations via online, paperless services!



Greenvelope is a highly-rated paid service for sending wedding invitations online. They offer full support for users on the web, mobile phones, or tablets. They claim that your guest list is 100% private and that they will never display any advertisements.

Each envelope is guaranteed to be personalized for every guest. They offer a wide variety of handpicked online wedding invitation stationery designs and the ability to add optional details like music, maps, links, and gift registries. You can even track RSVPs through their platform.

There is a cost for using this service. They also offer a few custom design services as upsells that you might want to consider, including color customizations, text adjustments, and even completely customized designs. That way, you can design your wedding invitation to match your theme and colors for the big day.

They also offer a variety of other online invitation ideas.

Paperless Post

paperless post

Paperless Post takes a broader approach to invitations, showcasing various options for “all the moments that matter” front and center. Baby and kids, birthdays, greetings, cards, and flyers are among their options and designs. Their service does have some free options for flyers and cards, but you will incur some costs if you’re sending out a high volume of cards or wedding invitations.

This services offers some of the best wedding invitation designs online, with gorgeous colors and modern details like foil. Choose from invitation design templates or customize your own to match the details of your wedding like colors, flowers, or overall look like modern or rustic themes.

Paperless Post also offers its customers the ability to print designs on actual paper. So, you have the option of creating keepsakes and mementos of your celebration.

They even feature a variety of printings by top designers, like this floral collage from Kate Spade or designs from Oscar de la Renta. Your wedding invitation could match your wedding dress, and you can print a few paper invitations to keep.

Paper Source

paper source

Paper Source is a resource for both electronic wedding invitations or custom invitations that you can create and print. They have plenty of options in their wedding suite, so you can customize cards for your bachelorette party, bridal shower, and the big day of course.

Paper Source is helpful for all your paper needs for your wedding, as they also offer wedding programs, place cards, menus, and more. All of your wedding stationery can match, as you can create everything on Paper Source!

Paper Source has plenty of custom options, as well as designer options and other sample templates. Get designer invitations from designers like Vera Wang or Neil Lane. Like other sites, you can create your own custom invite, RSVP card, envelopes, and more.

If you want to invite guests the traditional way, you can also use paper source to create your sample invite and then have them printed. This will save on price, as you can print them at home to DIY your invitations.



Evite offers a wide variety of options for your online wedding invitations. The choices include free invitations that offer basic designs, all the way up to premium designs that offer full customization of envelope color, stamps, liners, and photos.

Their website is very intuitive and easily navigated, but it may lack a little bit of ‘flash’ compared to some of their competitors.

While Evite wasn’t made with wedding stationery specifically in mind, there are still some great invitation designs and lots of colors to choose from for an affordable price.

Riley & Grey

riley & grey

Riley & Grey offers a luxury option for those looking to make more of a splash with their online wedding invitations. Centered around the concept of a bespoke wedding website, Riley & Grey offers a blend of technology and design that comes at a premium price. You can choose from their extensive and diverse design collection as a starting point.

You also retain the flexibility to tailor your event planning, personal wedding website, and online invitations to your tastes. They also offer traditional printing options to complete your package.



Minted takes a unique approach to its designs. Their design concepts are crowdsourced from independent artists who submit their work for review to the Minted community. Minted doesn’t act as the reviewer. Instead, they invite the community itself to identify the best artwork. Artists receive a commission for their work if it is selected and sold to customers.

Minted offers plenty of templates and designs to fit any style. Their online wedding invitations are all free. But, they’re tailored to accessory events like bachelor parties and rehearsal dinners rather than the wedding day itself. There is also an option for you to add matching printed accessories, like thank you cards, for a fee.



Punchbowl doesn’t put its online wedding invitations on its front page. They’re more of a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ vendor, offering all types of online invitations and greeting ecards. They offer a 7-day free trial, with the ability to cancel anytime and 30-day money-back guarantee. If you stick around longer than just a week, they have pricing packages that start at just $2.99 monthly.

With Punchbowl, you can design your own custom invite on another platform and upload it, making it easy to customize your save the dates and invitation design.


etsy wedding invitations

If you’re thinking about emailing your online wedding invitations, Etsy might be a good place to find some artwork to feature. A quick search shows quite a few options for downloadable and customizable artwork, animations, and videos.

The typical process you’d follow would be to choose a design and pay for your purchase. Then you’d get an email granting access to their template, which you can edit and download to your computer. Then you can send your completed invitation out via email and/or text.

You could also bring your new custom invitation to a local printer if you decide to go that route.  To keep things environmentally friendly if you do want paper invitations, consider printing on recycled paper and envelopes.



Joy will appeal to the most cost-conscious consumers. Their platform is free to use for the time being. They plan on offering premium services in the future, but for now, access to their planning dashboard, wedding website, mobile app, and digital invites and RSVPs are available at no charge.

Joy’s online wedding invitations are free, but that doesn’t mean they are a big step down from some of the other options. Their invitation templates are customizable, and you are free to mix and match layouts, themes, colors, photos, and fonts to bring your style to both your invitations and complimentary wedding website.

With Joy, you can create wedding invitations that match your website, so when guests RSVP they’ll see your design and colors for the big day! Find fall invitation ideas, simple and elegant invites, and much more.

Online wedding invites are an excellent option for you to consider. Whatever reason you have for moving away from traditional paper invites, you have various options for designing your digital invitations. Your invitation suite can be just as gorgeous and fit your personal style and wedding theme with digital wedding stationery!

Shop around and check out the best wedding invitations from these nine digital wedding invite websites and find the service that’s right for you, whether you want gold foil or a modern floral theme.

Depending on the experience you want and how much work (and money) you want to put into your invites, you can be involved in fine-tuning every single aspect of the project. Or, you can go with one of the more straightforward pre-made templates and move on to the next item on your wedding checklist.

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