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Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for Any Theme

Flowers are a large part of weddings, from bouquets to centerpieces at the reception. With a flower guide, you can determine which flowers are most meaningful to you and which ones fit your wedding’s style and color palette. Many couples use flowers to create gorgeous wedding centerpieces.

While flowers can be deeply personal, you might want to go find more unique wedding centerpiece ideas. Another type of centerpiece may be more special to you, or maybe you just want to break the status quo.

No matter the theme of your wedding or the style you’re aiming for, there are numerous options for unique wedding centerpieces that will amaze your guests!

Make your tables stand out with these gorgeous wedding centerpiece ideas! Match your wedding centerpieces to your theme, colors, or add in other special details to make your tables look beautiful.

Linen Runners

wedding table with runner

Consider starting your tables with linen runners to set the stage for your other centerpiece decorations! White linen is a classic look, but you can find other colors, textures, and materials to experiment with depending on your wedding colors and theme.

Start designing your tables with runners, and add other wedding centerpiece ideas in as you go!


wedding centerpiece flowers

Most wedding centerpieces include flowers, but yours does not have to! Consider whether or not you want to include florals in the centerpieces.

If you do choose to add flowers, consider using the same ones from your bridal bouquet. Learn how to choose wedding flowers that fit your theme, location, season, color scheme, and more. There are endless floral centerpiece ideas to choose from!

For a bohemian look, consider using dried flowers. These are typically less expensive and easy to reuse, so your wedding centerpieces can last!


greenery centerpiece

You can have a gorgeous wedding centerpieces featuring bountiful plants without selecting flowers! These centerpieces are perfect for a rustic wedding or if you want to bring some greenery to an indoor venue. 

table runner eucalyptus

You can use greenery as your centerpiece itself, or consider using greenery as a runner! Long garland and draping plants like string of pearls or eucalyptus make gorgeous green table runners. Use greenery to frame your other table decor!

Potted Plants

potted plants

Cover your table in potted plants. You can use similar looking pots all along your tables, or consider using assorted pots for a zanier, whimsical wedding look.

If you’re decorating on a budget, you could even bring your favorite house plants to the wedding! Save on plants by bringing your favorites from home to adorn your tables.

Paper Flowers 


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Real flowers are expensive. Rather than using fresh flowers, consider getting paper flowers for your wedding centerpieces – they can look just as delicate, and you can save them forever or give them to guests as cute favors! You can even make your own paper flowers if you’re planning a DIY wedding.

Natural Rustic Centerpieces

rustic wedding ideas

Since a rustic centerpiece is a very broad idea, you have a lot of flexibility here. Rustic weddings do tend to feature florals, so if you want hints of flowers at your wedding, this is an excellent option.

For a rustic centerpiece, think about incorporating some wheat or pine. For a wedding at an innovative or unusual venue like a barn or an orchard, wheat is a great thematic addition to a centerpiece. 


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Try eucalyptus leaves or even moss in order to add greenery to a rustic centerpiece. Both bring some texture to a centerpiece and pair well with white flowers.

Dried flowers are also an option in a centerpiece, and they can add to the rustic and forest feel along with acorns, branches and twigs, and even dried seed pods.

For a winter wedding, consider adding pine cones and holly berries.



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For the couples who are switching from flowers to other plants, succulents are a growing wedding trend. There are a variety of succulents when it comes to size, shape, and even color, so you can create a dynamic centerpiece.

Succulents come in shades of greens of purples, so you can still add pops of color to your reception venue. They also look fantastic paired with cacti. Go ahead and create little pockets of a desert oasis at your wedding reception! 

Wood Centerpieces

wooden country wedding

Wood is a versatile material that can be a part of a wedding centerpiece. Rather than have a purely wood centerpiece, it should be combined with other plants and materials. For a twist on traditional floral arrangements, use wooden boxes instead of vases.

wood centerpiece

You can also use wood slices as a base for your centerpiece. On top, place an arrangement of succulents, greenery, or candles. As decor, you can also use wooden letters to spell out congratulatory messages or the initials of the happy couple.


branch centerpiece

Although using branches may sound similar to using wood in your centerpiece, you can use these two separately. Instead of a floral-focused centerpiece, place branches into a vase and add a few delicate flowers as a finishing touch.

To match branches with the theme of your wedding, you can paint them gold, silver, white, or whatever other color fits best. A few natural branches can also bring another texture in a centerpiece based on lush greenery.

You can also use long branches as runners down the table for a natural look.


candle centerpieces

If you want to keep your centerpieces simple, just set up tall candles. You can also cluster candles together to create a larger centerpiece.

Geometric candle holders are fun to look at and add to your decor. Alternatively, bring flowers and candles into your centerpiece by adding wreaths and floral garlands around candles.


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Whether your candles stand alone or are accented with flowers, it’s sure to be an ethereal look, especially as it gets late into the night. A candle centerpiece can fit in any theme, and candle light will add a romantic glow.

If you can’t light wax candles, consider buying LED tea lights instead. Be sure to ask your venue about open flames before buying candles for your centerpieces!

Single Stems 


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If you love flowers but the cost is too much, consider highlighting single stems as your centerpieces! A thin glass vase can hold a single flower for a unique look that won’t break the bank.

Geodes or Crystals

Why not use rocks to decorate your wedding tables? Cut geodes or even crystals make for gorgeous centerpieces, or work as accents along with your other table decor.

This is the perfect look for bohemian weddings or even desert themes! Find geodes that match your wedding colors, or choose crystals based on what they represent for your marriage.

String Lights


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You can find plenty of ways to use string lights at your wedding ceremony and reception. Rather than hanging fairy lights, consider draping them along tables. They can act as runners to light up the rest of your decorations, especially if candles aren’t allowed.

You can also place string lights in vases or jars to look almost like a jar full of lightening bugs! They can stand on their own or light up flowers and other decorations.



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For a tropical or beach themed wedding, consider using pineapples! This natural decor is affordable and trendy, and you can even cut into the pineapples to hold table numbers, cards or other decorations. Spray paint them gold for an elegant summer wedding!

Cloche Centerpieces 


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For a whimsical look, consider using cloches as centerpieces. They could hold flowers, plants, candles, and other decor inside. You could even fill them with desserts and tell guests to dig in after dinner!

Lantern Centerpieces

lantern with flowers

Do you prefer something larger than candles? Consider using lanterns as your centerpiece! By putting candles inside the lanterns, you get the same warm glow with a more complex set up. You can also fill the lanterns with flowers and other plants.

With dark lanterns, try soft pink and white flowers. White lanterns also look fabulous filled with greenery and flowers while also matching the color palette of most weddings.

Sea Shells 

beachy centerpiece

Sea shells are the perfect wedding decorations for seaside celebrations and summer weddings. Use big shells as centerpieces, or add them in with your other decorations. You could do jars or glasses full of sea shells, or even melt tapered candles onto shells for a unique centerpiece idea!

Metallic Accents

gold centerpiece details

Incorporate metals into your centerpieces. You could use metallic planters, candle holders, and more. Create metallic table numbers to help guests find their seats.

Opt for shiny silver or gold, or go for a more rustic metallic look with brass, copper, or even tarnished looking metals.


Cover your wedding venue with photos of the happy couple! Add framed photos of the bride and groom as centerpieces for a romantic reminder of why everyone is celebrating.

When choosing frames, get creative! You can use a lot of mismatched frames for an alternative look, or opt for more uniform frames that match your wedding colors.

Guests will love looking at pictures of you and your partner together, and you can make it an interactive experience for them. Leave a couple of markers at each table so guests can write notes to you on the back of the photos. 

To go along with the photo theme, include a few disposable or polaroid cameras so your guests can also take part by taking pictures of the wedding and themselves! 

Wicker Baskets

wicker basket with flowers

For a natural look, incorporate wicker or woven baskets into your wedding centerpieces. You can fill the baskets with fresh flowers, dried flowers, or even flower petals!

You can also fill baskets with candy, fruit, mints, sea shells – anything that fits with your wedding theme! Be careful with candles, as wicker can be highly flammable.



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For a barn wedding or any country themed event, consider using antlers as centerpieces! Whether you find real or faux antlers, this centerpiece idea is sure to stand out and wow guests.

Hanging Centerpieces

hanging centerpieces

Who says centerpieces have to go directly on the table? If it fits with your venue, consider hanging centerpieces that dangle above the table – just make sure they’re placed so that no one hits their head!

You can hang plants, candles – really anything from our list! Be sure to work out the details with your venue before committing to this idea. If the ceilings are too high, this may not be feasible.


ornate candle centerpieces

Adorn your tables with unique antiques! Depending on the theme of your wedding, there are various antiques that will fit in perfectly.

Consider antique candelabras, globes, lanterns, lamps, and other trinkets. Antiques are sure to make for unique wedding centerpieces that create a gorgeous tablescape!

Ice Buckets and Beverages 

ice bucket with wine

Encourage your guests to pop some bubbly by leaving a bottle at each table! You can opt for functional table decorations by using cute ice buckets as centerpieces and filling them with ice and a bottle or two.

If you have underage guests at your wedding, this may present some issues, so consider this idea for adults only receptions. Ice buckets and bottles make for an easy and useful centerpiece!

Apothecary Jars 

To add some color to your tables, consider using apothecary jars rather than traditional vases. You can find unique, even antique, apothecary jars in various opaque colors.

Fill your jars with flowers, candies, or other ideas from this list!

Candy Centerpieces


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What’s your favorite candy? Fill up mason jars of you and your spouse’s favorite treats for a colorful centerpiece. Use wrapped chocolates, bright jelly beans, or whatever else your heart desires.

You can also fill up tall jars with candy then add a stick of cotton candy to it for a playful sugar-filled design! Candy also makes a great wedding favor that children and adults can both enjoy.  

Dessert Centerpieces


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Everyone looks forward to wedding cake, but recently, it’s becoming trendy to serve other desserts at weddings. Even without cake, your guests will have a memorable time.

Couples have been skipping over a wedding cake in favor of cupcakes, donuts, and other delightful dessert bars. If you’re serving a dessert other than cake, you can also use it as your centerpiece.

Cupcakes are especially good for centerpieces. With a tiered stand, all you need to do is display them there. You can also stack donuts. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, use a display of macarons as a centerpiece.

With all these desserts, you can showcase a variety of flavors, which gives your guests more options to close out their delicious meal. The danger in these centerpieces? You and your guests will be tempted to take a bite before it’s time for dessert! How could anyone resist something so tasty sitting right there?


edible arrangement centerpiece

Looking for something else that’s food-related that isn’t quite so sweet? Try making fresh fruit the star of your centerpiece. While you can go with fruit arrangements, those get pricey, especially if you want to put one on each guest table.

Instead, buy fruit in bulk to make your own centerpieces. You can buy fruit that’s in season, for example, apples in the fall and peaches in the summer. While you can arrange fruit in a bowl, a few pieces of fruit can also be arranged with flowers. 

For a truly unique look, cut open the fruit and arrange it. Here, pomegranates can be a beautiful option, but keep in mind that this can get messy quickly.

You can choose to have one more elaborate fruit display and keep others simple. If you adore fruit displays but want to stay away from the potential mess, you can build a display with fake fruit.

Wine Glass Centerpieces

Sure, you’ll have plenty of wine glasses at the bar, but what about integrating them as part of your centerpieces? If you’re a fan of candles, you can put them in wine glasses.

By flipping wine glasses down, you can use the bottoms to display candles as well. With the wine glass flipped upside down, you can also fill the glass with flowers or other ornamental decorations.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

mason jar

Mason jars are becoming increasingly popular in daily life and in weddings since they can be used in many different ways. They can fit into your rustic themed wedding or mason jars can be dressed up if you prefer a more elegant look.

Fill your mason jars with candy or use them to hold your candles. To personalize mason jars, you can paint and decorate them. Tie a ribbon or bow around the top for an extra touch. Since you can buy mason jars in bulk, it’s a great way to decorate your wedding while sticking to your budget.



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Are you looking for a wedding centerpiece that will truly stand out? Use a birdcage! Whether or not you’re an animal lover, a birdcage brings something truly unique to a wedding. As a centerpiece, you can choose to fill the birdcage with flowers, succulents, candles, and more. You can also surround it with greenery and a garland.

Since birdcages can take up a significant amount of room, you may not want to place these on every single table. For a statement piece, use a birdcage centerpiece where the happy couple is sitting and lanterns on guest tables for a similar feel. 

Aside from centerpieces, birdcages can be a great decoration to hang from the ceiling. If you go with a traditional floral arrangement as a centerpiece but still want your decor to shine, hang up birdcages. To tie it all together, fill the birdcages with the same flowers that are part of your centerpiece.



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Bookworms, here’s the ideal wedding centerpiece for you! Stack up piles of your favorite books as a centerpiece. On top, you can display a small vase of flowers or even frame one of your favorite quotes. Leather-bound books look refined and sophisticated, and they look great for a vintage theme. 

Since books can be expensive, start thinking about this early if you want a literary-themed centerpiece. You can find books at garage sales, at your local library, or online for steep discounts.

You can add accents to a wonderful centerpiece by folding pages of beloved books into origami swans or paper flowers. Centerpieces with books blend elegance with personal touches. 

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