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How To Plan a Destination Wedding

You have found the partner you want to spend the rest of your life with and now you want to have the wedding of your dreams. Someplace romantic or exotic. Maybe even a quaint getaway.

The point is, you want your wedding to be away from home and as magical as you feel. Now all you need to know is how to pull it off efficiently, on time and within your budget!

You have certainly come to the right place for that information. In this informational article, you will be informed of what you should be doing while planning your destination wedding.  

First things first, 

What is a Destination Wedding?

To put it plainly and simply, a destination wedding is a  dream location, away from home.

Bride Cactus

It is the place that you have dreamed of getting married in because it is romantic, beautiful, fun, etc. That could be a wedding in the beautiful Bahamas or the elegant Tuscany, Italy. Maybe you want an exciting wedding in Mexico or Turkey.

There are plenty of fun and exotic places to have an amazing destination wedding and so many wonderful sites to help you get there with your loved ones. 


Picking The Right Location For a Destination Wedding

top romantic honeymoon destinations

For those that want to have a destination wedding, knowing the place you want to have the wedding in is easy enough.

It is that special place that you know will make your wedding a magical time to remember. Whether it is in a far away country or a place that is closer to home, your destination wedding is a place that is away from home, allowing you to have a vacation while having your wedding. 

The perfect destination can be where you were proposed to 

Perhaps the perfect place to have your wedding is the very place where he/she proposed to you.

This is a great idea because then you can show friends and family where the decision to tie the knot happened. Plus it will be a great location to come back to for anniversaries.

It will become a special place where you and your partner have shared multiple memorable moments. 


The same place where you plan to spend your honeymoon

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

The best destination wedding is one where you don’t have to leave for a while.

If you want your Honeymoon to be in Maui, Hawaii, it would be fun to have the wedding there too. This way, your friends and family will get to experience your Honeymoon  with you too; at least some of it anyway.

Also, when the wedding is over, you won’t have to quickly pack your bags and leave your amazing destination wedding. You will get to spend more time in that awesome place! 


A vacation spot where you and your partner have always wanted to go

florida keys

Perhaps you and your partner have both been wanting to take a vacation in the Florida Keys. Well, why not just have your wedding there?

Life is too short to turn down fun opportunities, so don’t wait to go to a new and exciting place on vacation. If you are planning a destination wedding, make sure the wedding location is a fun place you’d go to for vacation as well. 


Determine the Best Time of Year for Your Destination

This is an easy step to miss while planning a wedding, but an important one too! Make sure you know the season of your wedding is compatible with the location of the wedding location itself.

You do not want to show up in Jamaica from August through October when Caribbean Hurricane Season is on.

Check well in advance what the weather is like in your destination wedding location. From weather apps, to the hotel you will be staying at, to the venue you will have the wedding ceremony in,  make sure that your magical day is free of stress from bad weather or climate conditions! 


Winter Destination Wedding Hot Spots 

couple in dubai

So you want to have your destination wedding in the winter, but you want the wedding to be outdoors. Maybe you are coming from a snowy climate and want your winter wedding to be in warm and sunny bliss?

Then these four locations are some of the perfect destination wedding places to go to

  • Dubai
  • Bermuda
  • Bora Bora, Hahiti and French Polynesia 
  • Bahamas

The list goes on! 


Spring Destination Wedding Hot Spots 

wedding in italy

Spring weddings are simply gorgeous. The flowers are all in bloom, everything is fresh and new! Spring is the perfect time to begin a marriage.

When you are having a destination wedding, you want it to be the perfect spot where you can enjoy all the beauty and freshness of spring. 

Here are some pretty places to have your spring dream destination wedding come true!

  • Amanjena in Morocco
  • Tuscany, Italy 
  • Laguna Beach, California 
  • The Hotel San Cristobal in Baja, Mexico


Summer Destination Wedding Hot Spots

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Summer can be hot and muggy for those that want their weddings to take place outside. Even inside for that matters!

Here is a list of some beautiful destination wedding locations for the perfect summer wedding that will sweep everyone off their feet. 

  • Bermuda 
  • New England 
  • Niagara Falls 
  • Italy (all of Italy is just gorgeous!).

Basically, summer is a happy warm time and these summer destination locations will give you the warmth and beauty of summer without getting too hot and/or sweaty!  


Fall Destination Wedding Hot Spots


With the changing leaves, cooler weather, and all the pretty sights and smells, fall is a fabulous time to tie the knot.

There are also many fabulous places to have your special day in the fall.

Whether it is in the US or abroad, there are a plethora of beautiful places to have a fall wedding in. Each one giving you pretty scenery and all the romantic feelings of a new beginning!!!!

  • Devon, England
  • Ireland (Castle themed wedding…YES!)
  • Bogota, Colombia 
  • San Diago, California 

There are also many places to check out here!


What to Wear at Your Destination Wedding

Now that we know the place where your destination wedding will be and the time of year fit for the place, we have to make sure you are dressed appropriately for your destination location! 


Check the weather 

couple on beach at sunset

Just like you need to check the location for the wedding to make sure the weather is good, you also need to check the weather so you can dress accordingly.

Wedding attire does not have to be a black suit and a big all encompassing white dress nowadays. If your wedding is in the spring in Cancun, a light dress or cotton button shirt and trousers are in order!

If you plan on having your destination wedding in a castle in Ireland, then perhaps a warmer, darker dress and suit is more fitting.

Basically, your special day should not be uncomfortable because you didn’t check to see what the weather is like at your destination wedding location.

It’s definitely a good idea to inform your friends and family of the weather conditions as well. Everyone should know and prepare for the appropriate dress code attire before your destination wedding!


Check the terrain 

Maui, Hawaii

This section can also tie into the right dress code for your location.

If your destination wedding is in the Swiss Alps make sure your clothes shoes and wedding venue are compatible with that location.

You don’t want your wedding to be in a place where you and your guests will have a difficult time moving around and enjoy the wedding. So if your wedding is on one of the Hawaiian islands, make sure it is set up so everyone isn’t getting sand in their clothes or are uncomfortably close to a volcano!

Check with the wedding coordinator and wedding venue personally to make sure everyone will have a safe and good time at the wedding, no matter where it is. 


Make sure you dress comfortably 

couple casual on beach

This one can’t be stressed enough. You are getting married, make sure you are dressed comfortably so that you can enjoy the whole wedding to the fullest!

If you are not comfortable wearing stick thin high heels, then heels are not a good idea for your wedding where literally everyone there will be watching you the whole entire time.

Plus, what if your destination wedding is in Malibu on a beach? As the bride, you may have to walk through sand in some parts to get to different parts of the venue. Stick thin high heels will be a terrible idea for that.

For a dream destination wedding in Dubai in the fall, it is still pretty hot over there, so wearing long sleeved dresses and suits is going to be a really bad idea.

You can also avoid extremely form fitting suits or dresses, as they may be hard to walk in or uncomfortable to wear all night, regardless of weather.


Dress for yourself!

Despite all my reasons as to why you should really think about what you are going to wear at your dream destination wedding, at the end of the day, it is your wedding.

That’s not to say you should totally disregard the climate, weather or type of venue you will be having your wedding at. I just mean that if a white gown is not what you want to wear to your destination wedding, then wear the color and style you want.

If the typical tuxedo is not what you really want to wear, then pick out an outfit that speaks more to you.

The point is that you can be you at your destination wedding. The destination is not going to change you. Just pick out an outfit that will work with where you are going and what your preferred style is!


Visit your location at least once before the big day

vacation engagement

In the event that you haven’t been at the destination of your wedding before the actual wedding, make sure you actually love the place before you make it the destination of your wedding. 


Plan a pre-wedding weekend getaway

If you haven’t been to your destination before and are a little worried that it won’t be what you hoped it would be, just go there for a mini vacation during the weekend.

Take time with you and your spouse and just explore it for a few days to make sure the beautiful destination wedding you see in your head is a reality at the actual place!


Check the marriage requirements at the destination 

Marriage laws change from state to state and country to country. Do your research on the state/ country you are having your destination wedding in.


Consider Your Destination Wedding Budget

budgeting for wedding, saving money

This is a biggie. Make sure that you are setting up your wedding in a company that will give you a packaged deal.

A simple Google search will take you to destination wedding package sites that will fit your budget, no matter your income. 


Look for inclusive deals

Again, no matter what your bank account looks like, remember that your destination wedding is affordable through all inclusive destination wedding deals. 


Confirm your guest list in advance   

Since your destination wedding is away from home, make sure you know who can and will come to your wedding in advance.

This is where the packaged deals come in handy. If it’s all paid for, you will be able to invite more people if you want.


 Be sure to let your guests know what they need to pay for! 

The bride and groom typically pay for the food and venue for their wedding guests.

But on a destination wedding where you and your guests will be far from home, the bride and bridegroom should find affordable modes of transportation and hotels.

If you are bringing a small group then maybe renting an apartment or airbnb may be the better option.

Make sure you do your research well before the wedding for your guests so they are not taking on a big expenditure to come to your wedding!

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have all your potential guests RSVP a few months in advance before the wedding so you know who and how many to account for during your destination wedding. 


Concluding Thoughts

To put it simply, a destination wedding is no longer only for the rich and famous.

If you have a destination that is the perfect place to have your dream wedding, then you have only to find all inclusive, packaged deals that fit your budget.

As long as you know when your wedding will be in the year, and know what you want your wedding to look like, then the destination wedding of your dreams is totally attainable. 

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